Are you a Design Hunter™?

There are millions of magazines and websites out there, so to save you a bit of time, here’s a quick snapshot of what Habitus and are all about

14 Sep 2010

We hope you enjoy getting to know us…

We like to think of our readers (and ourselves) as Design Hunters™. We consciously consume design as an important and fundamental part of everyday life.

It’s not about having to be well-off so that you can buy the ‘best’ brands. It’s about discovering how the physical things around us express who we are.

Our environments are more than just tangible surroundings, they’re carefully constructed reflections of our personalities and values.

They represent a certain way of living, a way of participating in the world that gives us meaning and shapes our identity.

This journey of discovery is ongoing and we relish the opportunity to take in as much diverse inspiration as we can.

Design Hunters™ want intelligent ideas and solutions, interesting images and words, and inspiring products, spaces and experiences.

We’re on a never-ending hunt for the ways we can live in design.


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