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Striking shades of grey with Raymor’s bathroom ware range

One of more neutral and unobtrusive colours, grey can be the ideal colour for a bathroom in order to create a relaxing, soothing space. Raymor’s new collection of grey driven bathroom ware is a perfect fit for a relaxing bathroom, being both elegant and understated. The Aruba drop-in bath is an eye catching yet relaxed bath ideal for designs where bathing is an important aspect. Features such as its low profile moulded headrest and sculpted lumbar support help contribute to a nurturing ambience. The Wentworth double wall hung vanity is a charming and modern addition to a bathroom, being both sleek and understated in its aesthetic approach. Its floating illusion works together with the natural and calming approach of the rest of Raymor’s range and comes with with double bowls The accessories from Raymor’s Ceduna collection feature a pared back style that is in harmony with the modern aesthetic of the a relaxing and modern bathroom space, down to the coordination of the pin lever of the Projix tapware being echoed through the towel rails, robe hooks, toilet roll holder and soap dispenser. Each solid brass piece comes with a chrome finish. Raymor raymor.com.au Raymor-Projix-Bath-mixer Raymor-Aruba-DI-and-Projix-2 Raymor-Projix-Basin-Mixer-and-Wentworthabc
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Scented Intoxication: Drama and Delicacy at the Australian Design Centre

  Lyn and Tony are internationally acclaimed designers who, as partners in life and work, together create fine art photography and jewellery. Their current exhibition Scented Intoxication weaves art, design and craft with fashion and lifestyle and demonstrates the vital influence that the Australian landscape has on their practice. It is an exploration of materials, an interpretation of space and an expression of the forms and scent of the landscape. The exhibition presents densely woven leather lighting, marble tables, salvaged leather installations, scorched wood objects, and jewellery with polished gemstones; and it is in fact the pair’s first foray into lighting and furniture. Working in three dimensions to interpret and activate the space, each object is suspended, draped, anchored, hung, leaned or placed in and around the gallery to create rhythm and movement, diffuse light and illuminate the space. As photographers, Lyn says, “we are always watching what light does to objects and how it interplays.” Object-Gallery-Shot-1 Lyn and Tony intensified forms and textures by using monochromes. Viewed through the William Street gallery’s glass-frontage, “the objects are shapes and silhouettes,” Lyn explains, while from inside their “textures and complexity become visible.” Certainly, the objects and the exhibition as a complete artwork are striking for being textured, weighty and robust while also delicate, fragile and light. “We see it as a brutalist craft,” says Tony, “breaking the mould of craft as being feminine. It’s actually a physical, strenuous process and we wanted the pieces to present that in their forms as well.” The jewellery display offers visitors an opportunity to intimately interact with the tactility, weightiness and sculptural forms being able to try on and even purchase the necklaces, rings and bracelets. Black-Marble-Table-300dpi-A5 Underlying the pair’s work is a great love and admiration for the Australian landscape and their appreciation of its beauty extends to the two scents that Lyn and Tony have created and infused into each of the objects. Inspired by coastal volcanic rock in Kiama and a waterfall near Byron Bay, the scents are an interpretation of a uniquely Australian landscape, like the objects themselves. In Scented Intoxication Lyn and Tony have created an exhibition that is visually and physically delicate and dramatic. Garnering international interest, Claire McCaughan, Head of Programs at the Australian Design Centre, says the exhibition “is a brilliant example of how divergent design can be.” Scented Intoxication is on until 18 December 2015. Tickets are available for a studio visit on 26 November and a VIP retail experience is scheduled for December 10. Australian Design Centre australiandesigncentre.com Vase-Object-Invite-300dpi Snake-black-floor-light-2-2-300dpi Object-Gallery-shot-2 LTO1-Scented-Fracture-Black-Agate-300dpi-A5 LTE1-Scented-White-Cocoon-300dpi-A5 Large-Black-Leather-Painting-300dpi Gallery-shot-6 Gallert-shots-4 Crystalise-hanging-light-IMG_6692-300dpi Coral-Wall-piece-portrait-300dpi Black-Marble-Table-300dpi-A5  abc
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Be Tempted by Onza, The New Collection From MUT Design

MUT Design has surprised the ceramic sector with the playful and quirky Onza tile collection. Named after the squares in which chocolate blocks are divided into, and aesthetically inspired by the same design, The Onza tiles are composed of just three ceramic pieces with invisible joints, which allows for infinite compositions when assembled. Inspired by chocolate bars not just in visual appeal but also in texture, production processes and how the pieces melt down with heat, the Onza tiles are both the most traditionally minimalist, and conceptually forward thinking design devised MUT studio up to now. Highly modular, it’s easy to both combine repeating one of the pieces and mixing up the design with the three available options. Each of the Onza tiles is essentially missing a square, which means that funky customization id de rigueur when it comes to combining them. Developed through careful and rigorous innovative methods, Onza is a versatile and fun collection, suitable for any spaces, yet retains a distinguished design through its employment of minimalism. The range comes in three colours: Grey, Terracotta and White Ceramic, design to evoke different sensations amongst the viewer. MUT Design mutdesign.com eecb9fcf-46d2-4bfe-a6c9-e525d7f3a033 Onza+_tile__MUT_design__Press-3 Onza+_tile__MUT_design__Press-6 Onza+_tile__MUT_design__Press-7  abc
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Making Every Drop Count

Released in time for the summer months, the DROP showerhead has been designed by Italian industrial designer Giulo Iaccetti for iB Rubinetterie and is suitably inspired by the shape of a water droplet. The charm of DROP though doesn’t just come from its playful and striking profile; the design embraces the growing trend of environmental awareness across all facets of design. Made from an environmentally friendly silicon solution, DROP is in fact entirely recyclable, while still having he durability to withstand thermal temperatures of us to 250 degrees. This design choice highlights the importance of designing products built to both last, but also ready to be repurposed when the time comes. The flexibility and non-stick attributes of the silicon make for a design that doesn’t allow for lime deposits to build up in the head, along with a natural high resistance to oxygen, ozone and sunlight exposure; ideal qualities when talking outdoor showers which will be facing all manner of natural elements. Environmental stability wouldn’t be worth much were DROP not a stylish and fun design itself. Available in a bright variety of colours, along with a classic black finish, the showerhead is sure to suit any rinse of station by the pool or beach. DROP is distributed nationally by Paco Jaanson. Paco Jaanson pacojaanson.com.au aa81852b-e896-4e69-b971-486cb2a5a86f a0ee7736-bd24-402a-92d7-ae46f813af17 77f333b8-2122-486d-b275-f1a340927a6e  abc
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Bali’s newest luxury hotel: Double Six Luxury Hotel

  As the sun sets on Double-Beach from behind floor to ceiling windows in Robert Marchetti’s Plantation Grill, you could be fooled into believing that you’ve been teleported back to prohibition era Miami Beach. A staircase spirals down to a room with polished timber floorboards, tropical houseplants, serpentine leather banquettes and marble tables. The last rays of the sun flicker on two tall central pillars clad in triangular pieces of bronze coloured glass like dragon scales. White jacketed, bow tied waiters stand at the ready, but on second glance you see that they are wearing shorts, while the large wood carvings is distinctively Indonesian and the soundtrack is resolutely 1980s: Tom Petty, The Pretenders and Bryan Ferry. The Plantation Grill is the centrepiece of the Sydney restauranteur’s collaboration with Bali entrepreneur Kadek Wiranatha, whose local successes include bar and restaurant Ku De Ta and Cocoon Restaurant and Beach Club. It is one of five food and beverage locations at Double-Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak, an all-suite 146 room property, which opened last year. _DTP5467 Both the restaurant, and neighbouring Sling Bar are coloured by the past in contrasting ways. While the Plantation Grill features dark timber and leather of the Plantation Grill and evokes a 1930s gentlemen’s club, the white walled and pillared Sling Bar riffs off the British colonial era Raffles in Singapore with its pale marble tables, overhead fans and venetian blinds. Despite this, Marchetti’s original design ideas were mainly drawn from North America. “The inspiration here was the late-night, underground, Prohibition bars of the 30's, where the spirits were hidden under the bar, champagne and whisky flowed, and good, old-fashioned cocktails were made,” says Marchetti. “For the Plantation Grill, The Great Gatsby meets Hemingway pretty much sums it up.” Due to Indonesia’s high import tariffs, all fittings and furniture was produced locally. _DTP5508 Marchetti’s retro flavourings at the Plantation Grill extend beyond the design to several “reinterpreted a classics” on the menu including Lobster Thermidor, Pavlova, and Bombe Alaska. The Sydney restauranteur oversaw the design of all food and beverage venues at the hotel including its Lagoon Bar at the Double-Six pool. At 120m, the pool is one of Asia’s longest. A roving cart serves housemate gelati and sorbet all along the 120m of pool frontage. When it came to outfitting Double-Six’s casual eatery, Seminyak Italian Food, Marchetti’s inspiration was Italy’s beachside restaurants of the 1980s. He brought in his old surfing buddy, Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs to create wall murals. “I have always adored Stephen’s artwork and have previously collaborated on a couple of projects in Australia”, he says.  It just made sense to bring his colourful, post modern 1980's signature designs to Seminyak Italian Food, but I’d find any excuse to work with him.” Double Six Hotel double-six.com _DTP5532 _DTP5528 _DTP5511 _DTP5484 _DTP5471 _DTP5420abc
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Chairity Project 2015 exhibition tours nationally

This year Cult partnered with the Republic of Fritz Hansen to reinvent the iconic Series 7 chair and pay homage to renowned Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen.

Each creative was given complete freedom to reinvent the chair, which is currently being exhibited and auctioned off to a charity of the creative’s own choice. Auctions close November 22, so there's still time to place a bid.

Chairity Project 2015 will be displayed nationally throughout Cult showrooms in Sydney (5-7 November), Melbourne (12-14 November) and Brisbane (19-21 November).

To learn more about the design processes, take a look at Cult's video series here.

The Chairity Project cultdesign.com.au

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Find strength and stability in the Studio Chair

The chair has been reengineered from its former flat-packed version, in the interests of strength, stability and lower maintenance.

The Studio Chair is a simple, geometrically precise chair that has a small footprint and subtle curves that create a comfortable situation for sitting. Formally the chair refers to a typology of common, robust wood chairs originating in Switzerland.

Constructed from oak, and available as natural or black stained, this structurally strong chair is ideal for hard contract use.

Resident resident.co.nz







The Burcham: Twenty-first century living, old world soul

Serving as a redevelopment of Rosebery’s 1918 Wrigley’s Gum factory, The Burcham has a cutting edge environmental design courtesy of architects Allen Jack+Cottier and the Stable Group, and is named in honour of the original 1918 factory’s architect, John Burcham Clamp. Solving the always-complex puzzle of developing a heritage-listed building sees the design ultimately retaining part of its existing structure, and joining with two new residential buildings to stand as a Chicago-esque architectural statement with a strong industrial design aesthetic. Featuring one, two and three bedroom apartments, Allen Jack+Cottier has created a design with a foot in both worlds of the past and the future, featuring crafted detailing throughout the space, with touches of old world sophistication melded with the latest environmentally sustainable thinking. Within the heritage building, modern finishes are fused with original features, creating a distinctive design for relaxed modern living. Industrial influenced interiors have The Burcham existing as a series of large living spaces, with kitchen, dining and lounge rooms seamlessly blended. In terms of modern sustainable design, The Burcham is quite remarkable, with efficient LED lighting used throughout and each apartment featuring Smart Meter technology. Furthermore, Photovaltic Solar System will in fact generate clean electricity for the base building and up to 50 percent of the average apartment’s hot water needs in a year. The landscaped communal space, created by Jami Durie and Durie Design will serve as heart of The Burcham for residents. A place to chill, do yoga, garden or take advantage of the communal compost area, the ‘Wriggly Commons’ will feature manicured greens and a sculptural terrace with timber boardwalks and a communal edible garden Construction of The Burcham is due to begin in December, with mid 2017 flag posted as a hopeful opening date. The Burcham theburcham.com.au V02---150918---V02---Hero-with-Car---FINAL---2000 V03---150910---Burcham---Final-2000 V05---Wriggley-grounds-Aerial---final-2000 V06---150922---Burcham---V06---Final-2000 V08--150928---Burcham----Bedroom---Final-2000 V09----151002---Burcham-Living---Final-2000---UPDATED V10--150923---Burcham---Living-Kitchen---Final-2000 V11---150918---Bathroom---final-2000 V12---150918---Rooftop-closeup----final-2000 V13---Wriggley-grounds-ground-level---final-2000 V14---150930---Final-2000abc
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Explore Melbourne’s Architectural History With Footpath Guides

An architectural walking tour is mapped out in three compact and coloured booklets that are both timeless and informative. Created by Jacques Sheard, Sonia Post and Dave Roper, Footpath Guides have been designed in the graphic style of the 1850s to 1970s (the architectural timeframe of the guides), where vintage patterns, retro fonts and clashing colours splash the 90+ pages of each title. Melbourne Mid-Century showcases examples of the city's 'international style', with clean, unadorned design espoused by the Swiss modernist Le Corbusier and his contemporaries at the Bahaus school. Footpath-Mid-Century-Holding Melbourne Joseph Reed celebrates 15 of the finest 19th century buildings which reflect the city's dramatic increase in size and wealth in the late 1800's. This guide is designed by Joseph Reed, one of Australia's most influential Victorian-era architects. Footpath-Joseph-Reed-Holding Melbourne St. Kilda features an exploration of the eclectic style of the playful beachside suburb. From Edwardian and Victorian mansions to Art Deco and Spanish Mission Apartments and Mid-Century Modern flats. Footpath-St-Kilda-Holding The Melbourne Box Set includes all three titles from the Melbourne series, featuring a total of 62 buildings for the avid urban explorer. Footpath Guides footpathguides.com Footpath-Stacked-Books   Footpath-Group-Covers-Aabc
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Say Aloha to the Maui

“At the time of developing the Maui collection, I had recently holidayed in the Hawaiian islands and the Island of Maui in particular. Staying in a classic Hawaiian beach shack and frequenting the café and bars in the area, gave me the opportunity to enjoy the casual, timeless, mid-century ambiance of these spaces and their modest but elegant timber furnishings,” says the collection’s designer Ivan Woods “I wanted to capture and interpret some of the spirit and essence of this experience in the realisation of the Maui collection, as I felt it had a commonality with some of the casual, laid back and free spirited aspects of Australian culture,” Made from solid European oak, the offset angled lines and neat proportions of the Maui collection give a timeless and casual appeal. While embracing the sitter in comfort, Maui’s design encourages a relaxing leaning back, suggesting a place to take a break. The European oak legs and arms of the chair come in a selection of stains, paints and washes, with each variation providing a unique aesthetic. Available through Schiavello Designed with contemporary commercial and living environments in mind the Maui is available in three different configurations, the Standard, Integral and Lounger, though each chair could live happily in any indoor environments. Schiavello schiavello.com Bomba_568-new-one Maui_129R Maui_192Rabc
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Living large with Mammoth chairs and ottomans from NORR11

Designed by NORR11’s Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard, the Mammoth Ottoman is available in two versions; Slim and Fluffy, with both versions sitting on solid oak frames with a shell of laminated oak veneer. The Slim edition comes in premium and vintage leather, while the Fluffy is upholstered and available in washed canvas, wool, or vintage leather. The fluffy and vintage leather finishes inspired NORR11 to expand its Mammoth Chair range to, adding these upholstery options to its classic chair range. The Mammoth chair and ottoman reflect NORR11’s design aesthetic and pursuit - uniquely Danish and ultimately a spin on a classic, improving upon but respecting the past. Mammoth reflects a Danish heritage stemming from the country’s modernist movement of the mid-1900s. The design’s clean, pure lines, naturalness, and craftsmanship give it a timeless feel. Knut Bendik Humlevik from Norway and Rune Krøjgaard from Denmark are NORR11’s main designers, and were both educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen. NORR11 is available exclusively through Meizai in Australia and New Zealand. Meizai meizai.com.au Norr11-Mammoth-Ottomans-Media-Release-2 Norr11-Mammoth-Ottomans-Media-Release-4 Norr11-Mammoth-Ottomans-Media-Release-3abc

Beachside Jewel

Villa Marittima, located at St Andrews Beach in Victoria, was selected from the 11 residential projects that were in the running for the honour.

The project description details that the expansive ocean views are revealed as visitors ascend the home’s tranquil spaces. Much like when climbing a sand dune, the panoramic vista is the reward at the top.

In awarding the project at the Victorian Architecture Awards in June, the jury said, "To view Villa Marittima simply as a meticulously detailed example of minimalist architecture would be an incomplete interpretation. This home presents a memorable series of living experiences which arise from unique architectural responses to site, brief and the surrounding landscape." 

All projects that were shortlisted by the National Jury for Residential Architecture – Houses (New) and Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions) were eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

Australian Institute of Architects architecture.com.au