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LUXAFLEX® Evo Awnings Range

Evo STC is a tension system holding the fabric secure in the side channels. It is ideal in windy conditions as the fabric can't blow out of the channel. Made for windy conditions, Evo Channel eliminates light gaps and comes with a locking pin option which allows the awning to be secured at various heights, for maximum control. Featuring stainless steel cables, Evo Cable is perfect for coastal homes. This sturdy system is the best option when fixing a channel to a wall is not possible. Evo Drop is the perfect choice when there are no posts or walls to mount to and the awning cannot use side channels or guides. Evo Pivot is great for homes with windows that open out and requires air to flow behind the awning. A heavy duty spring in the pivot arms provide excellent fabric tension for awnings up to five metres wide. Materials: All awnings are available in various fabric options including:
  • EverScreen External Screen Fabric in 24 colours, which includes 12 new colours of which two are uniquely designed and exclusive to Luxaflex
  • Dickson Constant Acrylic Fabric range with 80 semi block-out solid or striped colours ideal for improved privacy and sun control
  • A clear PVC option is also available with improved protection from wind and wet weather, whilst also allowing great view through
  • The awning hardware is provided standard in Silver Pearl however can be custom-coloured to match the fabric chosen, or the exterior colour scheme of the home
        Dimensions: All awnings are customisable as required Luxaflex luxaflex.com.auabc
Fixed & Fitted
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Designed by: Claesson Koivisto Rune Made by: Arflex I am: Storage system About Me: Arlfex have aimed to do with the storage furniture system, Hillside. The storage units derive their distinctive design by combining different storage formats together in each unit. The resulting furniture is not only efficient in function, it possesses clear, sculptural qualities. Hillside has a small amount of parts but is flexible to the point of allowing a myriad of regular or even surprising compositions. This makes Hillside easy to tailor to your specific requirements. The series comprises floor-standing units, as well as wall-mounted units. Materials: Structure of the furniture unit and inner shelf: melamine on medium density fibre panel. Structure of the shelf, footboard, joining elements: melamine on mdf. Finishing: matt lacquered.   Dimensions: Available in various sizes – contact your local store for more details.   Poliform Sydney          level one, 84 O’Riordan St, Alexandria, NSW, 2015 t 02 8339 7570 Melbourne    650 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121 t 03 8420 0800 www.poliform.com.au info@poliform.com.auabc
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Designed by: Valerio Bottin and Enzo Panzeri Made by: Made in Italy by lighting design house PANZERI About Me: The Potter is a curvaceous illuminated stool made from white polyethylene. Ideal for interior or exterior settings in commercial and residential applications, the Potter can be remote control operated to activate LED RGB settings or switch activated in interior spaces. An IP rating of 65 ensures durability in the execution of this innovative design driven luminaire.   Materials: White polyethylene stool with energy saving LED technology. Exterior model is available with the added option of remote controllable RGB colour change. Interior model is switch activated.   Dimensions: 55cm H x 80cm W x 70cm L HALO Lighting 35 Kensington Street EAST PERTH 6004 +618 9221 5544 www.halolighting.com.au info@halolighting.com.au    abc
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CDK Stone

What’s the history of your company? CDK Stone opened in 1982 as one of Australia’s largest suppliers of raw material blocks for monumental processing. From that beginning the company began to expand and diversify in response to changing market demand. Today our focus is natural stone for building as well as stone working tools and equipment.   Where do you distribute? We have showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth and Auckland and distribute throughout Australia and New Zealand. CDK Stone has been used from the smallest residential applications to the largest commercial projects, including Parliament House. Describe your customers? Our customers are as varied as the applications our stone is used for. We deal directly with stonemasons, architects and interior designers. We also work with homeowners looking for a new natural stone kitchen bench to others who feature vast amounts of natural stone throughout their home. What sets CDK apart? We travel extensively each year, visiting the world’s finest stone producing quarries and discovering new sources of truly unique natural stone. With nearly 30 years in the business, we have developed strong and close relationships, giving us access to only the best stone, which allows us to bring an unmatched selection of stone to Australia.   Who should we speak to when specifying? Everyone at CDK Stone in all of our showrooms are more than qualified to help you in every possible way should you wish to deal with us directly. What are your client’s priorities at the moment? Our clients, whether they are homeowners, architects, designers or builders appreciate the beauty, strength, warmth and richness that only natural stone can provide. They are looking for something timeless and elegant that will never go out of style. And something that will last and be easy to maintain. What is good design to you? Good design to us is where natural stone is used in a manner that either highlights the stone’s wonderful qualities, or uses the stone to enhance other elements of the design. Good design is also where consideration is given to ensure the correct materials are selected to suit the application. What does the future hold? Although natural stone possesses a timeless quality and centuries of traditional types of use, more recently there has been a remarkable range of new finishes, textures and materials available that transform even the plainest stone into something stunning and original.   CDK Stone cdkstone.com.au cdkstone.co.nz  abc
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Bang & Olufsen Q&A with Tue Mantoni

What does the launch of the Bang and Olufsen PLAY mean for you and your brand? “We are very excited about the range of products that we will launch under this new brand. Through B&O PLAY, we will bring core Bang & Olufsen values of design, performance, and quality to a new audience” says Tue Mantoni, CEO of Bang & Olufsen. Who was this product designed for? “I think we will see many new customers be intrigued by the products under the B&O PLAY brand – customers who want an ultra-convenient experience. We now offer them this experience in a beautifully designed solution combined with superior sound and acoustics performance so the quality of the listening experience is significantly improved. In addition, many loyal Bang & Olufsen customers have already told us that they would use these products in second homes, children’s rooms or to enjoy media content on the move.” Where does PLAY sit in the portfolio of B&O? Is this designed to compete with Apple products?  "The mission of B&O PLAY is to evoke senses, to elevate the experience of listening and watching. We have spoken to musicians and studio recorders who all love the fact that more people listen to music in more places, but hate the fact that the quality of the listening experience has been eroded. We want to provide the opportunity to experience media in a convenient and easy way but still in outstanding, high quality. “We are integrating a lightness of touch to our designs. Our design approach flows through all aspects of the products. We strive hard to humanise advanced technology and make it work on people terms - rather than the other way around”. What product is launching in January?  The first product to launch under B&O PLAY is the highly anticipated Beolit 12 portable music system, which will be followed by more products during 2012. Once people listen to their portable music through the Beolit 12, they will wonder why they ever did it any other way” says Tue Mantoni. Beolit 12 in Dark Grey will be available to order from all Bang & Olufsen stores in Australia and New Zealand from mid-January, with Blue, Yellow and Light Grey versions to follow shortly. For more information on B&O Play, please visit the website below. beoplay.com.abc
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Object Gallery’s first main exhibition of 2012 opens in Sydney on 27 January. The fresh new show Stories In Form curated by Jacqueline Power explores the story arc of ordinary objects asking five Australian designers to tell stories with their work. Designers include Elliat Rich, bernabeifreeman, Henry Wilson, Cinnamon Lee and Ben McCarthy. Everyday objects from dining chairs, to lights and bowls will be framed for the viewer in a new way. Elliat Rich will present a series of dining chairs at various stages of life, Bernabeifreeman will show lights that give the opportunity for the user to complete the making process, and  Henry Wilson, winner of the 2011 Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award, will adapt well-known forms with the help of 3D printing. Metalsmith Cinnamon Lee has crafted lights referencing history and sustainability while Ben McCarthy’s bowl and accompanying film, will talk about he evolution of the object and discuss changing character of an object as it ages. Henry Wilson recently told habitusliving .com that he is not convinced design should just be about creating something new. He insists that great design can also mean producing new objects by building on to an existing thing. "I'm interested in hybrid objects that crash two things together. For Stories in Form I am taking ubiquitous household products and adding to them and manipulating them with 3D printing of metal, glass and plastic," he says. Stories in Form opens at Object on Friday 27 at 6pm. Object St. Margarets, 417 Bourke St Surry Hills NSW 2010 Tuesday-Friday: 11am-5pm Saturday & Sunday: 10am-5pm Free admission +61 2 9361 4511 gallery@object.com.au  abc
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Camera Obscura

The camera obscura is experiencing something of a renaissance. More commonly known as a pinhole camera, the camera obscura is a simple camera without a lens – most often a simple, lightproof box with a tiny hole in the side. An image of the outside view is projected through the hole onto the back surface of the closed box, which can be anything from a matchbox to a room. Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to detail the camera obscura, and he used the projected images to study perspective. The first photographs were taken in 1850, and the pinhole camera became established in the 19th Century. It was popular for a time, however dropped out of favour as cameras became cheaper and more widely available. It the 1960s artists began again experimenting with pinhole cameras. They were attracted by the idiosyncrasies of the resulting images. Pinhole photographs have a soft, dreamlike quality, with soft outlines, and because of the central projection, the images are rendered in perfect perspective. Light takes longer to reach the edges of the negative creating the vignetting common around the edges of a pinhole photograph. Exposure of a pinhole photograph can take from several seconds to several hours. Photographer Anthony Browell has long been drawn to the art of pinhole photography and the associated pinhole cameras. Over the years, he has amassed a collection of several vintage cameras. View more work by Anthony here. Anthony Browell Michael Nagy Fine Artabc
Design Hunters

Design Hunter™ Q&A with Saskia Rysenbry from Sparkk

This week on habitusliving.com we caught up with Saskia to find out about some of her favourite things.

Your name: Saskia Rysenbry

What you do: Textile designer for Sparkk

Your latest project: Small scale geometric prints

What is your favourite…

travel destination India

hotel/place to stay  Wanaka, NZ

airline Singapore Airlines

magazine  National Geographic

three people that inspire/excite you

1)  Cy Twombly

2)  Lucienne Day

3)  Leonard Cohen

design classic Chucks

new design  Photograhic florals - in fashion + interiors

meal Farmer Jo muesli & soy milk

restaurant  The Nepalese Kitchen

drink Green tea

bar Cricketers Arms, Surry Hills

gallery/museum Tate Modern

book Just Kids by Patti Smith

item in your studio  Panadol

artwork Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer

artist Mark Alsweiler 

piece of technology Wacom tablet

creative philosophy  "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it" - Salvador Dali

Design Products

Craft Modern with BassamFellows

Immaculately finished, and made with the finest materials, BassamFellows furniture blends the best of craft, with snappy mid-century design.

bassam fellows

Oh BassmanFellows who are you? Where did you come from? With a range of benches, tables, sofas, stools, trays and tables so exquisite you don’t ask the price –it seems their fresh refined aesthetic is born from out of an uncanny fusion. With one Australian architect, one American luxury brand consultant and whole lot of passion for mid century homes BassamFellows was born.

bassam fellows

Shaped by their own experience of finding and nurturing a home, the design Power Couple came up with pieces for the debut collection while living and working in Lugarno Switzerland.

“Leaving that house in Lugarno is on of our biggest regrets. It was just this little concrete jewel that we found, with this perfect lakeside location and we were able to fully restore it with all the travertine,” says Scott Fellows, batting his eyelashes and looking at his Craig as if speaking of a long lost child.

“We don’t ever go out and buy a project, just to do it up just and then sell it. We were actually living in Switzerland at the time so it was for practical reasons that we bought that house.

bassam fellows

basam fellows

“The idea of doing those projects, that are for yourself, is just so rewarding. Finding the place, making the transaction happen and then doing the work to do them up – it’s more than just a hobby. It is really everything,” Fellow says.

While both Bassam and Fellows cringe at the word ‘lifestyle’ they are keen to point out that complete immersion in their brand came from creating furniture for their own home.

“I mean people talk about a lifestyle brand but that word lifestyle is such a fashion term and for us doing up a house is the true sense of lifestyle – it is truly our life.

bassam fellows

“For example that circular table that you see came out of  the fact we had this beautiful terrace with a big roof over hang and it was sort of like an outdoor room. Andwe wanted an outdoor table that had a certain elegance to it. We went out looking for one and we didn’ really find one that we like.

“Everything was like outdoor furniture, continues Bassam. “What we had was an outdoor room and we wanted this to be a true extension of our indoor living space. So we wanted  the table to have a certain quality.

bassam fellows

bassam fellows

Building on these needs and solving their own design problems BassamFellows sprang to life.

bassam fellows

bassam fellows

Over the last ten years the design duo have nailed a high-end market for furniture And they have done so, so convincingly that even Herman Miller has asked them to re-imagine the classics, updating them and re-invenitng them for the future. They are currently creating ash blond and white leather arm chairs for the company and carefully re-imagining pieces that haven’t been re-interpreted for years.

Find out more about BassamFellows click here.

See the couple on their visit to Living Edge Melbourne and Sydney.

Design Products

Bassam Fellows at Living Edge

Guests (pictured below at the Sydney Showroom) enjoyed alfresco inspired food and wine, surrounded by the beautiful collection of craft-modern furniture by BassamFellows. The first time in 8 years since Australian-born Craig Bassam visited his home country, from his adopted home of New York City, there was an air of celebration in the air.   Media, design industry and Living Edge clients stayed late into the evening, as Scott and Craig mingled and talked with guests about their designs. BassamFellows manufacture furniture, consult to large brands and specialise in the interior renovation of mid-century homes. Scott Fellows said that although when they started people though their work would be specified for corporate interiors only, their core furniture sales are a 50/50 split to residential and corporate. Find out more about Scott Fellows and Craig Bassam. Livingedge.com.au Bassamfellows Bassamfellows.comabc

Patane House by Bureau Proberts

The home occupies the crest of a hill facing south towards views of Brisbane city and Mount Coot‐tha. The concrete construction is designed to enhance a sensation of change, movement and flow. Timber elements re‐interpret the craftsmanship of Queensland home construction, responding to the suburban context of Newmarket’s 19th and 20th century dwellings. According to Liam Proberts, lead architect on the project, a series of connected pavilions perched on solid concrete platforms were created to encourage exploration and interaction in the house. “The home is intended to conjure summer memories of time spent in the cool, shaded spaces found under the homes of our childhood. Visitors are welcomed into the middle level of the home and this transparent platform encourages family activity though connection between living space, play space and the street,” says Liam Proberts. Bureau Proberts (formerly Fairweather Proberts Architects) is a Brisbane-based architectural firm. The practice is recognised as a leader in its field, and has recently broadened its scope to work on national and international projects. Bureau Proberts bureauproberts.com.auabc

Pod House by Anthill Constructions

Brisbane-based artist Marian Drew has a special connection to her bush dwelling. It was created especially for her by architect and builder Simon Laws, of Anthill Constructions. Laws, who is a long-time friend of Drew's, delved into memories of her childhood to inspire his design. Key design elements were introduced to reflect a simpler time when Drew and her brother roamed through bush, splashed in the river and camped out on Fairymead Sugar Mill outside Bundaberg. From the locally sourced wood fashioned to form ‘pods’, to the over-sized circular window reminiscent of a propeller, elements of the home draw together precious memories taken from the narrative of Drew's life. According to the artist, days at Pod House revolve around the main pod - a communal lounge room, kitchen and dining space. Curved walls funnel your attention to the round, almost sculptural, window that bounces slices of morning sunlight around the room. “It almost feels like the building is taking flight and transporting you to another place,” says Drew. “When I bought the land in 2009 Simon and I drove to see where I’d grown up,” said Drew. “Simon loved the look of the old mill – the corrugated iron buildings, the turbines. He took an aesthetic for Pod House from that trip.” Wooden walkways through sub-tropical gardens connect two sleeping pods, and a bathhouse with windows that peel back, creating an outdoor bathing experience akin to camping. The parameters of the design were dictated by Laws’ desire to build the home in Brisbane and transport is 500km to site by truck. This meant he could use his desired craftspeople and complete the job more quickly. The prefabricated parabolic roofed structure and decks were erected onsite and connect the buildings through a large outdoor eating area. Aramax roof sheeting spans the two identical, but reversed, hardwood self-braced trusses. It was a nerve-wracking six-week journey for Drew that 'went off without a hitch' and was ultimately worth the wait. The project was completed late last year, in time for Drew’s daughter to celebrate her 21st birthday there. “This house is such a joy and has so many sunny pockets. Simon captured my desire for a place of escape and also captured my family history.” Anthill Constructions anthillconstructions.com.au Marian Drew Mariandrew.com.au  abc