Ritual Collection

This new collection of products, by French designers Andrée and Olivia Putman, plays on the ritual of drinking coffee to bring meaning to objects that surround it

16 Feb 2011

For many, coffee is much more than just a drink; it can be a way of life or a cultural marker, but however you have it, coffee is a ritual experience. So it’s gratifying to see a range of accompaniments that places equal importance on all elements of the experience, from the spoon, to the cup and glass of post-coffee water.

The Nespresso Ritual Collection is designed by Andrée and Olivia Putman – grand dames of French design – and features all of these things as well as serving trays and recipe spoons.




Each of the cup and saucer pairings is tailored to a different type of coffee. For instance, the Cappuccino cup is finer and more open at the top for the best drinking experience.

The cups are inspired by the shape of the Nespresso Grand Cru capsules and offer a “signature Putman” design detail on the bottom of the cup and inside the saucer that indicates the strength of the coffee.


You can buy the Ritual Collection items online in the Nespresso Club section of the Nespresso website here.

We’re sure these accompaniments would work just as well with a traditional coffee-making experience for those semi-pro baristas out there.