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Design Accessories

LUXAFLEX Mauritius Fabric

Designed by: Hunter Douglas under the Luxaflex Window Fashions brand


I am: LUXAFLEX® Mauritius Fabric


About me:

New Luxaflex Mauritius Fabric is one of the most opulent fabrics available on the market today.

Many Luxaflex fabrics, including Mauritius Fabric, are treated with Sanitized® Antimicrobial Protection which effectively reduces the development of bacteria, odour and mildew.

Additionally, they are also treated with DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector which effectively repels most stain causing agents with its proven, water based, preventative formula, making it perfect for living areas and children’s rooms.

Available in 6 colours - Essence, Angora, Champagne, Empire, Willow and Drizzle – Mauritius Fabric is suitable for Roman Shade, Roller Blind or Panel Glide applications.



This new luxurious blockout fabric has been manufactured in Australia using iridescent and organic yarns, to create a soft and shimmering fabric to complement the natural radiance of any room.

The tonal backing means the back of your blind is perfectly complemented to the room’s colour scheme – so when the back of your blind becomes visible, say in a Roller Blind design, it works with the room’s style and minimises light gaps – so you can sleep in for longer.


13 LUXAFLEX (13 58 92)

Design Accessories

Isis Ceiling Fans

Designed by:    
Big Ass Fans®


I am:

A Ceiling Fan


About me:

The reality of ever more experimental architecture in our homes is that we often have much larger spaces to heat and cool.

This is where the 2.4 to 3m diameter Isis® steps in. This large ceiling fan reduces year-round energy bills and improves comfort in spaces with ceilings as low as 3.7 meters.

Isis covers more area than 9 small ceiling fans while using only 1/3 of the energy, and produces less than 40 dBA at maximum operating speed (that’s quieter than a library at midnight).

In addition to its standard, anodized aluminium finish, Isis is available in a wide range of custom colours. A hybrid of sleek design and performance, Isis carries a 10-year non-prorated warranty with certified installation.



-    10 MiniTEC extruded aluminium aerofoils



2.4 – 3m diameter
Less than 45.5 kg


Big Ass Fans
(07) 5500 0690





Fixed & Fitted
Design Accessories

The Goccia Collection

Designed by:
Designed for Gessi by Prospero Rasulo


About me

Gessi introduces Goccia (Italian for ‘drop’) – a revolutionary collection of ‘furnishing objects’.

Goccia features an innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water. It stands as an unprecedented product concept which elevates matter, form and function.

The collection comprises a unique range of furnishing items, encompassing an impressive mix of models, materials and finishes.

The winding forms of the liquid are set in the solid form of washbasins and accessories, in the metal of the taps, in the ceramic of the sanitary ware.

All of the Goccia items feature a natural elegance that makes them fit gracefully in any home. The soft and familiar contours of Goccia are lovely to be seen and touched; making living spaces personal and cosy, modern yet relaxing.

Not only is Goccia a style and a product philosophy, it’s also an eco friendly creation. All of the Goccia taps represent a 50% saving of water without compromising the functionality of the tap itself.

Goccia is indeed the epitome of a more intimate feeling for luxury, one attentive to the elegance and glamour of the objects as well as to their impact on the environment.

Goccia demonstrates how creativity and innovation, together with a content of poetry and respect for the world can turn dreams into objects.

This is all Gessi’s accomplishment, a company different by nature.


Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black and White


Abey Australia
1800 809 143



Fixed & Fitted
Design Accessories

Dado at Cersaie

Designed by:    Jacques van der Merwe


I am: A Bathtub


About me:

Four baths by Dado were exhibited at this year’s Cersaie, Bologna, Italy 2010, including the Emily and Acanthus baths. This is the 5th consecutive year that Dado’s products were on display at Cersaie.

Every year new products are launched, and new trends established at Cersaie and in 2010 95% of the baths at the fair, were freestanding baths. There were more bathtubs available in stone finishes this year, which is the category Dado manufactures.

The Emily and Acanthus baths were on display by design house: ex-t.

Sculptor, Jacques van der Merwe, designs the baths for Dado.  The Emily has been designed in Australia, and is specifically suitable for luxury baths in spaced-limited apartments.

The freestanding bathtubs usually are the centerpiece of the bathroom and with Dado, you know this is exactly what you’re getting – an original centrepiece for your bathroom.



The baths are manufactured in DADOquartz. 

DADOquartz is engineered stone with a matrix of resin and quartz.

DADOquartz, essential features: full-bodied products, mildew and mould resistance, heat retention, colour stability, non-water absorbency, UV resistance, and high thermal shock resistance. These are the properties behind the 25-year warranty.



Emily Bathtub 159x85x81 cm
Acanthus Bathtub: 192 x 119 x 68 cm

Dado Australia
(07) 5665 7345



Around The World

The Blackman

Welcome to the third instalment of the Art Series Hotels…The Blackman.

This time round the famous figurative painter Charles Blackman and his Alice in Wonderland series has inspired the design of the latest hotel.

With rooms decked out in pastel peach with intermittent bursts of coloured upholstery, the mix of modern with a cozier homely aesthetic leaves you feeling you too have fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in this quirky, surreal world of Lewis Carroll. Blackman’s paintings are playful and quirky with a touch of the macabre.

A slightly disoriented Alice and her rabbit sidekick follow you throughout the 16 floors of the hotel and you can’t help but be sucked into their surreal world - your stay becomes a sojourn from reality.





If you ever manage to find your way out of the rabbit hole (luckily it’s no labyrinth), the hotel is in an ideal location. On St Kilda Road in Melbourne’s commercial hub, it’s close to the CBD and only five minutes from the beach, with Blackman Smart Cars available for hire.

Short of offering a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the hotel has 2 dining options, a French patisserie and café, Depot de Pain, as well as an Italian pizzeria, Classico, designed by Foong + Sormann.


And just like the other 2 offerings from the Art Series Hotels, The Blackman features an in-house art curator and art library.

Once again, Art Series Hotels bring Australia’s foremost artists into your room, immersing you in their work.

The Blackman

Design Hunters

Dinosaur Designs Rugs Launch Party

The first collection came in 2006 and it was a partnership made in heaven. After more than 4 years of success together, Designer Rugs and Dinosaur Designs have once again joined forces to produce a new rug collection.

Created exclusively for Designer Rugs, the 6 new designs represent an evolution of the signature organic Dinosaur style.  Continue reading…


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Design Products
Habitus Loves

Habitus Loves… Coffee Tables


The Campfire Table


Designed by: 
Tomek Archer (Tomahawk Studios)

Why we love it: Like its namesake this table invites you to gather around, tell stories and enjoy the warmth of others. Warm and fuzzies all round. Beautifully resolved design.

Where you can get it: Anibou



Designed by: Charlotte Perriand for Cassina

Why we love it: These nesting tables remind us of boomerangs somehow. The Petalo was designed in 1951 but has only recently been produced in a range of colours.

Where you can get it: Corporate Culture



Designed by: Lorenzo Damiani

Why we love it: We're not sure how practical this is for, say, the newspaper or anything that's not tied down, but it's one of those quirky designs we just can't resist.

Where you can get it: Campeggi

Merci Donald


Designed by: Elena Cutolo for Glas Itali

Why we love it: Cubism gets a revival in this simple geometric table with great nooks for storage – lined in colourful lacquered glass. A bold statement for your living room.

Where you can get it: Space Furniture



Designed by: Tomoko Azumi

Why we love it: The simple form and solid oak of this table mean it will work in almost any situation. It's also stackable and, due to its geometric shape, can be configured in a cluster with varying effects.

Where you can get it: t.n.a design studio

Crate Series 5


Designed by: Jasper Morrison for Established & Sons

Why we love it: Alluded to with its name, there is something very simple, very tactile about this table. The dovetail joints and short round legs evoke childhood memories of toy boxes and wooden block.

Where you can get it: Living Edge

Stobie coffee table


Designed by: Lex Stobie

Why we love it: This table by Aussie-based designer Lex Stobie offers a very Danish feel. Its thin base, glass top and refined detailing give the piece a light aesthetic.

Where you can get it: Great Dane Furniture

Sarai Coffee Table


Designed by: Norman & Quaine

Why we love it: The simple steel base and choice of stone, timber, polymer or glass tops makes this one a favourite for the options you have to make it your own.

Where you can get it: Norman and Quaine



The Workshopped Store

How many times have you seen a concept design, something you loved the look of and just wished someone would make it?

Well, one of Australia’s most respected design competitions, Workshopped, has just opened a store featuring the designs of young Australians that you would likely have seen recently in concept stage.

Finding a home in the buzzing new Hill Street Precinct in Sydney’s Surry Hills, the Workshopped retail outlet is a logical next step for the program which aims to help young and emerging designers take their products to market.


You’ll spot design such as Danny Cheung’s 1984 Fish Bowl and work by Akira Isogawa and Fukotoshi Ueno.

The Workshopped program has been supporting new Australian design since 2001 with their competition and manufacturing assistance. More recently they launched their online store – a precursor to the new Hill Street store.


"There is nothing quite like it in Sydney,” explains Raymond Scott of Workshopped. “We knew that if we were to display and sell works by Australian designers of international renown […] and other award winning designers, then our physical retail presence had to be just as cutting edge and sustaining."

The store has been designed by Smart Design Studio and built by Inde Studio, using a minimal colour and materials palette.



We always love to see Australian design represented and love even more that the new Workshopped retail store is supported our young, up-and-coming designers.

Word is that there’s also a café in the works for the store, which sounds like the perfect accompaniment.

If you’re in Sydney why not swing by the Hill Street Precinct and while you’re there check out Euroluce lighting and Arthur G furniture.






The Modena Range

Designed by: Richard Park   

I am: A credenza and entertainment unit

About me:

The new Modena range by Blok Furniture offers contemporary storage possibilities that combine pure form, practical function and elegant design detail.

Modenas’ clean lines and handcrafted detailing are highlighted through the use of contrasting materials. Timber veneer, white acrylic and stainless steel combine and balance to provide eye-catching storage solutions suitable for a wide variety of uses.

The range includes the Modena Credenza and the lower-profile Modena entertainment unit - both pieces working seamlessly together.

Modena is perfect for living spaces, home offices and media rooms - pretty much wherever you need beautifully-crafted storage.

Credenza and entertainment unit formats can be specified in a range of finishes, dimensions and arrangements.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Modena is available exclusively through Blok Furniture.


Materials: American Walnut, white acrylic

Blok Furniture
07 3876 4422




Kenwood Cooking Chef

Many of us grew up with Kenwoods in our kitchens. Icons of durability, the Kitchen Chef was the quintessence of the fifties housewife experience and the present of choice for newly weds for decades to come.

My mother’s – a white model with a nice red knob from mid-seventies – was a wedding present which would lay the foundations for mother-daughter baking sessions for years to follow.

Like my parents’ marriage, it stood the test of time right through to their ruby wedding anniversary before a retro-revived Kitchen Aid moved in all its imitation-industrial jubilance.

The original Kenwood Chef launched in the 50s (at the same time as frozen foods and Tupperware became the mainstays of the modern kitchen) setting out to take some of the elbow grease out of cooking.

This year saw the launch of the Chef’s self-sufficient successor – the Cooking Chef, which, like its predecessor, may be a sign of domestic change to come.



Where the Chef brought us a mechanical paddle able to whip butter and sugar into a light cream, the Cooking Chef introduces the wonders of induction heat into the mix(-ing bowl).

Able to heat up to 140C, the induction-heated bowl can cook anything from a risotto to a boeuf bourguignon at the flick of a switch and makes easy work of the likes of Italian meringue and hollandaise, previously dependent on a cook’s intuition and temperature precision.

The temperature can be controlled down to 2 degrees, a countdown timer is at your ready on an LCD screen and with 8 variable speeds you can get the fold you want or the whip you need.

It’s an impressive piece of machinery.

It allows you to skip straight to the victory rather than employ the age old ‘live and learn approach’. Perhaps it heralds a loss of love and feeling in the kitchen or conversely it could inspire a new generation of chefs to get into the kitchen.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef KM070 RRP $1,999.


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The Mountain Retreat

Fearon Hay has got to be one of New Zealand’s top architectural firms. We tell you this not to shape your opinion of their projects, but because we have a great admiration for their work. One of Fearon Hay’s projects (Sandhills Road) is in the current issue of Habitus magazine – a home that celebrates landscape and openness while maintaining privacy. We thought we’d bring you another of their works that offers a synergistic relationship with the rugged landscape of New Zealand’s Southern Lakes. The only thing marking the Mountain Retreat from the surrounding landscape is its cube-like structure. The home is clad in schist (stone from the surrounding landscape) used in the area since the 1840s settlement.   Described by the architects as “a simple arrangement of spaces within a predominantly open plan” this home literally opens up to the landscape – with structural interruptions minimised. The internal spaces have been designed to offer flexibility of use, with the retreat able to accommodate up to two families with children – perfect for the owners who do not actually live in New Zealand.       The has literally been inserted into the landscape, so much so that on approach all that can be seen is the steel stair railings and chimney stack – entry is through the roof.   The synergy with the landscape does come at a cost. In order to take advantage of the expansive views of the Lake Wakatipu and the beech forests, the home had to be oriented to the south west – hardly ideal for solar efficiency.   Fearon Hay’s solution was to use the significant thermal mass of the stone and concrete and earth to heat the house in the cold Central Otago winters, while insulated glass units prevent heat loss, but slide open in summer for cross-breeze. The aim for the interiors was to create a “cave-like space”, achieved through the use of materials – including sandblasted concrete floors and polished plaster ceilings – and the cantilevered roof. “The architecture seeks to be a subtle insertion in the alpine landscape,” the architects explain. “The internal environment is both muscular and refined, referencing the toughness of the environment while providing comfort required for a retreat in the mountains.” To see more of Fearon Hay’s work pick up a copy of Habitus issue 09 or download the App for iPad and iPhone.   Fearon Hay Architects
 fearonhay.com   Photography: Patrick Reynolds abc

Art Sydney 2010

Touted as Sydney’s largest art fair, the Weekend Australian Art Sydney is your chance to snap up some amazing artwork, ranging in price from $100 - $10,000 – satisfying every art lover budget.

The fair will take over the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park from 11 – 14 November.

You’ll have the opportunity to check out upcoming artists through the stART program – where these young self-represented artists will run their own exhibitions. You’ll also see some of Australia’s leading printmakers demonstrating ‘editioning processes’ live on a working press, with exclusive prints for sale.

If you’re after a little education, why not get along to the Art Walks, taking place throughout the 3-day event. Hosted ever hour by industry experts, these walks will explore affordable art, understanding Aboriginal Art and how to start your own collection.

Art Sydney and habitusliving.com are giving 5 lucky readers the chance to win a double pass to this year’s opening night. Simply click here and tell us which space you’d like to fill with new artwork and why?

Tickets will are now available for purchase through artsydney10.com.au


The Weekend Australian Art Sydney


Image above: Emma Hack 'Wallpaper Mandala Collection' – Egrets Mandala


Jasper Knight 'Bricklane'


Charles Foulsham Photography 'Aussie Crawl'


Will and Caro 'One'


Rex Winston Walford 'Sun Dreaming' – Courtesy of The Artery


Joel Rea 'Lady of Monument' – Courtesy of Lethbridge Gallery