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Delight in this Modernist 1960s Messervy House by Allan Mitchener

After purchasing the dwelling by architect Allan Mitchener, the owners began sympathetically restoring it; repainting the interior and exterior with the original colours, laying new cork flooring, replacing cracked windows, curtains and wallpaper, fitting a new kitchen benchtop and generally repairing the bits that needed some love and care. Two extra bedrooms were also incorporated into the original layout making it a four bedroom home with an additional open mezzanine bedroom and light-filled, double-height living and dining room, which opens on three sides to a private garden. The Messevery House is currently for sale, so if you've fallen in love you can make your dream a reality for $630,000. Photography by Sam Hartnett. Messervy House messervyhouse.co.nz _43A4009 _43A4317 _43A4255   _43A4250 _43A4247 _43A4245 _43A4243 _43A4240 _43A4237 _43A4224 _43A4217-Pano _43A4214-Edit _43A4210-Pano _43A4207-Pano _43A4200 _43A4196 _43A4183 _43A4180 _43A4179-Pano _43A4173 _43A4169-Pano   _43A4158 _43A4148-Pano _43A4132 _43A4130 _43A4063 _43A4040-Pano _43A4035-Pano _43A4031 _43A4026 _43A4011    abc
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Indulge in a little nostalgia with Camp Cove

Camp Cove Swim’s Spring Summer 15/16 range is a playful take on nostalgia for the modern woman. Taking strong inspiration from all old school icons as varied as child hood memories of Bubble’O’Bills to bucket hats, the unifying theme across the range is a love of all things Australiana. Ethically manufactured in close partnership with a talented swimwear machinist on the South Coast of New South Wales, Camp Cove’s swimsuits and binkins reflect a is a labour of love and are carefully constructed and checked to ensure an excellent fit and quality workmanship. The signature design of the range is the high-waisted ‘Katie’ bottom. Originally launched in October 2013, the design remains their brand’s most popular cut. The woman behind the brand is 25-year-old Katherine Hampton. Growing up in surf-centered Newcastle, her love of the beach combined naturally with an eye for design and a love of quality swimwear. Following a fashion design and clothing manufacturing study, Katherine noticed a gap in the market for her favoured style of design and took the plunge in launching the first Camp Cove Swim collection in October 2013. Now the brand is supplemented with the new Spring Summer 15/16 range, which continues the Camp Cove philosophy of fun and wearable clothing, that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. Photography by Bella Kerstens Camp Cove Swim campcoveswim.com F1040026_1024x1024 F1010015-3_1024x1024 F1010008_1024x1024 F1030033_1024x1024 F1020017-2_1024x1024abc
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Start your day with a H.A.N.D. Coffee Set by Milk Design

The copper-coloured metal wire dripper holds V60 filter paper in a way that reduces the surface contact so the water flow is easier to control, resulting in a rich and balanced coffee flavour according to Milk Design. A minimalist-shape glass carafe keeps coffee the perfect drinking temperature, and the H.A.N.D Kettle's thin spout enables water to flow through the kettle even with a tiny amount of water. The H.A.N.D. Coffee Set by Milk Design includes a single dripper, dripper with carafe, dripper with a plastic holder for mugs, a pull over brewing kettle and also mugs in a variety of colours. Milk Design milkdesign.com.hk Images via Milk Design hand-coffee-02a hand-coffee-02c hand-coffee-02b hand-coffee-05 hand-coffee-04 hand-coffee-03 hand-coffee-02d [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6n5F6tm5fw[/embed]  abc
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Gidon Bing Ceramics celebrates minimalism and tactility in new range

Designed and produced from a modest boatshed atelier and basement studios in New Zealand, Gidon Bing Ceramics are a wonderful celebration of minimalism and tactility. According to designer and sculptor, Gidon Bing the latest collection draws inspiration from the power and presence of reductive forms – a natural extension of his sculptural practice, where a fascination with the relationship between biological asymmetry and the artefact is explored. The new range includes pendant lights, plates, bowls, desk trays and a coffee percolator. Two different processes form part of Gidons unique sculptural approach to designing and producing ceramics. Many of his ceramic objects are modelled and formed using techniques such as traditional Japanese wood bending, carving, plaster turning and mould making together with more contemporary approaches like 3d printing and multi axis cnc. Gidon Bing Ceramics gidonbingceramics.com Photography by Toaki Okano Platter-03 Platter-01 Medium-Lab-Bowl-02 Medium-Lab-Bowl-01 Lemon-Squeezer-01 Large-Japanese-Bowl-03 large-Dinner-Plate_1724906f-e6bb-4629-b564-d7b8a634223b Cups-01_1927a41e-c846-447a-9c21-ceacdef48ff6 Coffee-Percolator-large-03 Platter-05abc

Brisbane’s IndigoJungle gets a new leafy office space: The Garden Studio

Marc&Co was given a simple brief: to design a small office space in a subtropical garden. Rather than starting with a typical office design, they approached the project with a different perspective, viewing the built form as a shack in the landscape.

"Shacks are often remote and they are small because they are inhabited occasionally," explain the architects. "In the cold, a shack is to retain warmth and protect from the cold. In the tropics it may provide shelter from the rain and somewhere dry to cook."


"The form usually expresses the use, a steep pitch to shed the snow or large overhangs to shade. They are generally modest and available to all demographics. They offer retreat from urban life and a simple relationship to nature. In an urban garden setting, perhaps the office could be more like a shack, more ephemeral."

Located at the entry of garden, the IndigoJungle studio is partially enshrouded by greenery with dark zig-zag cladding merging with the shadows of the subtropical surrounds. Upon entry, the visitor is squeezed through a dark narrow doorway, making the interior feel more spacious. The tiny 3mx8m white interiors feature built-in desks, bookshelves, high and low windows and a patterned mosaic floor.

Marc&Co marcandco.com.au

Indigo Jungle indigojungle.com.au










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How to make an attractive city

Cities are such a ubiquitous part of life it's odd for many of to even notice them at all. With this ubiquity has come some beautiful and inspired design however. Paris, Milan, New York and many others spring to mind when thinking of beautifully design cities. Yet not all cities are created equal. We've become great at making many things in the modern world - but the art and science of making attractive cities has been lost somewhere along the way. The team at the School Of Life lay out some key principles for how to make attractive cities again. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy4QjmKzF1c[/embed] The School of Life theschooloflife.comabc
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The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8)

Of the 160 biennials and triennials currently staged worldwide, the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art is the only exhibition series to focus on the contemporary art of Asia, Australia and the Pacific. With each iteration of the flagship Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art exhibition series, QAGOMA examines developments in the contemporary art of Australia, Asia and the Pacific. The exhibition features more than 80 artists from over 30 countries including significant Australian involvement. New works include a structural installation of found materials by India’s Asim Waqif and a suspended sculpture by South Korea’s Haegue Yang. Special focus projects in APT8 include Kalpa Vriksha: Contemporary Indigenous and Vernacular Art of India and the Melanesian performance project Yumi Danis (We Dance). Hero Image: Nomads 2014, Baatarzorig Batjargal The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8) qagoma.qld.gov.auabc
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MUJI’s Micro-home project makes owning a home in the countryside possible

The project was launched as part of Tokyo’s annual Design Touch event at Midtown Garden, where the collection of three prototype micro-homes – Cork Hut, Aluminium Hut and Wooden Hut – were placed throughout the park for people to interact with. Exploring what it means to live a more sustainable lifestyle through minimalism, the tiny (and affordable) homes offer an environment that contains only the bare essentials – a place to cook, to wash and to sleep. MUJI describes the project as an “escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.” MUJI created the Muji Hut in collaboration with designers Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison, and Konstantin Grcic. According to Spoon & Tamago, prices will range from $25,000 to $40,000. MUJI muji.com Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-8-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-7-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-6-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-5-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-4-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-3-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-2-1020x610 Muji-Hut-tiny-homes-at-Design-Touch-2015-1-1020x610abc
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Get ready for Asia Pacific’s largest contemporary visual arts event: 20th Biennale of Sydney

The 20th Biennale of Sydney has announced details of the first 73 artists exhibiting at seven venues across Sydney, along with various in-between projects’ around the city for the Asia Pacifics largest contemporary visual arts event, presented from 18 March until 5 June 2016.

Artistic Director Stephanie Rosenthal says one of the key ideas this Biennale explores is "how the common distinction between the virtual and the physical has become ever more elusive." 

The 20th Biennale of Sydnewill be presented at seven main venues conceived as embassies of thought: Cockatoo Island (Embassy of the Real); Art Gallery of New South Wales (Embassy of Spirits); Carriageworks (Embassy of Disappearance); Artspace (Embassy of Non-Participation); Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Embassof Translation); and a bookshop (Embassy of Stanislaw Lem). For the first time, a former train station, Mortuary Station (Embassy of Transition) will also be a Biennale venue.

Rosenthal further adds, "We’ve taken an artist-centric approach, exploring the represented artists’ practice in depth by showing several works by many participants. I’ve also encouraged artists to make works that are site-specific, and around 70 per cent of artists participating in the 20th Biennale of Sydney are presenting new commissions".

Hero Image: Nina Beier, Plunge and Tilables, 2014, oversize martini glass, resin, dried fish, pills and ceramic tiles, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Croy Nielsen. Photograph: Dawn Blackman

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Playing with light with the Acrobat

French designer Marc Venot has created the Acrobat lamp, which can be placed both vertically and horizontally in a lathe number of positions. The transparent front of the lamp has a matt finish, which allows Acrobat to spread a soft, diffused light – making it ideal for creating a calm and cosy atmosphere in the room. The lamp is made of two parts; a cone-shaped base and an oblong LED light source. Held together through magnets only, Acrobat is able to adopt almost magical positions to surprise the viewer, challenging traditional ideas of adjustable lamps. Minimalist in expression and intelligent in design, Acrobat can be used as either direct and indirect lighting and is suitable as both a desk lamp or to create atmospheric lighting. Designer Marc says “An acrobat is someone who can do extraordinary things without losing their balance. It looks like he's going to fall over at any given moment, but he doesn't. He toys with gravity itself, leaving the observer fascinated and surprised. This is the kind of effect I wanted to create with this lamp. My greatest hope is that the user will experience the same fascination, and feel like touching and understanding the lamp”. Acrobat is available in four, nature-inspired colours, three simple shades of grey, black, and sand, and an inviting, deep aubergine. Normann Copenhagen normann-copenhagen.com 502125_Acrobat_Table_Lamp_Black_12 502125_Acrobat_Table_Lamp_Black_10 502122_Acrobat_Table_Lamp_Grey_3 502125_Acrobat_Table_Lamp_Black_2 502125_Acrobat_Table_Lamp_Black_1 5021_Acrobat_TableLamp_All  abc

A Princes Hill home for art

Photography: Martin Saunders Located in Princes Hill, the Victorian terrace called for a single storey renovation, with a modern feel and generous lighting for a couple with an art collection, as well as plenty of space for visiting grandchildren. The key to Grant Maggs Architects’ design is the inclusion of a north-facing courtyard between the sitting and the living rooms. This both maximises north lighting to the house’s centre, and helps to mitigate against the typical dark single fronted terrace house model. The courtyard also provides a strong visual link between the two living spaces as well as a direct link to the garden. The comfortably sized internal spaces are fitted out with limestone floor and wall tiles, and blackbutt parquetry while solid timber joinery units provide a handcrafted feel. The hall and recessed track lighting function as a gallery for the pair of owners’ extensive art collection. A walk through office dominated by a large built in desk with hidden drawers separates the two living areas, with a large pivot door providing acoustic separation when needed. The stables have been renovated to provide a combined living bedroom, with a separate bathroom. On the outside, a generous paved courtyard between the house and the stables has been heavily landscaped to provide a relaxed and peaceful setting and sense of privacy in its urban setting. Grant Maggs Architects grantmaggs.com.au _MSS8426 _MSS8411 _MSS8431-(2) _MSS8438 _MSS8441-(2) _MSS8444 _MSS8447 _MSS8449 _MSS8450 _MSS8459-(2) _MSS8464 _MSS8471-(2)  abc
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An Aussie Icon: Volley launches a refreshed look just in time for summer

The Volley Brand was first brought to life in the form of a classic tennis shoe. First launched in 1939 the Volley OC quickly became the most heralded sports shoe of its day worn by many tennis greats. In 1965 the Volley Super Sole was launched. The Oxford style shoe featured open weave uppers for ventilation. By 1969 the SS shoe was worn by over 90 percent of players at Wimbledon.

In 1975 the Volley International made its debut, featuring a three-stripe woven tape around the heel and injection moulded rubber sole, it has since become the most iconic and popular shoe in the range. When Mark Edmondson won the 1976 Australian Open wearing a pair of Volley Internationals the shoes rose to fame and threw Volley back into the spotlight.


By the 1980s, Angus Young pf AC/DC was wearing Volley’s on stage. Becoming part of a popular culture, the shoes have starred in music videos, TV shows, movies and even seen on the feet of well-known names like Miranda Kerr, Jess Hart, Hamish Blake, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Worthington, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Tyler Atkins and Demi Harman.

Roll onto 2011 when a number of styles previously lost to the archives were relaunched, at the same time launching Volley into the US Market. The next year Volley International became the official casual shoe of the 2012 Australian Olympic Team, further cementing the brands iconic sport-luxe status.


The revitalised shoe has all the same features of the shoe we know and love – the canvas material, the herringbone rubber sole, the iconic style and colours and the comfort that these three features combined bring. Not only do they have these features but they also feature new prints, patterns and colours to breath fresh air into the classic shoe.

Volley volley.com.au