Covert Jewels at Metalab

Enjoy the beautiful results of Cinnamon Lee’s digital design processes in combination with her knowledge of LED technology in a new exhibition at Sydney’s Metalab

25 May 2011

Cinnamon Lee does some amazing things with LED lights, but we are absolutely in love with her beautiful series of rings. They will take centre stage in a new exhibition at Metalab studio in Sydney.



For the exhibition, Cinnamon has combined her skills and craftsmanship in LED technology and gold and silversmithing to highlight the hidden nature of her Covert Jewels.


Each ring, while relatively simple and plain on the outside, hides a secret beauty inside, from butterflies to amazing geometric patterns. Cinnamon will be up-lighting each ring with pre-programmed LEDs.



The rings highlight Cinnamon’s exploration of digital design processes, and the intricacies of each ring as a design object.

The exhibition opens on 2 June – to RSVP for the opening night, email – it runs until 2 July 2011.


Cinnamon Lee