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Can Edwardian and Modern Architecture Co-exist?

For many years the new owners of this Edwardian home had dreamt of living in this exact house, attracted by its period details. Yet, they also had a great appreciation for modern architecture with its honest expression of forms and materials and connection to the outside. So they engaged Nic Owen Architects to create a modern and respectful extension to their Edwardian heritage home with open-plan living, additional bedrooms and a tranquil reflective pond. In response to the brief Nic created two separate ‘pod’ structures linked to the rear of the existing house with glass walkways. One pod includes two new bedrooms and the other pod contains the new open-plan living area. “They love Neville Gruzman’s Hill House (1960-63) and brought 50/60/70 Iconic Australian Houses to one of our first meetings. They specifically pointed out the dramatic horizontal roof planes, cantilever roofs, use of concrete and full-height windows,” says Nic. “I also showed them through examples of the Case Study Houses from 1945 to 1966, which are some of the best examples of experimental modern architecture of the time.” Pond House |Habitus Living Accordingly, the forms and materials of these outstanding homes are visible in the design and construction of the modern pods. The flat roofs have exposed steel sections that extend to provide shading and fold down to offer shelter from the afternoon sun, while concrete has been used for the exposed flooring and external areas. The reflective pond is also in concrete and wraps around the north and west sides of the living room pod to provide a relaxing outlook and aid with evaporate cooling during the hotter months. “Sitting the pond around the extension gave a great opportunity to explore the timeless and tranquil quality of water. It’s a simple but highly effective component that is a notable backdrop for the house and offers the calming qualities of water,” says Nic. Pond House |Habitus Living The clear separation of the new and old structures – through style, positioning and materials – respects the eras of both and enables them to harmoniously co-exist. In accordance with heritage restraints, the extension is concealed behind the original house and not visible from the street. As the land title also required all new works be built from brick, Nic whitewashed the new walls of the extension to create a complementary contrast between old and new. “Melbourne has a history of exposed solid-brick modern houses and this material approach seemed fitting for the context. The whitewashed brick walls have a homogenous textured surface and are treated as a modern expression of the existing Edwardian brick walls,” Nic says. Pond House |Habitus Living The house, which prior to renovation had been untouched for 50 years, is now ready for a new future; maintaining its Edwardian origins and drawing on the function and aesthetics of Modernism. Nic Owen Architects nicowenarchitects.com.au Words by Rebecca Gross Photography by Christine Francis Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Living Pond House |Habitus Livingabc
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Architecture for the Body

Fear of failure is something we can all relate to. It cripples countless creatives and stonewalls the best of us. If you think that those who’ve found success and acclaim aren’t concerned about what their contemporaries, their friends and their families will think, for the most part at least you’d be sadly mistaken. What separates those that do from those that don’t is simply that: doers do. They give it their all, in the face of insecurity, trepidation and doubt. Take Kacey Devlin; her highly conceptual, eponymous fashion label is like no other and that’s a big part of why she’s been so well received. But imagine the self-doubt that goes hand in hand with traversing a path few others have: is there a reason for that? Have others tried and failed? Will I fail? “There was that fear of failure,” she admits. “It get’s to you.” But in the face of insecurity she persevered – to the benefit of us all... Read the full story in Habitus issue #35, available now. Words by Holly Cunneen Photography by Dave Wheeler Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Living Kacey Devlin | Habitus Livingabc
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Colour Your Life With Schock Sinks

Taking Australia by storm, the new range of Schock sinks – available through Abey – boast a stunning colour range, crisp lines and a silky smooth finish. The high-quality, German-engineered and manufactured sinkware has been created using state-of-the-art composite Nanogranite® materials offering exceptional strength, durability and antibacterial properties. The only aspect left to you is to find your perfect colour. The Schock Sink range is available in a range of stylish finishes for any design application. ‘Metallic or Onyx’ black, ‘stone’ grey, ‘polaris or Alpina’ white and – brand new to Australian shores – stunning bronze, vintage brown, rouge red, concrete and croma finishes. The Schock Sink range is exclusive to Abey Australia. Abey abey.com.au Schock Sink | Habitus Livingabc
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Discover the Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range

We all drink water, so why not expect the best? The Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range melds the technological expertise of Zip with 8 on-trend colours, ready to fit any home—from traditional `to contemporary. Now anyone enjoy irresistible instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water in premium finishes including rose gold, brushed rose gold, gold, brushed gold, platinum, gunmetal, brushed nickel and nickel. With design innovative as it is elegant, the Australian-made Zip Platinum Design Range is distinguishable by its unique technology and convenient way of making water healthier and irresistible. A smart and essential addition to the modern kitchen, the Zip HydroTap range combines patented PowerPulse™ boiling and Direct DryChilling with MicroPurity filtration technologies to offer instant irresistible boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water. If that weren’t enough, the Platinum Design Range also meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. With advanced energy efficiency and best in class cooling technology, the air-cooled ventilation system uses up to 53% less energy than previous models so our most precious commodity, water, is never wasted. The unique technology included in the Platinum Range, also makes water healthier and more enjoyable. Zip’s MicroPurity filtration instantly produces crystal clear, pure tasting water free from odours and contamination. By expertly removing sediment and volatile organic compounds like lead, the Zip range safeguards you and your family. It’s no wonder research suggests that 80% of residential Zip HydroTap owners drink more water than before. When water is this convenient and irresistible you’ll love drinking more of it – it’s the Zip Effect. Discover more at zipwater.comabc