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Houses Awards 2015

The annual celebration of the best in Australia’s residential design has again seen excellence awarded in nine categories. The winning projects in 2015 are a testament to the impressive work being produced across Australia, with each winner providing a unique insight into contemporary residential design. The Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett Architect was named ‘Australian House of the Year’. Planchonella05 On this project, the Jury said, “Living in Planchonella House would be a true delight. Immersed in a luscious rainforest in Far North Queensland, the dwelling embraces its tropical climate and is handcrafted at every scale – from the graceful curves of the concrete to the detail of the timber window framing and inbuilt joinery. The ideas expressed in the design of this house are pure and whimsical in a way that works. Raw and honest, the house uses passive, low-tech sustainability strategies in response to prevailing climatic conditions and allows occupants to alter their environment according to how they are using the space. This is a building that will get better with time – as it ages, it will recede back into the landscape and appear as a ruin in the jungle.” New House under 200 m2 of the year went to the Sawmill House by Archier Studio Sawmill03 “Much of the delight in the Sawmill House lies in the conjunction of rawness and finesse,” the Jury reported “Clearly a labour of love, the design seems improvised according to the methods, skills and materials found on site and within its locale. Most interesting is the recycled concrete blocks that form the primary walls. The screen bestows a beautiful quality of light and richness to the interior, which is complemented by brass-clad joinery and a formply ceiling. This is a welcoming space.” House of the Year Planchonella House also took him the New House over 200 m2 for 2015, with the Jury remarking, “For too long, subtropical architecture in Australia has been branded with a timber and tin vernacular" Planchonella08 "Planchonella House rethinks the subtropical condition. The house is not just an object in the landscape – the building and landscape work together to enclose and expand space in plan and section. The result is a materially raw building robust and ready to be engulfed by the jungle.” Queensland’s West End Cottage by Vokes and Peters Pty Ltd with Owen and Vokes and Peters took home the House Alteration & Addition under 200 m2 for the year. West01 West07 On the house, the Jury says “When old workers’ cottages are renovated, it is typical for the existing rooms to be removed for the creation of an open plan. But at West End Cottage, the new work preserves and extends the pattern of rooms in respect of the existing plan. A raised courtyard delivers sun into the centre of the plan; it solves the dilemma of a house on stumps – mitigating the level change and connecting the interior to the larger garden beyond.” As for House Alteration & Addition over 200 m2, Andy Maynard Architects’ Tower House took home the prize, with the panel judging it as a “Reinterpretation of a typical suburban house block as a village. The project involves the renovation and extension of a humble weatherboard cottage to accommodate a family of four.” Tower01 “Rather than adding a large, dominating addition to the rear of the existing house, the architects have added a playful series of gabled volumes that reference the original building form along the boundaries of the site. The design strategy has resulted in a delightful and unexpected series of adaptable internal and external spaces of varying scale and character.” In the Apartment or Unit category, Brad Swartz’s Darlinghurst Apartment was the worthy recipient on the night Darl01 Darl05 “The Darlinghurst Apartment reconfigures a twenty-seven-square-metre inner-city studio apartment into a fully functional home for a couple,” the Jury says of the space “The design cleverly incorporates a small bedroom, a laundry and ample storage into the incredibly tight floor space. Each element of the design has been carefully considered to maximize storage and functionality. This project is an excellent example of what a thoughtful designer can achieve within a very small space and with a very tight budget.” ‘Cut Paw Paw’ by Andrew Maynard Architects took out the award in the Outdoor category on the night, which the Judges cited as “challenging the typical notions of how we might use our outdoor spaces in an inventive and playful way” Cut03 Cut07 “Deliberately flirting with notions of the incomplete and the partially demolished, this project has a dynamism that lets the user take advantage of the best the climate offers, while also offering shelter when it needs to. Cut Paw Paw is an intriguing and discerning surmise at what our outdoor spaces can be.” In the Sustainability segment, QV8 by Victoria’s Breathe Architecture was the winner on the night, with the Jury citing “Housing people, not cars is the mantra for the QV8 apartment development, found within the base of a thirty-seven storey tower in Melbourne’s QV Block. The former car park is now home to eight households.” Q1 Q5 “The existing structure and typology of the car park, characterised by sheer walls and a low floor-to-floor height, has been transformed into a series of long and generous apartments. This offers real lessons in sustainable solutions for our cities. May this be the first of many such conversions.” Finally, the Emerging Architecture Practice award was given to Archier Studio – their second award of the night “Archier Studio’s idea of leveraging latent assets to drive a project and the architects’ willingness to get hands-on, whether on site or in the manufacturing of smaller-scale objects, gives the studio’s work a truly authentic vigour,” the Jury said of the winners “The splicing together of ideas of different scales, from the harnessing of massive concrete blocks to designing delicate metal fabrications to fit the hand, show the ability of a practice to create compelling spatial outcomes. Archier Studio’s ability to make the most of this position makes the practice a worthy winner of the inaugural Emerging Architecture Practice award.” Sawmill04 Congratulations to all Houses Awards winners! Houses Awards housesawards.com.auabc
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Sustainability and eye catching design with the PET Lamp

  The journey towards the PET Lamp began four years ago with an early design in Colombia. Driven by a passion for more ecologically sustainable design, designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón collaborated with a range of local artisans from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to create this new collection of PET lamps, called Abyssinia. The starting point is the PET Lamp comes from profound contradiction hidden in every PET water bottle: a very short life for use, compared to the extraordinary amount of time it takes for the materials to decompose. The right manipulation of the bottle however, allows for a transformation into a coherent and desirable product that is both functional and stands as a reminder to consider the impact our actions have on the environment. This contradiction is also expressed through the design of the PET Lamp collections; the fusion of one of the most industrialised products of modern life with the traditional craftsmanship of Ethiopian artisans results in a truly original collection. The bottle’s top smartly joins the lamp’s electrical components to the lampshade, while the body of the bottle serves as a surface upon which to weave patterns. lamp3 Designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón The beauty of the Abyssinia collection of PET Lamps goes beyond their design and aesthetic charm, and extends to the land in which they were created. Almaz, Head of PET Lamp Production in Ethiopia, says that crafting the lamps gives her and the other artisans “the opportunity to expand our techniques further beyond the normal uses we have in weaving palm fibres, and it allows us to continue offering work to the artisans. Besides this, PET Lamp helps bring awareness of the use and recycling of plastic bottles, a problem that has just begun to come to light in Ethiopia.” The collection is the latest in a series of successes for the PET Lamp range, which has already been awarded a host design awards across Madrid and Barcelona design fairs. Spence & Lyda will be hosting a talk with designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón Thursday 13 August at 3:30pm and Friday 14 August at 10:00am. Seating is limited so be sure to register at mail@spencerandlyda.com.au to confirm your seat. Safari Living safariliving.com lamp1 lamp2 lamp7 lamp8 lamp6 lamp4 lamp5      abc
Design Hunters

DESIGN HUNTER® Q&A: Nicky Morgan

Name: Nicky Morgan Where you are from/live: I was originally born in Cape Town, South Africa. Now I live in Coogee, Sydney. What you do: I am Founder and Creative Director of The Kindred Co. When did you first know you wanted to be a… Business owner of some sort in a creative field? For as long as I remember, it is just one of those dreams you have as a child that you hope will become reality. To have now achieved it is pretty special. Your latest project: Launching our Summer 15/16 collections for our brands at the next Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne in August. I’m always a little excited and a little nervous for the next season launch. Please tell a bit about this, what were the highs and what were the challenges? So many challenges… It’s a big job. We have three brands in our stable, two summer and winter fashion collections as well as a home collection. It takes almost a year to put these together and it can be daunting at times making sure samples arrive on time, and of course in the right colours and style you have designed. Making sure the stand is built correctly, packing and unpacking (the fun stuff) and then being ready to work very long hours for five days is a big challenge for our team. These are some of the challenges for this event. If we get a positive response from our stockists for all our hard work and they like what we present, that will be the high. A successful season of trading makes all that work worth it. How did you overcome these? I try to stay extremely positive and exercise. Where you find inspiration: I find it everywhere – the amazing places I travel, shopping, trade fairs, all types of media, our amazing staff, friends and family – everyone has something wonderful to share or suggest. Three people that inspire/excite you: I always find this such a tricky question. 1)  My friends, staff and family 2)  Mara Hoffman. She is such an amazing creative. She has a fabulous eye for colour and design. 3) Nelson Mandela. What is your favourite… Car/bike/plane/boat model: I think I’d be happy with an Audi 4WD. Someone tell my hubby. Chair model: We are launching some great new summer Rattan furniture and I am loving our new Santa Cruz Chairs. You will see them in stores in August. Residential space: I would have to say our Love Shack in the South Coast of NSW. It’s an old school style beach shack, we have given it a lot of love over the past few years, but still has that south coast vibe. Commercial space: I’m going to have to say The Coogee Pavilion, and not just because it is my local. Decorative product: On one of my first trips to India I bought a gorgeous vintage tapestry, which I have framed and has pride of place in my lounge room. I have a love of colour so I tend to gravitate to any decorative that is colour based. Functional product: Notebooks. Handmade good: Handmade would have to be food of any type. Mass-produced good: Water. Item in your studio: Pantone colour books and chips. I am completely and utterly obsessed! My creative process always starts with the pantone book. Time of day to work/play: I do love dinner time, cooking for the family and a glass of wine in hand after a huge day. – the television is off and music on. Followed by early wake up to visit the trainer. Meal: I love to cook and love eating out so this one is tricky to narrow down. I am loving Ottolenghi style recipes at the moment, he is fabulous. Restaurant: So many – The Malaya/Spice Temple. Drink: Rose / French champagne. Bar: Coogee Pavilion. Piece of technology: IPad. How did we ever live without them? Historical figure: Nelson Mandela. Vice: Time at my shack down the south coast. Virtue: To work on my strengths and weaknesses whatever they may be and never stop learning. What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? To be creative, to hunt and gather new ideas, techniques and processes, and present collections or pieces that people will love. Most important is to ensure the hunter is enjoying the journey along the way.abc
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Fixed & Fitted

The elegance of the Controstampo Corten from Rogerseller

Shaped from Cristalplant Biobased, the freestanding bath is finished in liquid Corten, which is made through a unique process of metallic paint oxidation, accentuating the industrial character of the collection. Designed by Dario Gaudio and Vittorio Venzia, the Controstampo freestanding bath features an overflow and is supplied with matching waste. Falper Controstampo is available exclusively at Rogerseller. Rogerseller rogerseller.com.au 19159866_contros_02abc

Local Mbassy Cafe brings old world charm to modernity

  Located within the outskirts of Ultimo, Sydney, Creative Director and designer Korolos Ibrahim was deeply enthused by the Australian prohibition-era. “We’re taking off our hats to the local hooligans, the revolutionaries and to those who made a difference in moulding up today’s Australian art, fashion and coffee culture”, says Korolos. Upon receiving the brief for the undeveloped start-up business, it was fundamental that a full creative direction, business development, concept, brand and design were developed. This was in the hopes of creating a destination store that played a crucial role in Sydney’s social, art and foodie culture while serving the perfect brew of Campos Speciality Coffee. Local Mbassy channels a boiler room aesthetic, which comes with rigueur exposed beam and bulbs by Antique collector and designer David Haines; raw concrete finishes, one off refurbished furniture and a larger-than-life feature mural painted by local Australian street artist, Sid Tapia. Korolos hopes to provide coffee-swilling jazz aficionados and foodie enthusiasts a destination café that combines good food, positive vibes and a whole lot of good art. Local Mbassy localmbassy.com.au LM_Interior-Shots-16 LM_Interior-Shots-6 LM_Interior-Shots-10 LM_Interior-Shots-21 LM_Interior-Shots-28bbb LM_Interior-Shots-32 Local-Mbassy-Menu-Shoot-0005_r Local-Mbassy-Menu-Shoot-0007_rR SPIKES_PORTFOLIO-13abc

Elevating The Quintessential Tree House

The picturesque scenery of Middleton Beach is just a short drive from the city of Albany WA, and has captivated both locals and visitors with turquoise waters that are sheltered from harsh waves by the islands and headlands of King George Sound. What is a stunning travel destination for many, has become home to a select few with architect Grace Schlager and her family among those fortunate enough to call the area home Completed in April 2018, the residential development now known as the Tree House on Wylie was designed to encapsulate the atmosphere and aesthetic of a contemporary beach house with a design that followed the contours of the steep site, working with the land to create a residence that sat harmoniously among its surrounds. As the residence was to become a family home, it was also imperative to have flexible spaces that would be able to adapt to the changing needs of a growing family. Tree House On Wylie Schlager Group Open Space In regards to the planning and development of the residence, there were some difficulties that had to be overcome. The site itself was incredibly steep and as it was located within an established area, owner and architect Grace Schlager and her family preferred not to change the natural ground level too drastically. Rather than be deterred in any way, Schlager saw this as an opportunity to creatively explore solutions that resulted in the form of her home being split over four levels, with two black weatherboard clad double-storey boxes connected together. The ingenious concept was recognised with an award at the Great Southern MBA Awards for Excellence in Construction on a Challenging Lot, Residential. Another Great Southern MBA accolade was also awarded for Excellence in Cabinet Making. With the material palette inspired by a traditional beach shack, the selection of weatherboards and timbers have been incorporated throughout the house and applied in such a way that perfectly combines the naturally weathered appeal of timber with a wholly contemporary aesthetic. The kitchen is a show stopping yet welcoming design with vertically grooved timber panels in a grey lacquered paint finish with American Oak lime washed handles. The Rural Oak overhead shelving from the Laminate Riven Range paired with the Carrara EssaStone bench and splashback along with the inclusion of Siemens appliances completes the look. Tree House On Wylie Schlager Group Bench When asked about what she would consider as the highlight of the home, Schlager said, “The open plan living, dining and kitchen areas with its large floor to ceiling windows and ocean views creates a special central hub for the home.” Featuring wide-open spaces perfect for the family to gather, socialise, relax and entertain, the kitchen evolves to become more than just a functional workspace. It becomes fundamental in how the family will utilise the space, allowing conversations and family interactions to flow from within the kitchen into the rest of the home. With this in mind, careful consideration of appliances was crucial. The choice to incorporate Siemens appliances in both the kitchen and laundry was made after acknowledging that the brand ticked all the right boxes for the family. Not only were the design aspects and aesthetics of the appliances important, but the technological advancements that the brand makes outside of residential projects played an important role. Siemens home appliances have the ability to revolutionise the home through cutting-edge technologies and unrivalled user experience, meaning that for Schlager and her family they will be able to enjoy the intuitive appliances for years to come as they transform everyday moments into incredible experiences. Providing a wide array of cooking options, the iQ700 Siemens appliances within the kitchen include a built-in oven, a second built-in oven with microwave and pulseSteam capabilities, a warming drawer, fully automatic built-in coffee machine, 90cm gas cooktop along with an integrated rangehood and an iQ500 fully integrated dishwasher. Sleek in design and intuitive in operation, this combination of appliances is designed to cut down on any hard work, while expanding cooking options, and opening up inspiring possibilities while Schlager and her family explore their culinary creativity. Tree House On Wylie Schlager Group Living Space The intuitive technology extends into the laundry as well, with intelligent features in the Siemens iQ800 washing machine and heat pump dryer set to benefit the entire family. The iQ800 washing machine features an elegant design with the intelligent i-Dos automatic dosing and stain removal system that is invaluable for busy families. Intuitive and convenient features such as the selfCleaning condenser in the iQ800 heat pump dryer ensure that the family can spend more time enjoying their time together than spending it on needless chores such as cleaning a dryer. In an idyllic location, in a beautifully designed award-winning home, Grace Schlager and her family are sure to enjoy their days surrounded by stunning ocean views, while relaxing in an inspiring interior complete with intuitive appliances that inspire a life less ordinary. Tree House On Wylie Schlager Group Outdoor Deck Tree House On Wylie Schlager Group Exterior Siemens Home Appliances siemens-home.bsh-group.com.au Photography by Lee Griffithabc
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CDK Stone invites you to experience Neolith

Neolith is a range of sintered compact surfaces developed in Europe by TheSize – a manufacturer and designer of sintered compact surfaces – after many years of research, and is now supplied to 49 countries worldwide. In Australia, CDK Stone is the sole distributor and supplies Neolith in three, six and 12mm thicknesses in large format slabs and tiles.

Neolith is a 100 percent natural material made from clay and natural pigments whose appearance imitates marble and other materials, yet contains all the advantages of sintered compact surfaces. Providing architects and designers with a high end sintered surface that holds innovative physical and technical features, Neolith is suitable for a range of uses. Being highly resistant to scratching and high and low temperatures, chemicals, UV, wear, makes it ideal for a multitude of applications including building facades, walls and floors, kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity units, and indoor and outdoor furniture.

CDK Stone will be launching a range of new colours at Sydney Indesign 2015, and is inviting visitors to see firsthand Neolith’s unique qualities, colours, trials of scratch and heat resistance, durability and beauty first hand. Drop by CDK Stone and meet the team at Sydney Indesign to discuss Neolith’s extensive range of applications and how it can enhance your design project.

CDK Stone cdkstone.com.au


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Conceal your dishwasher with Smeg’s latest push-to-open dishwasher

  Kitchen finishes are becoming impossibly thin. Porcelain, glass, marble, composites and thermostructured melamines finishes and benchtops are now as little as 6mm - 9mm thick. While the look is delicate and sophisticated, the kitchen still needs to withstand the rigours of family life, so rather than furnish the kitchen with robust handles, designers are opting for push-to-open mechanisms on doors, cabinets and drawers. With the handle-free look in line with modern kitchen trends, Smeg has introduced a push-to-open dishwasher to integrate seamlessly into these new designs. Smeg’s push-to-open dishwasher conceals a power-house of intuitive technology behind a fully integrated fascia that is in lock-step with the colour and design palette of the rest of the kitchen. It features a cobalt blue interior LED light, and due to its quiet operation, a discreet flashing light hits the floor to indicate that the dishwasher is in action. The gratifyingly gentle ‘push to open’ mechanism requires a 2 second hold to activate, to prevent accidental opening, and has the serendipitous advantage that you can open the door with your hip when you have your hands full. Smeg’s push-to-open dishwasher is also energy efficient. The 315 series is the first 6 Star water rated dishwashers in Australia. The dishwasher is 4 Star energy rated, and utilises natural condenser drying and automatic door opening to ensure a fully dry result. In this uncluttered handle-free world, Smeg’s 60cm push-to-open dishwasher will neatly secret into your perfectly-formed cabinetry and for the first time, allow that line to carry through your design unhindered. Its large offering in this category extends to 45cm wide models for studio and galley kitchens, and the innovative ‘horizon’ fully integrated model is a generous 90cm width, with a 578mm height. Smeg smeg.com.au   Smeg_5 Smeg_3 Smeg_2 Smeg_1abc
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Wood Melbourne launches brass and timber tapware

  Founded by Melbourne builder Oliver MacLatchy in late 2013, Wood Melbourne is the result of Oliver’s passion for tinkering and experimenting with timber and different materials in his workshop. Following the successful launch of his first tapware range in 2014, Oliver has set about crafting his second range, this time incorporating raw brass into spouts and tapware. The first piece to be launched in the new range is the Jo-Hannah brass spout. Utilising the painstaking hand-made craftsmanship and raw materials that Wood Melbourne are known for, the Jo-Hannah brass spout showcases minimalist sophistication and quality. There are three options for backplates; timber, concrete or brass, or for the pure minimalists the Jo-Hannah can be installed with no backplate. Available in two sizes, the Jo-Hannah brass spout is easily installed with minimal maintenance required. All spouts fit a standard ½ inch thread. Next in Wood Melbourne’s new range of timber tapware is the Oscar round timber tap. These rounded taps are made by hand using the finest reclaimed Blackbutt timber and are finished with a splash-proof wax to preserve the character of the timber. The tactility and mechanics of the product match the refined aesthetic, a halfturn ceramic disk spindle ensures a long lasting and quality set of taps that are a pleasure to turn on each morning. Provided with a timber backplate as standard, the timber taps can also be installed with concrete backplates.The taps can be matched and combined with any of the existing Wood Melbourne range of tapware and basins. Wood Melbourne woodmelbourne.com WoodMelbourne4 WoodMelbourne1 WoodMelbourne3 WoodMelbourne2 WoodMelbourneabc
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How smart will we have to make the smart home?

  We’re soon to live in the age of the Internet of Things, where everything from the suspension bridge you drive across, to the cup you drink from will be linked up to the online world. The next frontier of this technology is about to take over the home There will be 4.9 billion connected devices this year according to Gartner- a figure that is going to rise to 25 billion by 2020. Meanwhile 71% of Australians feel that "they are always looking at a screen these days", according to Ipsos UK. In this scenario, where technological advancement and public sentiment are at odds, the oldest sci-fi cliché in the book will need a new, considered design in order to be truly liveable. The Internet of Things has huge potential to change how life is acted out in the home. A web of interconnected devices will enable us to control aspects of our dwellings while we are away, regulate the environment and increase security. A stand out innovation which is bringing us closer to this reality in 2015 is called Mother, a home and family monitoring system by Paris-based tech startup Sen.se. Although the sci fi credentials of the connected home are seductive, it’s largely design that will preserve the things that we treasure about notions of home- ritual, togetherness, calm, and relaxation. Meanwhile, it’s going to be resourceful layouts, clever zoning, multifunctional spaces and innovative materials that will provide the answers to our array of 21st century obstacles. halley-vi_-©jmorris-189 halley-vi_-©jmorris-169b Photography by James Morris.abc
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Sydney’s top design precincts are about to break out the design moves

  Start planning your journey across Sydney Indesign’s top design hubs – all located within the inner CBD. We’ll have buses and VIP transport dropping you on the doorsteps of our exclusive network of Exhibitors and their design showrooms. And here’s just a taste of what we have planned for you… You’re #inalexandria Cosentino It’s going to be a birthday to remember, with Silestone celebrating 25 years and marking that with a 25-year warranty on its Silestone quartz surfacing. Salut! Living Edge Fresh flavours from your favourite designer brands – Living Edge presents exciting new designs from E15, Walter Knoll, PROOF and Made in Ratio. TCW It’s workplace like you’ve never seen it. TCW teams up with PTID to stage an activity based working experience that will truly inspire. Book your place at their WorkLife discussion, click here. Euro Natural Stone This exhibitor is 100% fresh! New to Sydney Indesign, Euro Natural Stone brings delicious Turkish culture to the table, not to mention beautiful stone ­- marble, onyx, granite and more. The Project pops up #inchippendale designrepublic gets spiritual with Bleux and Black Sheep for The Project. Reconnect with the lost roots of your past with designrepublic’s modern interpretation of tribal traditions. Viabizzuno and Woods Bagot join forces to explore the familiar patterns that make up our daily lives – you’ll find comfort, humour, delight and also a few ‘a-ha’ moments in there too! The darlings of Darlinghurst… #indarlinghurst It’s a mini festival of design happening in Own World’s Darlinghurst showroom. This carnival of creative delights starts with hours of power on Friday, with hot feats of strength and flexibility;  special presentations with Californian designer Gaurav Nanda, presenting Bend Goods USA; a DQ RoundTable talk that’s bringing the industry Power Personalities to the table; plenty of giveaways throughout the day Saturday. Creative juices are bubbling #inredfernwaterloo Workshop it at PYD Are you ready for some hands-on, creative workshopping? Get interactive, get playful, be surprised! Join the PYD crowd for some seriously interactive workshopping fun. Showroom chic Tongue N Groove know how to show timber floorboards in their very best light. Discover a whole new approach in their newly-opened Sydney space. Dive into Pure Concept’s premium range of Italian designs for indoor and outdoor living. Prepare for a beautiful new space and tasty kitchen demos! Something for everyone #InSurryHills WorkLife Discover new soft office solutions at Chairbiz, and attend their WorkLife talk on diversity in the workplace. Book here. Product Go crazy for great design with Hub, presenting new products from Moros, MDF Italia, Molteni & C and more. The Project Experience beautiful thinking in action with Interface, Daryl Jackson Architects, Emma Elizabeth Designs, He Made She Made and Maaike. The results are a stunning array of living spaces inspired by the moods of nature. Showroom SeehoSu’s new showroom space on Devonshire Street is quite simply divine. Fall in love with beautiful craftsmanship and contemporary design from around the world. Explore the Ritual of friendship and peace with SeehoSu and SUMU Design. Installation Explore your interior style outdoors with exquisite, external water-proof chandeliers. Special Lights’ is bringing it to life with a beautiful display and ‘hands-on’ LED Lab. It's time to pre-register at SydneyIndesign.com.auabc