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Easton Pearson in Sydney

Bold in form, bright in colour, and often reflecting cultural influences through embellishments and textiles, Easton Pearson is the label for women who are both intellectual and creative.

With a flagship Sydney store recently opened and word out about an upcoming homewares range, there’s plenty to talk about at the upcoming Easton Pearson Habitus Conversation on Tuesday 22 March.

Set amongst other top local and international brands in the heart of Paddington’s Glenmore Road fashion district, the location has a sense of fate for the duo. Pamela Easton says: “The store is, would you believe, one that we looked at and considered ten years ago. We love the energy here, the other designers, the galleries and the buzz.”




Previously an art gallery, the drawbacks were an unwieldy staircase and minimal natural light. The redesign, by Pamela’s husband, award-winning architect Robert Riddel, has opened the interior up to reveal a fresh and vibrant environment that plays the perfect spatial counterpart to the garments and accessories.


He says, “Lydia’s and Pamela’s designs are like beautiful, wearable pieces of art, so the store has a gallery feel. Lots of air, lots of light, a slightly industrial approach to the interior. Plus there is a little jewel of a courtyard that makes you want to linger in the space.”

Within the understated black shopfront, a generous window offers more than a glimpse of the treasures to be found within. Inside, the colourful garments shine on a backdrop of simple white and industrial features, such as the floor and mobile metal hanging racks upstairs. An installation featuring a signature pineapple motif and supersized suspended tassels complete the quirky, quintessential Easton Pearson look.


Hear about their latest projects in person at the Habitus Conversation Series. Book your tickets here.



Easton Pearson

Design Accessories

Lamborghini: Limited Edition Bull Run

The name Lamborghini has come a long way, from tractor territory to supercar league. It has established itself as a marque that is synonymous with design and performance that everyone has come to appreciate but only a select group can possess.

Among this is an even more exclusive group of 10 owners who got to own not just any Lamborghini, but a limited edition one.

Known as the “Singapore Limited Edition”, these 10 Lamborghini’s were specially commissioned to mark Lamborghini Singapore’s 10th Anniversary this year.


Discussions between Singapore and Italy began as early as July 2010 and the concept took 3 months to finalise. As with any Lamborghini, these limited editions are works of art made by hand, unlike the robots that have invaded most car factories.

At the Lamborghini factory, car production is still regarded as a craft and every car is carefully sculpted to perfection.

The “Singapore Limited Edition” cars are based on the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 model, with V10 engines producing 550 bhp that can whiz from 0-100 km/h in just under 4 seconds.


Their exterior design is similar to the LP 570-4 Superleggera, with the same characteristic trapezoidal shape and prismatic lines. A bold carbon fibre bodykit- the same material that is also used for aeronautical and astronautical purposes, reflects the Superleggera’s lightweight pedigree.

Distinct red stripes along the side of each car further enhance their dynamic appearance. Each limited edition car is also badged with the infamous Singapore icon – the 'Merlion' and these logos were specially-designed to commemorate the made-for-Singapore cars. The interiors come equipped with Alcantara seats complete with four-point harnesses that standard Lamborghini’s don’t get. 

As part of this momentous occasion, Lamborghini Singapore has also donated $200,000 from the sale of these 10 cars to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, a charity that raises funds to help less fortunate students.



Fixed & Fitted
Design Accessories

Ovo washbasin from Minosa

Designed by: Minosa


I am: Washbasin


About me:

With its curvaceous form and contrasting sharp detail, the Ovo washbasin exhibits a beautiful contradiction. Together with the flip-waste, the Ovo is designed to capture and retain water making it the perfect choice for everyday bathing.



Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the qualities and performance benefits of Corian by Dupont include its outstanding durability, stain and mildew resistance and its overall ease to clean.


•    Corian
•    8 standard colours


Dimensions: 635 x 375 x 100mm


+61 2 8090 9039

Design Accessories

New Collections from I Need Nice Things

Designed by: I Need Nice Things


I am: Affordable art prints & custom art design. Choose from our online gallery or commission original art


About me:

I Need Nice Things was created to make contemporary art collectible, changeable and most important of all, affordable.


Each week, they create or commission art inspired by the latest global trends in contemporary art, design, and fashion.


But they also guide and inspire you with expert advice on how to make the most of your living, work & commercial spaces.





I Need Nice Things offer a range of paper stocks to print on and can be commissioned to print on fabric and can produce custom light boxes.



I Need Nice Things offer a range of sizes to work in any space.


I Need Nice Things
+61 2 8115 8674


Fixed & Fitted
Design Accessories

ILVE Built-in Pizza Oven

Designed by: ILVE Italy


I am: ILVE Pizza Oven


About me:

The stylish and user friendly ILVE Built-in Pizza Oven produces a staggering 400 degree heat, cooking perfect pizza in three minutes.

While the new pizza mode undoubtedly sets it apart from the pack, the oven also incorporates an impressive array of renowned operating features synonymous with ILVE, including Turbowave Quickstart preheating, bread and pastry cooking functions and control panel cooling fan.

The ILVE Pizza Oven provides the perfect specialist or second oven for the showpiece kitchen with everything, yet compact design, 38L capacity and everyday functionally make it equally suited to smaller apartment or studio kitchens where space is at a premium. 

The new ILVE Pizza Oven is available from selected retailers and on display at ILVE showrooms nationally.




  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double glazed glass door



600mm W x 450mmH x 550mmD


+61 2 8569 4600

Design Accessories

Caesarstone® Motivo Splashbacks

I am: Quartz Surface


About me:

Caesarstone is a highly popular choice for kitchen splashbacks especially for customers wanting continuity of the benchtop with minimal joints and grout lines.

Caesarstone Motivo is the World’s first quartz product that incorporates a sculpted, patterned surface achieved using a patented technology developed by and exclusive to Caesarstone. Beautifully decorative, Motivo features a contrasting gloss and sculpted texture finish.

A new trend being seen today is the inclusion of Motivo as a splashback. This is in combination with the same colour as Motivo, (Snow with Lace or Jet Black with Crocodile) or with another Caesarstone colour.

With the popularity in decorative & textured finishes continuing, Caesarstone Motivo offers a contemporary and highly effective finish.



Lace 2141 - An intricate, floral pattern with elegant & delicate detail. This versatile design is available in the popular shade of Snow and will suit many applications.

Crocodile 3100 - A sophisticated & bold pattern that will add understated glamour to any project. A jet black surface, Crocodile is highly tactile and will add depth, intrigue and mood to any design.



Slab size 3060x1440x13mm and all pattern designs are approximately 3030 x 1420mm.


1300 119 119


Andreu World Outdoor

Designed by: Lievore Altherr Molina


I am: Outdoor Chair, Table, Sunlounger, Sofa


About me:

Designed by the award-winning design powerhouse, Lievore Altherr Molina, the Andreu World Outdoor combines all the naturalness of outdoor products with the comfort of designs for interiors, in collections with sofas, seats, easy chairs, footrests and lounges, and various table collections plus a chair specially conceived chair for public places and multi-use ambiences.






This comprehensive collection of versatile products is designed to fit in harmoniously in all kinds of home and contract spaces.



Manufactured from steel, aluminium, ceramics for outdoors and Ecolingus wood for covered outdoor environments.


+61 2 9669 1788

Habitus Loves
Design Accessories

Habitus Loves… Hanging Around


Elephant Party

  Designed by: Flensted Why we love it: This colourful mobile is so much fun for kids, with beautifully formed elephant shapes. The perfect gift for a new baby. Go on, you know you want to…

Muuto Dots

title    Designed by: Muuto Why we love it: Like oversized door knobs or field mushrooms sprouting from the wall, these hangers can be arranged however you like. We love them in Black or Oak. Go on, you know you want to…

Eva Solo Bird Feeder

title    Designed by: Eva Solo Why we love it: This beautiful glass bird feeder helps our feathered friends to hang around in the garden, in absolute style. Go on, you know you want to…

Hang On Coat Rack

title  Designed by: Jade Barnes-Richardson for Normann Copenhagen Why we love it: Taking a form synonymous with hanging coats and duplicating it in a seemingly haphazard arrangement, this coat rack is a quirky hanging solution. Go on, you know you want to…


Designed by: The Alphabet Crew Why we love it: The classic bonsai form is the inspiration for this jewellery tree. You can dress it up however you like, but you’ll never have to water it! Go on, you know you want to…

Stem Tree

title    Designed by: DesignByThem Why we love it: The Stem Tree coat rack has been one of our favourite for a while. The ‘branches’ screw easily into the stem and make for a fun alternative to a traditional stand. Go on, you know you want to…

Flensted Futura

title  Designed by: Flensted Why we love it: Counterbalanced elements in this mobile create movement in the slightest breeze, while the form is classic Flensted. This is the grown-up’s mobile, very mature. Go on, you know you want to…


title      Designed by: Gustav Hallén Why we love it: A giant arrow on your wall that doubles as a coat hook – how could we not love it. It comes in a range of colours it’s as much wall art as it is functional. Go on, you know you want to…  
Design Accessories

Habitusliving Shop: Blunt Umbrellas

We featured the guys from Blunt Umbrellas last year (and even gave a few umbrellas away!), but they’ve just released an updated range in time for Autumn/Winter 2011.

This amazing design removes the danger to your fellow pedestrians by creating ‘rounded points’. The internal structure of the umbrella also makes it super strong in winds and almost impossible to turn inside out (we’ve all been there!).

The updated ‘Lite’ range – weighing in at just 456 grams – includes new colours (yellow, hot red and Aqua blue) as well as a wrist/hanging strap and, while stocks last, a free carry strap for those times when the sun is shining.






“The response from the public for the product has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments like 'why hasn't someone come up with this before' and 'what took so long' really validate for me that I have achieved what I set out to do,” says Brebner, designer of the Blunt.

We have to agree that it’s the simplicity of the design concept and yet the brilliance of the engineering which makes this one of our favourites.




You can buy the Blunt Umbrella on the habitusliving.com shop. Skip straight to the Yellow Lite by clicking BUY NOW below.


PRICE: $79.00


Design Accessories

Habitusliving Shop: Dosh Wallets

The Dosh wallet was designed by BlueSky design – the same designers that were behind the 2000 Sydney Olympics torch,  as well as products for Sunbeam, Electrolux, Victa and many, many more.

The wallet uses a specially developed polymer that is both flexible and durable. It might mean sacrificing your ol’ faithful (you know, the brick of receipts) but the freedom of less is very powerful.


There is a huge range of colours to choose from and Dosh are always taking part in collaborations with new visual designs – so there’s always something going on.




As it’s all about the habitusliving.com shop today, we can of course direct you to one of our favourite Dosh designs, the ‘Spiderman’ in red, blue and white.


PRICE: $69.00


Design Hunters

Habitusliving Shop: Daniel Emma

Daniel.Emma have received a lot of attention lately for their quirky, perfectly formed and simple designs. We took some time to talk to them about their inspiration, the award-winning basics collection and Adelaide.


What was the first spark of the 'Basics' idea?

‘Basics’ was a response trying to make small run production pieces that are made in Australia and that sell at a reasonable price.




What's been the response to the collection so far?

The response has been good, lots of press and excitement over the collection. We find that once people see them in real life and touch them they appreciate the quality, use of material and craftsmanship that goes into such a simple product.


You've won a few awards, what's that like?

Last year we won a couple of awards, which is super nice! The Blueprint award for most promising designer in London and of course Bombay Sapphire. The awards were a bit unexpected especially Bombay and have been great at giving us exposure to people that would have otherwise not have heard of us.



What do you love about Adelaide?

1. Well of course family and friends are here that we have grown up with all of our lives, and that is something that you cannot find in any other city.

2. The lack of design (which sometimes is a frustration as well).

3. Living in a unpopular suburb that is 2 minutes from the old port, 5 minutes from the beach and 20 minutes from the city.


What's your impression of design in Australia?

As a product designer it is extremely difficult to make a living because of several factors such as lack of history in manufacturing and a very small group in society that appreciates truly good design (and that will pay for it!) that leads to people designing what makes money which unfortunately turns out a bit crafty or copycat. But more recently we are seeing more and more design that is truly unique and we think Australian design is finding its feet.



If someone asked you what your design philosophy is, what would you say (or what do you wish you could say)?

Our design philosophy is to design objects that are  'just nice' meaning we want people to appreciate the objects for what they simply are rather than having to glorify the story of  the design/manufacturing process.


paperweight block
Daniel + Emma


Visit the habitusliving.com shop to browse Daniel.Emma's products, or jump straight to the Paperweight Block (one of our favourites) by clicking BUY NOW.


PRICE: $110.00


Habitus Loves
Design Accessories

Habitus Loves… Watches


Vue for Issey Miyake


Designed by:
Fuse Project, Yves Behar

Why we love it:
There’s so much going on in this watch, but it’s not too complicated.
We love the way the digits appear and disappear gradually while the
minute hand is totally independent. It also comes hidden inside a
recycled paper note pad.

Where you can get it:

Propeller Modern

On Foot



  Designed by:Crispin Jones

Why we love it: This watch lists the times of world-record-holding runners, allowing you to effectively race them, or even compare your own records with theirs (I can make toast in the record time for 100m?). It’s also colourful and bound to be a conversation starter.

Where you can get it:

Mr. Jones Watches

r5.5 White Jubilé



  Designed by: Jasper Morrison for RADO

Why we love it: This is both sleek and opulent, with its white band and face-surround integrated seamlessly and a gold face with 8 diamonds. Understated, but with a little bit of bling.

Where you can get it:


Mondaine Railways Watch

  Designed by:Mondaine

Why we love it: It’s the absolute classic. When someone says ‘watch’, this is probably the image conjured up in your mind. We also love that we’ve got one to give away over here.

Where you can get it:



Ora Unica



  Designed by: Denis Guidone

Why we love it: The scribble on the face of this watch actually takes the place of the hands. There are two lines that move independently to denote the minutes and hours. So clever.

Where you can get it:

The Dezeen watch store

Carrousel Volant Une Minute


  Designed by:Blancpain

Why we love it: The exposed mechanism of this watch invites you into the world of watchmaking while remaining elegant and professional.

Where you can get it:


Yoghurt, Strawberry


  Designed by:Karim Rashid for Nooka

Why we love it: This watch is pure Karim Rashid and it really makes a statement. You can get it in more toned down ‘flavours’ too (like ‘Plain’ and ‘Blackberry’) and its digital face reads more like a countdown timer.

Where you can get it:


Pontos Décentrique



  Designed by: Maurice Lacroix

Why we love it: This watch has layers. It tells you the time with a traditional face for the time where you are, “night indication” for another time zone and date indicator. This classic form is also be re-interpreted by Patricia Urquiola, Italian architect Rodolfo Dordoni and Belgian fashion designer Kris Can Assche in a series of 3 one-offs.

Where you can get it:

Maurice Lacroix