Siobhan O'Brien clambers down rocks in Indonesia to discover Ayan Resort's Rock Bar

14 Dec 2010

This bar takes drinks on the rocks literally. One consumes one’s Scotch on ice (or other beverage) perched 14 meters above a rocky outcrop of Jimbara Bay. It’s a sobering design feat.

To the south-west (across the Indian Ocean) are neighbouring Indonesian islands; to the west is Denpasar airport; while to the east, is multi-award winning Ayana Resort and Spa, of which this bar is a small (but key) part.



Access to this sprawling property, that features private luxury villas, an 18-hole golf course and a multitude of eateries and pools, is via an inclinator. This very necessary contraption is in perpetual motion as it ferries visitors up and down the adjacent cliff face all with heads turned to the killer views. 


But, the Rock Bar is not just a spectacular spot for a drink. It’s a considerable architectural and engineering achievement by Tokyo based designer Yasuhiro Koichi.

Koichi (along with business partner Masakazu Koizumi) is responsible for some of Asia’s top dining venues and bars, such as NOBU located in Hong Kong and Tokyo. These projects, like the Rock Bar, marry classic Asian style with modern materials and application.



The luminous glass-topped bar – created by celebrated Japanese glass artist Seiki Torige – is a big feature of the rock bar.  It is constructed from thousands of paper-thin glass canes, each individually crafted and layered. It filters light in an attention grabbing but ambient way. 

The result is a world class spot that is hard to get to and even harder to leave. Be certain that a drink or two in these surroundings will live long in the memory.


Ayan Resort Rock Bar