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The Art Of Kitchen Design With Winning Appliances

Our homes should reflect our personalities and preferences. When it comes to kitchen design, this is more true than almost anywhere in the home. Winning Appliances has a full suite of appliances and accessories that fit any home’s style, needs, and aesthetics – from the home cook, to the master chef entertainer. Part of why Winning Appliances’ kitchen design philosophy is so effective is thanks to the neuroscience based approach that inspired their range. Led by Winning Appliances Chief Strategy Officer and consumer neuroscientist Katharina Kuehn, the design of the individual kitchens available from Winning Appliances ensured experiences at an unprecedented and deeply human level.

The Home Cook

Designed for the homeowner that likes to cook a lot for their family, the Home Cook kitchen isn’t one that needs a lot of a clutter or needless appliances. Even if you don’t dislike cooking, our time is always limited in the kitchen. This doesn’t mean you can’t create wholesome, delicious meals that bring loved ones together. This kitchen design aesthetic from Winning Appliances means that nostalgic recipes from your youth, to modern creations gleamed from the internet can be made without fuss, in style and comfort.

The Entertainer

Passionate about good food and good design, The Entertainer is the home chef who loves to have guests, to create new things, and impress at every level – from cuisine to kitchen design, and needs appliances that are up to the task. Designed for those for whom time in the kitchen is more than necessity, it’s for pleasure and experimentation. Winning Appliances have kitchen equipment that will empower this level of cook as they master and create new complex recipes. This appliance collection is one for inspiration, exploration, and rewards. With aesthetics to suit any contemporary aesthetic, The Entertainer is spoiled for choice at Winning Appliances.

The Classical Kitchen

If the kitchen is a centrepiece in your home, the design of it should match this prestigious place, which is why Winning Appliances have the Classical Kitchen aesthetic. While still a functional and practical space for cooking and creation, kitchen design for the classicist places a deep values on aesthetics. Winning Appliances has a broad collection of high-end, durable, and stylish – yet still perfectly functional – kitchen appliances and equipment to suit this need, and any contemporary style. Will a range designed specifically to complement Australian lifestyles, Winning Appliances is the authority in contemporary kitchen design. No matter your needs, no matter the style, Winning Appliances has the expertise to enable you to create your design masterpiece, before creating your culinary one. Winning Appliances winningappliances.com.au [gallery size="full" ids="106908,106909"]abc
Design Products

Independent by Design

Inga Sempé has been at the helm of her Paris-based design studio for almost two decades but wishes she’d had the confidence to start much earlier. “I never wanted to work for other people,” she says. “I am only interested in developing my ideas in design, and I can’t be fully dedicated to other people’s. I find it too painful.” Inga graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 1993 and, despite her desire for career independence, she credits her exacting approach to a brief experience working for Australian designer Marc Newson in Paris that year. “With Mark, I learned that designers have to be involved in all steps of the production, so that an object or a piece of furniture will be done with the final choices of the designer, and not according to one of the many other people that participate to the project,” she says. “Industrial techniques have to be understood and loved.” Inga has collaborated with iconic global brands such as Cappellini, Ligne Roset, Wästberg, Magis and Alessi. Some of her high-profile designs include the lush Chantilly modular sofa for Endra and the Matin table lamp for Hay, which features a pleated cotton shade in vibrant colours. She approaches her kitchen and bathroom designs with the same philosophy as all of her products: functionality comes first. “I hate gadgets, bad quality, and poor materials,” she says. “I’ve already refused to design some plastic containers for a bathroom for a very famous brand, because I think it is not necessary.” [gallery type="rectangular" ids="107327,107328,107326"] Her early kitchen designs include a colander prototyped for the 2005 Souvenir d’Italie exhibition in Milan, which was organised by Casa da Abitare and Alessi. Its whimsical form features perforations in the shape of the Italian flag. Her collaboration with Alessi continued in 2012 when she won a competition to design a risotto serving spoon. The design was extended to an entire cutlery range called Collo-Alto, which is characterised by a slender neck that bridges the cutlery handle and head. Inga’s enamel ceramic tableware for Japanese manufacturer Koubei Gama has the traditional colours and earthy aesthetic of Japanese Oribe pottery. Her Tratti collection of ceramic kitchen and bathroom tiles for Italian company Mutina feature eight designs with composite elements that reference pieces of fabric, embroidery and cartographic symbols. Inga’s latest collection of tiles for Mutina will be unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week and she is currently working a collection of casserole dishes for the 300-year-old French company Revol. “They are made from a special porcelain that can be used on all type of heating – gas, electric and induction,” she says. For a designer so resolutely independent, Inga says her kitchen and bathroom designs are never influence by personal preferences. “My preferences appear when I meet a person from a company that has passion for the work he or she does and a real will for doing a collaboration with me,” she says. “One should never design for oneself.” While her skills have evolved in line with technological innovations, her approach to design remains the same. “I never wanted to be the kind of designer who designs for their own generation and the same kind of people,” she says. “I’ve always had in mind to try to find some aesthetics that might be liked by very young people though to very old. This hasn’t evolved at all.” Working with a small team of three, Inga has no ambition to expand her studio beyond its current size. “I can’t work with too many people nor too many companies,” she says. “My ambition is [focused on] quality, being interested in my projects, designing them from the first sketch to the production. I am not interested in growing.”abc

Let The Good Times Roll

Billie Buoy is a new community- and family-friendly eatery located in Essendon, a suburb in the north-west of Melbourne. For the design, interior designer and Biasol Principal, Jean-Pierre Biasol, has drawn on the feel-good vibes of the 1980s and channelled Billie Buoy, a made-up character of his time who was radical, hip and a little offbeat. The building occupies a corner location with glazing at the front and a graffiti-like slogan splashed on the side that says ‘Wake Me Up When I’m Famous’! While the internal floor plate is just 60 square metres, every centimetre has been fully utilised. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="107300,107303"] Banquette seating has been included near the front entrance and in the rear dining room. A counter area with stools allows free-flowing circulation between areas. An arch motif has been employed throughout and creates interest while delineating spaces and softening the juncture between ceiling and wall. The colour palette is bold and eye-catching with hot pink highlights and cobalt blue in abundance. Materials are textured with a combination of terrazzo, mosaic tiles, rendered walls and felt upholstery that creates depth and variation within the blue hue. An authentic brick floor unifies the interior while a stainless steel bar and arched shelving adds a touch of pizzazz. Hot pink neon weaves its way throughout wall artwork to create Instagram opportunities for customers. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="107301,107302"] The interiors and branding were developed simultaneously so that they complement one another and combine to form a strong and definitive design. Signage and coffee cups, packaging and apparel all have the signature appeal; Rick Astley’s lyrics are printed on the takeaway bags. Every detail has been attended to and the total design is an homage to the 1980s in a way that is young, fresh and unforgettable. Billy Buoy is the place to be and is the design statement that makes retro cool again. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="107304,107305,107306"]abc