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Momofuku Seiōbo

Fresh from New York City, Chang is currently expanding his world famous noodle shops in key locations, Lucky for Sydney then that this explansion coincided with the $860 million redevelopment of the Star City Casino, which has just undergone a $860 million redevelopment comes complete with Chang's Momofuku Seiōbo.

Chang's Momofuku Seiōbo is now headed up by Ben Greeno, who recently came from Noma in Copenhagen. This week Habitus talks to Greeno about sourcing local sustainable and responsible food from farmers about how the opportunity to re-create Chang's signature Korean-American flavours down under came about.

How long have you been in Sydney? Since July 2011.

Did you do time at any of Chang's restaurants in New York?

Yes, I work at all the Momofukus before I came to Australia, with the longest stint at Ko.

How did you first come into contact with Momofuku?

I met Dave at Noma a few years back and we kept in touch after that. I even staged at Ko. Then we met again in 2010 when he was in town for Identità London. We were talking about life and girlfriends. I told him my girlfriend (who's Australian) and I were both looking to move to Australia.  He said he had a job for me. A year later, here I am.

Are there any special areas of cooking that are really inspiring you at the moment?

The Australian seafood and produce has been amazing to work with. That's where we get our inspiration right now.

What have the reactions to the food been like from critics and punters?

We've been lucky in that the response has been positive. But we can always be better.

How is Sydney's China town holding up as far as servicing your food?

It's amazing. We get a lot of our dry goods from Chinatown, like sausage, dry scallops

Where do you eat when you want to kick back and relax with friends?

Duke Bistro and Ms. G's

momofuku sydney

80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

(02) 9777 9000

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Resin dreaming with Hannah Carlyle

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design, from TAFE SA in 2008. From there she undertook became a Design Associate in the Metal Design Studio at JamFactory, Adelaide during 2009 and 2010. She received the NAVA Ignition Award for Professional Practice, 2008, and designed a corporate gift for Ugandan dignitaries as part of the Outreach Program supported by the Cotton On Foundation, 2010.Her colourful creations in resin allow her to explore the qualities of the material. Earrings Hannah says: "I coax 'spontaneous patterns' of colour from the material. I exercise partial control over the miniature swirling storms and coloured layers, unable ever to predict the exact and final outcome." Meaning that for this artist no two designs are ever the same. Multi-coloured bangle Gelati Bowl Multi-coloured flat bangles Hannah Carlyle's work is available online from Artisanand from special retailers around the country including: Piieces of Eight - VIC Artisan, (m)art - QLD Breathing Colours- NSW Jam Factory - SA Zu Design - SA Red Poles - SAabc

Studio Becker

The objective of Studio Becker is to satisfy a niche in the Australian market for the finest quality kitchens and joinery to match the current status of the architectural and interior design sector. Here Fiona Lochtenberg describes their business and gives us some more detail about their raison d’être.
What does your company supply? Studio Becker supplies high quality joinery for all rooms specialising in kitchens, wardrobe, wine cellars and bathrooms.  These products include both bespoke and multi-unit fit outs of the finest quality. In addition Studio Becker offers the design expertise to enable clients to achieve their desired finish. What's the history of your company? Studio Becker is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has additional sales support offices throughout Europe and Asia.  Over 30 years ago its founder Mr. Roar Vaernes identified a market opportunity for the design and supply of the highest quality joinery products to the residential market. Where do you distribute? The brand now operates on a global basis supplying all products manufactured in Germany.  In Australia, the product is now available throughout all states. Describe your customers? Our typical customers fall into two categories.  Firstly the discerning high end customer seeking to furnish their residence with a unique installation to reflect their taste and passion.  Secondly major multi-unit developers looking for a product that will distinguish their multi-unit project by including a brand that delivers quality and prestige. alt What sets your company apart? Studio Becker's ability to bring to fruition the design requirements sets us apart from the competition by the fact that there are no limits to the product concept design and finish. Who should we speak to when specifying? The Studio Becker Australia team includes local design expertise backed up by an International design team with many years of experience in meeting the demands of their clients. What are your client's priorities at the moment? Our typical client priorities are to reflect their personality and taste in the design and delivery of a unique product. alt   What is good design to you? Good design is the combination of accommodating the client's requirements and integrating the finest finish and features whilst ensuring this is achieved in the most environmentally friendly manner.  The integration of state of the art technology and function remains a foremost in the design process. What does the future hold? The future for the Australian market is extremely exciting as a result of the introduction of a well established iconic brand now made available to a market that displays leadership in the architectural development of residential dwellings. alt Company Details Address: Studio Becker, 52-54 Turner Street, Redfern, NSW Phone: 02 9698 8870 Contact: Mr. Jeremy Kirk: Business Development Executive Email: Jeremy@studiobecker.com.au Website: www.studiobecker.com.auabc

31 Blair Road

Many historic elements were left untouched in the twonhouse, retaining the site's historical essence and providing a quaint contrast to the unit's modern interior. 

What distinguishes this conservation house from most others is the unorthodox first floor layout placing the kitchen and dining space right at the entrance. This was done in light of the fact that most parties centre around the food, and this arrangement allows guests to casually mingle with their hosts as they cook.

Since the house was originally intended for rental, a neutral colour palette was employed by Ong&Ong to complement the changing tastes between individual tenants. 

Bamboo is a recurrent theme throughout the house, from the forecourt garden to the sandblasted motifs within.

31 Blair Road is an innovative response to the constraints of conservation building. It successfully marries the old with the new to create a charming living space.  The beautiful vintage façade is maintained while the interior is completely remodeled. 

The 'new' spacious feeling residence now offers four bedrooms and four bathrooms and a roof deck. 
Ong&Ong Pte. Ltd. started as a small practice in Singapore in 1972 and has since expanded throughout the southeast Asian region. Ong&Ong now have offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, China and New York. Read about the project in Issue #8 of Habitus.