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Personalise the home like never before with Bolon By You

Bolon’s six new patterns, twelve new colours and online tool that allows for the creation of personal designs are launched under the new Bolon By You. The idea behind Bolon By You is to offer designers and architects alike a chance to create flooring that honestly reflects the requirements of each project. Through the unique web tool, users can select a style, experiment with the two design components, weft and weave, and create a moodboard for later use with other project elements Bolon By You | Habitus Living “As its name suggests, Bolon By You is all about you - the designer,” says Bolon Designer Petra Lundblad, “We have created a series of new patterns we believe represent aesthetic variation and by using these, with various combinations of weft and warp colours, bespoke flooring can be achieved. What we hope to create is a situation where architects and designers can realise their visions with Bolon flooring as a dynamic, central design element.” The six patterns of the range allow for a wide spectrum of visual identities for projects, and the four warp colours in the collection allow the floor to have the optical illusion of three-dimensional effects. Bolon By You | Habitus Living The twelve new weft colours are not available in any other Bolon collection and represent a wide palette of options for modern flooring, from light pastel shades to vibrant, confident primary colours and darker, more sober tones. To communicate the new collection, Bolon collaborated with designers at Doshi Levien to make an architecture-infused creative campaign, Material Interventions. Bolon bolon.com.au Bolon By You | Habitus Living Bolon By You | Habitus Living Bolon By You | Habitus Living Bolon By You | Habitus Living  abc
Design Products

Designer Rugs latest collection imbues the Art Nouveau movement

Australian wallpaper, fabric and surface design studio Kingdom Home was founded by talented Australian designer and illustrator, Kenneth King in 2014. Since then Kingdom Home has designed for leading Australian brands including Catherine Martin Home, Cream Magazine and Bazmark, as well as international projects for the W Hotel in Bangkok, TAIO publishing in New York and Sheraton Resort in Fiji.

King has designed and collaborated on each and every collection for Kingdom Home, and says the latest range for Designer Rugs brings to the fore a style that is timeless. “Our collection is inspired by the decorative Art Nouveau style," explains King "and its significance as a total art style which is still relevant today.”


King's first encounter with Art Nouveau was from a book his father gifted him. The book that he still cherishes today, is of the work of the great Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. Mucha's work is the epitome of the Nouveau style and greatly inspired King's designs for the NOUVEAU COLLECTION.

The Nouveau style with its natural organic forms and balanced structures, blooming floral and stylised curved lines sets the tone for the five collection pieces – Chrysanthmum, Lily Nouveau, Metropolitan and Poppy Boulevard. The designs are as timeless as the style itself, with each piece in the collection a valuable addition to any discerning interior space.

The NOUVEAU COLLECTION is now on display at Designer Rugs newly renovated Sydney showroom; 509 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt.

Designer Rugs designerrugs.com.au





Design Products

Sa reimagines the form of the umbrella

Doing away with the traditional skeleton structure of umbrellas, the Sa is the umbrella reimagined for modern life. Beyond the canopy design, the Sa also innovates with an environmentally aware material choice, and has a completely unique internalized handle mechanism and magnetic closure system. Inspired by origami, The Sa uses planar tension to generate its form, with inner and outer canopies expanding and contracting in unison to open and close the umbrella. This design, apart from being aesthetically striking, also allows the umbrella to be lighter, doing away with the need for an inner metal skeleton. Furthermore, since the material is flexible, it can bounce back into shape, even in strong winds. Due to the innovative design of the Sa, designers Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman are able to produce the canopy exclusively out of one material. In addition to this, another nice feature of the umbrella is additional headroom under the canopy, since no metal structure takes up space for the user. Beyond that, embedded magnets along the perimeter of the panels are installed in the design of the umbrella, allowing an effortless, consistently tight closure when not in use. When opening the umbrella, the magnets will naturally release themselves as the outward force increases. The umbrella is the result of a successful kickstarter campaign in 2015. Sa: The Umbrella Reimagined kickstarter.com Sa+Compact+Full a25a3219fc7e8efdbac480ac6ce5bde7_large1 Nagelberg_sa2 static2abc

The Hat Cloud of a Seibu Department Store

Located on the second floor of the Seibu Shibuya department store in Tokyo, the hat cloud design is created though the placing of cylindrical structures irregularly throughout the space. The store is located in a somewhat secluded area, and the hat cloud design makes the constraints of the uneven surfaces of the less noticeable. In fact, this allows for variation of the space within the immediate surroundings, turning the store into a welcoming, three-dimensional space. The ceiling heights are varied according to each cylinder in the store, so as not to draw attention to the internal beams. Contrasting the overall store bearing the image of huge clouds, the individual hats have been displayed like small umbrellas. Previously, the store’s goods were displayed on shelves, however this umbrella style design is a more eye catching and fun design, to entice shoppers in. The middle section of the space has been turned into a common seating area, with mirrored stools and tables, and pipes hanging from the ceiling. Hats randomly hooked on this pipes create a floating umbrella of hats. Nendo nendo.jp Nendo Hat Cloud - Habitus Living Nendo Hat Cloud - Habitus Living Nendo Hat Cloud - Habitus Living Nendo Hat Cloud - Habitus Living Nendo Hat Cloud - Habitus Livingabc