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Design Accessories

The Smeg Opera A1PYID-6

Designed by: Smeg


I am: A freestanding upright induction cooker and oven


About me:

If you’re an avid home cook and a Design Hunter™, chances are you’re well acquainted with induction cooktops and pyrolytic ovens.

Well, global forerunner in kitchen appliance design, Smeg, has now combined these two amazing technologies into one appliance.

The Opera A1PYID-6 90cm freestanding upright induction cooker features a 5-zone induction cooktop over a 90-litre (gross) multifunction oven with integrated pyrolytic cleaning function.

The mixing of these technologies delivers the time-saving and energy conservation benefits of induction plus the maintenance-free properties of pyrolysis.

The 5- zone induction cooktop offers the very best in fast, responsive cooking – each cooking zone featuring a boost setting to ensure full heat in just a few seconds – while a power function provides an initial surge of heat for up to ten minutes for heating large quantities of liquids very fast. There’s also a timer to ensure nothing is overcooked or burned.


The Opera’s 90-litre oven is designed for those who love cooking and entertaining. With 10 functions, Thermoseal technology – that ensures a perfectly controlled oven cavity – and truly effortless oven cleaning by virtue of the pyrolytic technology.

Low maintenance is one of the key features of the Opera A1PYID-6. The cooktop requires just a simple wipe-over with a damp cloth and the oven is cleaned – no matter how many grease and food splatters there are – by simply selecting the Pyrolysis function and waiting 90 minutes.

For added convenience, even the quadruple-glazed oven door can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Smeg Opera A1PYID-6 carries the highest Class A European energy rating, features finger-print resistant stainless steel and a handy storage compartment at the base of the oven. 

It is available nationally from appliance specialists, electrical retailers and some department stores at $10990.

For more information or details of local stockists go to smeg.com.au

Design Products

The Inherent Charm of Timeless Design

Great Dane is Australia’s most prominent curator of Scandinavian design and is widely responsible for the country’s long-lasting infatuation with the Nordic aesthetic. However, alongside the enduring allure of the Scandinavian form, Great Dane has been an active advocate of the vital attributes that underpin design practices from this part of the world. The cornerstones of considered, quality materials, craftsmanship, attention to detail and longevity of design define Great Dane’s offering and sustainability ethos. “Curating design pieces that have been mindfully crafted with care and attention, and that use sustainably sourced, prime grade materials, enables us to create a selection of furniture that offers timeless charm, unique character and structural stability,” explains Anton Assaad, the founder of Great Dane. “Our pieces are bound to stand the test of time and be lovingly passed from one generation to another. That wonderfully tangible connection through space and time is one of the most essential expressions of our sustainability principles: encourage people to buy beautifully crafted furniture they love and will keep for the rest of their lives – and beyond,” he adds. The commitment to offer the Australian consumer timeless, masterfully devised and carefully crafted Scandinavian designs is inherently linked to Great Dane’s long-lasting relationships with local master furniture makers whose values represent quality, longevity, profound appreciation of materiality – and a patient sense of purpose. Great Dane’s ongoing collaboration with Snedkergaarden, founded by two Danish furniture makers Finn Bruun and Erik Skovgaard, is the epitome of a shared vision rooted in the classic ethos of careful craft, prime quality and enduring design intent. [caption id="attachment_111844" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Darling Street | Interiors: Hecker Guthrie | Photography: Shannon McGrath[/caption] The furniture studio behind one of Great Dane’s all-time favourite design pieces – the Johansen Table – brings a unique level of attention to detail that permeates every facet of their process. From the selection of sustainable timber to the thoughtfully engineered simplicity of form, and the exquisite quality of the finishing details, Snedkergaarden’s methods illuminate the structure, colour and grain of the natural materials in every piece. Crafting the furniture to take on a patina, Snedkergaarden’s makers create objects that grow more charming and character-filled over time, increasing their long-lasting appeal. The versatile Johansen Table, available in rectangular, round and oval shapes, is an excellent expression of that intent. Inspired by the engineering magnificence of suspension bridges, Mads Johansen’s iconic design combines structural stability, the intricate materiality of meticulously curated wood grains, and a warm visual and tactile appeal that evokes the delightful emotion of shared moments experienced around the table. [caption id="attachment_111850" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Graffiti House | Architects: Durack Architects | Photography: Katherine Lu[/caption] With a similarly grounding and attentive devotion to the unrushed art of craft, Miyazaki Chair Factory has mastered the skill of creating wooden chairs to perfection since commencing operations in 1969. Cautiously appreciative of the importance of natural resources, Miyazaki Chair Factory makes all its chairs to order ensuring they only use the materials they need, when they need them. The craftsmen’s singular focus on wooden chairs offers extraordinary quality, attention and joy that can be experienced through every single piece created by the talented team. The DC09 chair is no different, hence its immense popularity in Great Dane showrooms. “DC09’s sculptural curves, impeccable detailing and organic shape have been consistently favoured by our clients, designers and design enthusiasts,” says Jon Holland, commercial manager of Great Dane. In a beautiful fusion between the intuitive appeal of Danish form and Japanese precision, DC09 fulfils Miyazaki Chair Factory’s concept of creating ‘chairs nobody else can make’. Expressing the utmost craftsmanship and commitment to materiality, the organic form of the design has been carved entirely from solid wood. The thinly shaved seat follows the gentle, ergonomic shape of the chair, combining elegant lightness with structural stability. This minimalistic form has been sculpted to complement the shape of a human body as the ultimate expression of lasting relevance, while the smooth tactility entices a touch, and showcases the stunning texture of the wood with each stroke. “Designed by the Danish-Japanese duo Inoda+Sveje and masterfully handmade by the Miyazaki Chair Factory, this artfully fashioned celebration of materiality invites a slower, more relaxed, almost contemplative experience and appreciation of its careful craftsmanship,” adds Jon. Further fostering Great Dane’s commitment to offering mindfully crafted pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time, the brand works closely with dk3 – Scandinavian furniture makers that masterfully combine the heritage of traditional carpentry with a modern aesthetic. With most pieces finished and surface treated by hand, dk3 invests a remarkable amount of attention and energy into carefully treating the organic materials they favour, ultimately highlighting its universal, enduring beauty. Ten Table, a dining table designed by dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup in collaboration with Danish designer Christian Troels, is a classically beautiful, yet playfully modern expression of dk3’s love affair with the natural materiality of wood. With no straight lines, the curved shape of the table highlights the irregular, yet precisely ordered pattern of the grain. The surprising lightness of the cube-shaped base – or the pronounced grooves of the legs, depending on the model – introduces a more defined texture that leads the eye towards the tabletop. This organic fusion of natural beauty and an incredible level of detail combines traditional carpentry techniques with the simple elegance of modern design – the perfect recipe for a timeless object that can be passed from one generation to another, endlessly enriching the lives of those gathering around it and exponentially enhancing the appeal of the table itself. “Our hand-picked and carefully curated selection of Scandinavian designs highlights the timeless quality of patiently crafted objects, and the importance of a considered selection and mindful use of resources with a genuine appreciation of materiality,” says Anton. Great Dane offers consumers and designers an unquestionable opportunity to invest in quality furniture that encapsulates the elusive moments of daily life for generations to come. Visit one of the showrooms or the online store for a timeless display of master craftsmanship and exceptional design quality. Great Dane greatdanefurniture.com For commercial project enquiries, reach out to Jon Holland, Great Dane's commercial manager Step behind the scenes and experience a world of Scandinavian craftsmanship in a replay of Great Dane founder Anton Assaad talking at Super Design Festival Lead image: Carpenter’s Square House | Architects: Architects EAT | Photography: Derek Swalwell.abc
Design Accessories

ILVE H-series H90SD gas cooktop

Designed by: ILVE Italy


I am: A cooktop


About me:

Drawing on nearly 60 years of excellence in manufacturing the new ILVE H-series 90cm 5-burner Gas Cooktop is the epitome of simple, elegant kitchen design.

The H90SD features a dual-control, triple-ring all-purpose super wok burner.

The inner ring can be controlled separately for the most delicate of temperature changes. Situated and centred on the far left of the cooktop, it accommodates a large wok without disturbing the remaining cooking surface, featuring a further 2 medium and 2 small gas burners.

With all ILVE Gas Cooktops, you can simmer at the lowest temperatures that your recipe calls for or go to searing heat instantly, precision heat settings ensuring perfect cooking control.

As with all ILVE gas burners, the H90SD is fitted with flame failure cut-out devices.

The ILVE H-series H90SD gas cooktop is available from selected retailers and on display at ILVE showrooms nationally.

RRP $3099.00



  • Stainless steel
  • Brass (burners)
  • Cast iron (trivets)


Cut-out dimension: 835mm x 475mm


+61 2 8569 4600

Design Accessories

chorus 21 Pendant



I am: A pendant light


About me:

An elegant and carefully balanced lighting fixture in aluminium, Chorus has a distinct and clear expression without sacrificing the quality of light.

We love the asymmetrical ‘kink’ at where the cord meets the shade and the beautiful soft pastel colours that come as standard.

In the Chorus family there is also: Chorus Mini Pendant, Chorus 22 Floor, Chorus 31 Pendant and Chorus 32 Floor.



  • Lacquered steel
  • Painted in standard colours or optional
  • Colour of textile cord white, black or custom

Dimensions: Diameter 160cm

+61 2 9906 1705

Design Accessories


“Shoemaking is an extremely complicated area of expertise and the knowledge is being lost among the flood of cheap imported product and our general detachment from the process behind all things that we consume,” says Johanna Preston of Preston Zly Design.

A visit to their studio, just off Smith Street in Collingwood, will change the way you think about shoes forever. Each Preston Zly piece is a unique, special-edition creation. Once on-foot, the shoe is transformed by the body, becoming an extension of the leg and the outfit, visually enlivened by colour and made tactile by a combination of high quality materials.




Johanna, who works alongside partner Petr Zly, studied orthopaedics and bespoke shoemaking at Collingwood TAFE (now RMIT). From here she studied with Bulgarian master shoemaker, George Koleff. “From George I learnt how to make a pair of shoes completely by hand – using the most basic hand tools which included pieces of glass specially cut to smooth the sole leather,” says Johanna.


Petr trained at the Phillip Institute of Technology as a sculptor (and he still practices). Shoe-wise, his knowledge and skill set allows the PZ studio to develop and produce unique last and heel shapes.

Their studio space, “just behind the ANZ bank on Smith Street”, has long been a rabbit warren of artist studios. During that time, it was a treasure hunt of tools, half-finished pieces, punctuated by the golden discovery of finished products.



With the artist spaces now removed, the studio has been opened up to allow its inhabitants the room to breathe, move, think and make. “We now have the space to work on various projects at once in dedicated areas,” says Johanna. “There is a peace and quietness which allows for a creative and focussed concentration of energies.”

Beautiful, intricately patterned ceilings form a canopy over the studio at large. A scaffold of yellow rods frames each workspace, creating productivity points across a sea of wooden floorboards. A series of windows running across the back wall are like light boxes, injecting the space with natural light, as well as the everyday action of Smith Street.



Lined along one work table is Preston Zly’s winter collection, which takes inspiration from the Edwardian era. “Our collection explores the fetishistic elements of corsetry and Edwardian shapes, combining soft padding and quilting with militaristic elements of belting and gaiters,” says Johanna. “We have taken features of the peasant clogs worn during the period and morphed them with traditional derby shoes.”


Also glimpsed in-studio is the Spring/Summer range, entitled Oceania, with carvings, patterns and tattooing all involved in the conception of this collection. And with this intriguing collection to look forward to, its all the more reason to start following the fascinating developments of these master shoemakers of Melbourne.

You can buy Preston Zly shoes online, or in store at The Signet Bureau.


Preston Zly and habitusliving.com are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a $550 voucher for shoes. Simply fill in the form below and tell us a story about your shoes. The most creative response will win!


Preston Zly

The Signet Bureau


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Design Accessories

Habitus Loves… Blue



title    Designed by: Cina Boeri Why we love it: It’s a beautiful, classic design, with just the right amount of puffy. All the padding, none of the cell! In blue velvet, it doesn’t get much cooler! Where you can get it: Arflex is now stocked by Poliform in Australia


title    Designed by: Jaime Hayón Why we love it: Hayón has applied his now infamous whimsical charm to this recent collection with Japanese porcelain company Choemon. The classic blue on white aesthetic is given new life by his exploration of shape, pattern and technique. Where you can get it: Choemon

Pattern Chair

title    Designed by: Arik Levy Why we love it: This beautiful chair comes in more than just blue, but we love it in this bright hue. The moulded sheet metal chair is suitable for outdoor use and the hexagonal cut-out pattern gives an almost weightless quality. Where you can get it: KE-ZU

Batucada homewares

Designed by: Jahara Studio Why we love it: The beautiful homewares are made from recycled scrap aluminium. Batucada is actually Brazilian Portuguese for the sound made by banging old aluminium tins together – common at festivals. Gorgeous in blue! Where you can get it: Jahara Studio


title    Designed by: Doshi Levien for Cappellini Why we love it: This rigid-form chair gives the sitter a position of command. It feels a little like something Dr. Evil would sit on (if only it swivelled!), but is a lot of fun and beautifully resolved. Where you can get it: Cappellini – stocked in Australia through Corporate Culture


  Designed by: DING3000 Why we love it: We spotted these clever cutlery pieces earlier this year at Maison et Objet in Paris. These plastic cutlery sets become like mini table sculptures when they clip easily together. Proving that you don’t always have to bring out the best silverware to get the dinner party started. Where you can get it: Konstantin Slawinski  

iPad 2 Smart Cover

title  Designed by: Apple Why we love it: If you get excited by beautifully designed technology, then no doubt you’ve been enticed by the latest offering from Apple, the iPad 2. One of the most interesting additions to this new model was the magnetic Smart Cover. We love it in blue polyurethane, or you can go for the navy in leather! Where you can get it: Apple

The Beetle Ring

title    Designed by: Dinosaur Designs Why we love it: This beautiful ring is part of the new Insects collection. The Dinosaurs told us that the collection was the result of research into the insect kingdom and their individual forms. This ring is made with resin in vibrant blue. Where you can get it: Dinosaur Designs
Design Accessories

Cocoon Fires

I am: A fireplace


Designed by: Federico Otero


About me:

The award-winning Cocoon fire has a sculptural form, but is also practical, using an ethanol burner.



The simple design allows the steel body of the fireplace to warm up and radiate heat, while needing no connections to gas and no need for wood. Because ethanol burns more cleanly, the fireplace is also more environmentally friendly.




You’ve got to love the simplicity of the form and the fact that it can be both hung from the ceiling or placed on a stand.

And in summer, the burner can be easily removed and the body of the fireplace used as an icebox for chilling a fine drop.


You can buy the Cocoon fire over at Top3 by Design.


Cocoon Fires


The Haberfield House

What we love most: The flow of the spaces – from old to new, inside to out – and the feeling of a home that’s loved.


The details:

Architect: Lahznimmo
Location: Haberfield, Sydney
Photography: Brett Boardman

We came across the Haberfield House over here the other day, and just knew it was something that needed more of a story. So we spoke to architect Andrew Nimmo to find out a little more about this warm renovation of a federation home in Sydney’s Inner West.



Could you tell us a little about the owners? 

Lovely people, very interested in architecture; myself and my partner, Annabel Lahz


What’s the story of the house?

The existing house was federation-era, with a series of low-grade post war additions to the rear that expanded the size of the house.


When we arrived in 2001 it had been divided into two flats. We immediately converted it back into a single house and made it liveable until we were ready and able to do a more complete renovation.

We also completely re-planted the garden because it would take time to mature. We then started full renovations in 2009/10.


How does the home relate to its environment? 

The garden had matured and created a very private and green oasis. The site has no real outlook – so the house is focused in on the garden itself. The rear of the house in particular is designed almost exclusively in response to physical and visual access to the garden.



Were there any unusual uses of material?

The main living box is constructed in glazed brick - the dark brick is a nod to the face brick of the house and surrounding streetscape – but the glazed finish is a conscious departure so that there is a clear distinction between new and old.


The new works are clearly distinguishable and help to define the extent of the original house, which had been muddied through previous careless additions


How did you tailor the home to your needs? 

The house can be divided into a parents retreat so teenage children can do what teenage children do without taking over the whole house. Cooking and eating is central to the activities of the house – so a well-crafted kitchen was essential.


I love the outdoor room and its relationship to the garden. When the weather is right [the transition is] seamless.


How does the home reflect your approach to design?

The design is all about how people use, occupy and move through space – the form should feel like it is grafted to the site.




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Design Hunters

A Conversation with Greg Hatton

In issue 10 of Habitus magazine we were introduced to Greg Hatton, who creates his unique furniture pieces from found and recycled timbers.   His work features a rawness of materials and form, an earthiness that harks back to simpler times.   Hatton is also a landscape designer and an environmental expert, so his skills and passion for working with nature are broad and exciting.   Read the full story in our snippet from the magazine here:   Greg will be speaking to a small group of Habitus readers on 8 June 2011 at the new Corporate Culture and Cult. showroom in Melbourne. If you’d like to be among them, click the button below to buy your tickets before 2 June.   Greg Hatton greghatton.com   abc

Quincy Table from Jardan

I am: A table


Designed by: Nick Garnham


About me:

This beautifully sculpted timber table is poetry in solid American oak. The result of expert craftsmanship, traditional joinery and attention to detail, Quincy would be perfect in almost any home.  


We love the velvety feel of the timber, what the crazy kids at Jardan call “deep bass, silky smooth beats and undeniable soul. Head nodding groove”.


The table has the usual Jardan environmental credentials and is available now from Jardan's agents nationally and internationally.



Environmentally sustainable kiln-dried American oak hardwood construction, crafted using traditional joinery techniques.


Available in 7 different standard stain finishes and a large range of speed stain colours.




Covert Jewels at Metalab

Cinnamon Lee does some amazing things with LED lights, but we are absolutely in love with her beautiful series of rings. They will take centre stage in a new exhibition at Metalab studio in Sydney.



For the exhibition, Cinnamon has combined her skills and craftsmanship in LED technology and gold and silversmithing to highlight the hidden nature of her Covert Jewels.


Each ring, while relatively simple and plain on the outside, hides a secret beauty inside, from butterflies to amazing geometric patterns. Cinnamon will be up-lighting each ring with pre-programmed LEDs.



The rings highlight Cinnamon’s exploration of digital design processes, and the intricacies of each ring as a design object.

The exhibition opens on 2 June – to RSVP for the opening night, email info@metalab.com.au – it runs until 2 July 2011.


Cinnamon Lee




Around The World

Casa de La Flora Thailand

The beautiful Casa de La Flora is open and ready for business in Thailand’s Khoa Lak. Described as “an ode to the angular geometries of Brutalist architecture”, the resort on the shores of the Andaman Sea sits as a statement in the lush greenery of the coastal landscape.




Designed by VaSLab Architecture, the “low-rise” villas offer amazing views across the ocean, as well as private pools and terraces.



This place is most definitely in the ‘wow’ luxury category, offering a 24-hour butler service as well as the best in high-end finishes and furniture.


We often wonder why anyone would want to stay indoors in a place like this, but when you return to your private villa at night you can keep yourself entertained with entertainment technology from Apple or just stare out at the never-ending ocean from your glass-fronted living room.



The resort features La Arunya, a restaurant featuring the most amazing Thai and international dishes. Wait a while after eating, then hit the infinity pool, followed by a visit to the library for a good book.

It’s an hour’s drive from Phuket International Airport (making it even more of a getaway) and is not far from the renowned Khoa Lak National Park.

Rates start at AUD$740 per night.


Casa de La Flora


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