Joanna Lamb, Interiors

A new exhibition at Sydney’s Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art Gallery explores ‘vacant scenes of disquiet’ through stylised interior paintings

21 Jul 2011

There’s something quite ominoius and unsettling about Joanna Lamb’s latest collection of paintings. Moving away from her usual works of suburban and urban exteriors, the artist opens the door to focus on interiors.



The scenes are taken from the pages of real estate brochures, recreated in blocks of colour, somehow creating an all-too-familiar, yet eerily 2-dimensional interior landscape. Each scene is captured in 2 mirrored works, with changes in colour evoking different emotional responses.



“These paintings acknowledge the power of mechanical reproduction which is reinterred in everything from Lamb’s systematic mediated process to her carefully constructed compositions.”



The mirrored pairs can be interpreted by the eye as completely different scenes, but each seems devoid of life; a sad, cold, inanimate space, too perfect to be inhabited.

Although the exhibition may not provide too many tips for developing your own interior scheme, it’s bound to stir some interesting emotions.





You can get along to see Lamb’s works at the Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art gallery – 799 Elizabeth St Zetland Sydney.


Sullivan + Strumpf Fine Art