With an earth-bound and rustic style, this water-side Coogee house is based on the traditional Cape Dutch fishing village houses found on the South African west coast. 

18 Oct 2011
Designed by Dennis Rabinowitz, Principal of newly formed architecture practice MPR Design Group (MPRDG), the brief for this Coogee House was to have a soft, organic feel, while still being equipped to deal with the harsh elements of the Australian coast.

The result is a luxurious and private two-level, three bedroom residence located at Wolseley Road in Coogee, New South Wales. The home that spills over 670 square metres has been designed and constructed with the best and the worst of Australia’s coastal climate in mind. 

Drawing from the best of tribal rough-hewn and bushland living environments in South Africa, the home represents a collaboration between the builders at Bellevarde Constructions and project team of MPRDG. 


A family of four now occupy the large residence which references elements of their shared vacations to resort destinations in Bali and the African bush.


“The consultation with the family was very detailed and intense, explains Denis Rabinowitz. "In helping create the living environment they desired, it was important for us to have a detailed understanding of how they live together as a family. The home was a process, a true evolution,” said Rabinowitz.


Collaboration with the builders Bellevarde Constructions and project team helped us to create a luxurious family home that will stand the test of time.”

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