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  Made from 20 tonnes of ash and sitting at over five-metres tall in the space's main foyer, the installation is immediately captivating. In the room, sun highlights the statue, making the metal especially silver, and shadows fall from the great form onto the surrounding floor. Comprised of two large-scale sculptures of Buddha positioned to face each other, one created from aluminium (the mould) and one from 20 tonnes of ash collected from Buddhist temples in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and the Zhejiang Province of China, the installation can be walked around and through, and the slow-eroding ash form examined closely - with all senses.   SydneyBuddha-001 SydneyBuddha-003   In conversation with Beatrice Gralton on Thursday at Carriageworks, Huan makes a point to explain that "Ash is not a material; do not think of ash as material," he repeats. For him, ash is "collective memory, soul, thoughts and prayers." It is at this level of meaning that the work - like the rest of his oeuvre - exists. "The most important thing is what the artist makes. Can he do something to influence this era? to influence the future? And to add to art history?" he says in response to a question about the impressive scale of his studio - because it is, with over 100 assistants working for him in a space much like that of Carriageworks. As the ash Buddha slowly disintegrates over the course of the exhibition, falling away into its surroundings, we are reminded of the impermanency of life and the endless cycle of renewal and destruction that defines the world we live in.   SydneyBuddha-005 SydneyBuddha-006   The evolving Sydney Buddha will show at Carriageworks, in conjunction with Sydney Festival, until March 15th. Open 10AM - 6PM Daily, Free. Chinese-born Zhang Huan (b. 1965) is one of the most vital, influential and provocative contemporary artists working today. He began his career in Beijing in the 1990s creating performative, politically engaged works, and moved to New York in 1998. Over two decades, his body of work has addressed themes including poverty, personal liberty, cultural difference and nomadism. Since his return to Shanghai in 2006, Zhang Huan has shifted focus to more traditional forms of art such as sculpture and painting and adopted ash as his primary medium.  
Photography by Zan Wimberley   Zhang Huan zhanghuan.com Carriageworks carriageworks.com.auabc
Design Products

“Bi-Color Washi” Lampshade by Nendo

  From the designer: Washi is made by passing fine screens through a bath of mulberry pulp and water to collect the pulp, then by drying the screens and peeling off the new paper sheets. Rather than pasting sheets of washi together to create forms, the company uses the same process to create beautiful seamless forms that are three-dimensional from the start. Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-02 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-03 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-04 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-05   After experimenting with dyeing the forms in two steps as they were being shaped, we realized that we could create a lampshade whose exterior and interior surfaces are different colours. In other words, we could use Taniguchi Aoya Washi’s process to make lampshades whose dark or bright exterior surface is accompanied on the interior by the kind of light, reflective colour necessary for light diffusion. And this was a first for washi lightshades. As requested by the client, the shades can be stacked to keep distribution and storage costs to a minimum.   Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-06 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-07 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-08 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-09 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-10 Nendo-Lamp-Akihiro-Yoshida-Habitus-Living-11   Nendo nendo.jp Taniguchi Aoya Washi aoyawashi.co.jp Available at Seibu department stores in Japan exclusively. abc

Conversation Starter – The Hello House

Designed by Melbourne-based firm, OOF! Architecture, the Hello House has one rather obvious stand-out feature, a large white-glazed-brick wall with protruding and inset bricks spelling out the word ‘Hello’. “The Hello House could have been a typical inward-looking home with the usual modern rear extension to a Victorian house,” says OOF! Architecture’s Fooi-Ling Khoo. “The clients, however, were interested in the idea that their project should be more than just a private home.” IMG_2214-Edit-2-Lowres-Hello-House IMG_2225-Edit-Lowres-Hello-House   Sitting on a corner opposite the local cafe, the area is a hub of activity for the neighbourhood, a sort of mini-civic centre. “Rather than using the house as a tool to shut themselves off, we thought it could be a way to be part of the ‘village’ they loved.” Their conversations led to the most distinctive feature of the home, the 'Hello' wall. Khoo began working with the clients – a creatively minded couple – around 7 years ago. The first round of plans had been drawn up for the site – an old Victorian shophouse – and they were not far from beginning work when the clients’ circumstances changed and the project was shelved. IMG_2295-Lowres-Hello-House IMG_2299-Edit-Lowres-Hello-House “When we were able to revisit the design five-and-a-half years later, many elements were reconsidered and some, considered superfluous, were removed,” Khoo explains. “Ultimately it created a wonderful opportunity to approach the design with fresh eyes, and the building is all the better for it. “The Hello wall may not have come about had it not been for this 'resting' time for the design.” The wall is a collaboration with Melbourne artist Rose Nolan, whose work in large-scale typography has featured in numerous galleries and even a Melbourne tram. IMG_2349-Lowres-Hello-HouseIMG_2358-Lowres-Hello-HouseThe main aim of the design was to create a liveable, modern house with the living, kitchen and dining spaces at the rear of the property, maximising light and creating a sense of open spaciousness on a small site. This inspired the rear open-plan space, with full-height glazing at each end, high ceilings and a minimal materials and colour palette. IMG_2799-Lowres-Hello-House   IMG_2849-Edit-Edit-Lowres-Hello-House IMG_2856-Edit-Lowres-Hello-House   The welcoming nature of the façade is echoed in this space behind. The simple materials, such as plywood, polished concrete and brickwork, allow for a more demure side to the home’s outward personality. "A lot of the materials we have used are modest, ordinary materials, like plywood, brickwork and industrial trusses, but there's a bit of extra craft on top, which makes them extraordinary. So there was an investment in ideas and craft rather than 'stuff'. "   IMG_2826-Edit-Lowres-Hello-House IMG_2866-Lowres-Hello-House  
"The Hello House would not have been possible without the clients to embrace it"
  IMG_2801-Lowres-Hello-House IMG_2875-Hires-Hello-House The Hello House would not have been possible without the clients to embrace it, something Khoo identifies: “They are people who embrace ideas, partly because they work with creative people themselves. They like ideas rather than being interested in prestige, luxury or ‘bling’”.   IMG_2245-Lowres-Hello-House
Photography by Nic Granleese   OOF! Architecture oof.net.au abc
Design Products

Bespoke Surfaces by The Strutt Sisters

  We are crazy about colour and design and love working with our clients to create something for their space they can be crazy about too! We offer a stunning and visual feast for discerning clients seeking an impressive wow factor for their space be it large or small. Designed to be implemented into Architect’s and Interior Designer's commercial and residential projects or for private acquisition, our bespoke decorative panels are completely unique because they are exclusively designed for you. The imagery we use is tailored to you, your business or desired theme, making your piece wholly individual.   Fiesta-Bespoke-panel-The-Strutt-Sisters Bungalow-Bespoke-Panel-The-Strutt-Sisters   Our designs can be adapted for use on many interior surfaces. Used completely flat, they can be employed as tabletop and stool top coverings, or dry area flooring. The staggered height designs would be impressive as large scale feature walls for foyers, airport lounges, art gallery and museum entrances, front of bar panelling for boutique hotels and bars, point of sale counter fronts, tactile visual walls for child care and aged care facilities, custom doors, and glass protected kitchen splash backs.   Pinball-Bespoke-Panel-The-Strutt-Sisters Jazzclub-Bespoke-Panel-The-Strutt-Sisters   Our materials include UV resistant waterproof acrylic paint, fabric, paper collage, and new pressed aluminium, sealed in a waterproof hard wearing gloss apoxy resin. Our pieces are made to be robust and tough to withstand busy cafes and bars, run about kids and a colourful life!   NEWCafe-Counter-2-Bespoke-Surface-Design-The-Strutt-Sisters Cafe-Counter-detail-1-Bespoke-Surface-Design-The-Strutt-Sisters   The Strutt Sisters thestruttsisters.com  abc

The Adventure of the Light: Re-design in Taiwan

  Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-05 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-06   In the southern-land of Taiwan, in Pingtung city, a house had sat for over fifty years. House Design, which began with this project, have considered the old house and its original structure carefully, enhancing the original layout and aesthetic to be more contemporary.   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-02 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-03 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-04   With an interlayer that blocked sunlight and view, the designers had a large task in making it more liveable and open. Instead of a disadvantage though, they used the layer as a turning point. They tore down a wall instead, as a way to make the space feel connected.   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-09 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-08 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-07 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-10 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-11   Now, sunlight, plants and water can be seen in every space in the house. The dark, crowded space has become one of multiple levels and sunlight.   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-12 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-14 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-13   Another aspect that played an important role in the redesign of the space is the creation of a new-formed garden. What was a deserted terrace has been given new life to be a feature space, in a rustic tone.   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-15 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-16 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-17 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-18 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-19 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-21 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-22 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-20   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-28   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-23   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-24 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-25 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-26   Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-31 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-32 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-33 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-34 Adventure-of-light-Habitus-Living-35  
Photography by Joey Liu   DROPBOX
Interior design: House Design Location: Pingtung city, Taiwan Area: 220 ㎡ Year: 2014 Project type: Residential interiors House Designabc
Design Hunters

Design Hunter Q+A: Tobias Gutmann

  Name: Tobias Gutmann (www.tobiasgutmann.ch) Where you are from/live: I'm from the world and live in Zürich What you do: I research and create visual experiences When did you first know you wanted to be a... I'm still not sure how to call what I do, but it keeps me curious about the future. Your latest project: Face-o-mat. I travel around the world and draw portraits of people I meet. Please tell a bit about this, what were the highs and what were the challenges? How did you overcome these? Face-o-mat is an analog portrait-machine. I sit behind a box with pen, paper and ink. There is a small window, where I can communicate with the person sitting on the other side, while drawing an abstract portrait with optional facelift. The project is a great way for me to explore different places and meet new people. I started in Stockholm and had the chance to draw people all over Europe, Tokyo, Dar es Salaam, San Francisco and soon also in Melbourne. My challenge is always to find new interesting places that allow me to develop the project without loosing my inital motivation of making people a little bit happier.   09_Face-o-mat_Tobias_Gutmann_frontend Face-o-mat   Where you find inspiration: In nature Three people that inspire/excite you: It's impossible to limit myself to three people. Almost everyone I see inspires me. What is your favourite… Car/bike/plane/boat model: My second hand bicycle, I don't even know the name of the brand. Chair model: The one I'm just sitting on Residential space: The rainforest Commercial space: The world wide web Decorative product: seahorses Functional product: cardboard Handmade good: a hug Mass-produced good: bananas Item in your studio: calligraphy nibs Time of day to work/play: 13:35 Meal: Birchermüesli Restaurant: homemade everything Drink: Fresh coconut water Bar: barbecue Piece of technology: My right hand Historical figure: Jesus Fictional character: Aslan Vice: Collecting sweaters with patterns Virtue: Spreading peace What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? A person whose eyes are hungry. Who are two people you’d call Design Hunters? Stina Löfgren Beni Bischof ( art hunter)
  Tobias Gutmann Supergraph  abc
Design Products

The magic of Fire with Ercole

  With a strong visual impact the outdoor fireplace can be placed in different architectural contexts. Contemporary or historical gardens, outside areas of hotels and restaurants, are the ideal places for enjoying the magic of fire with Ercole.   19159917_ercole_03   Not just the fireplace but also a seating area and a container for firewood which, when not in use, can also be a useful storage surface. The Ercole outdoor fireplace is provided with a closing disk that covers the combustion chamber, so as to prevent residual material getting out in the event of rain or wind.   19159918_ercole_vintage_3 19159921_ercole_vintage_2   'Strong and statuesque, you cope with bad weather like a mythological hero. You are made of concrete that surrounds a primitive fire. You know how to be elegant and informal, your materials age and are transformed with the passing of time, giving you a more and more authentic flavour. Your generous dimensions mean that you are always the centre of attention. Your common sense can be seen in the way you organise your precious wood.'   19159920_ercole_05   Ercole by Ivano Losa for Ak47 Space Ak47 Space Australia ak47space.com.au Email: info@ak47space.com.au Ph: 0416 929 156abc
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Verpan honours Panton

  Based in Denmark, Verpan honours the visionary designs of Panton, merging quality and originality to give classic design a contemporary touch. After studying at the Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen and then under renowned designer Arne Jacobsen, Panton went on to design iconic furniture and lighting pieces until he passed away in 1998. Verpan continues to celebrate these classic and ever intriguing designs through their exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials.   Mirror-Sculpture---Ball-steel---Modular-Series_BLUE   "The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination. Most people spend their lives living in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colours. By experimenting with lighting, colours, textiles and furniture and utilizing the latest technologies, I try to show new ways, to encourage people to use their fantasy imagination and make their surroundings more exciting"- Verner Panton.   Mirror-Sculpture---Ufo---lounge-chair---lounge-table   Over the past 10 years, Verpan has been adding to its lighting collection with furniture, rugs and accessories from the Panton archives. Highlights from the range include the modular Cloverleaf sofa, Mirror sculptures, System 1-2-3 dining and lounge chairs and the Panto pop chair. Space Furniture Sydney are currently displaying the iconic Welle collection, designed in 1969 and released at this year’s Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan, until the end of January.   Pendants_Fun-1DM---Fun-1DA---Ball-steel_ VERNER_WELLE WELLE_ALL   The Verpan collection is available exclusively from Space Furniture. Space Furniture spacefurniture.com.au  abc