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The future of work is here: Enter the dynamic workplace

The future of work is here: Enter the dynamic workplace

After 18 months of working from home, the concept of the traditional office has changed forever. The rise of hybrid working has us seeking more than just small workstations tucked away into tiny alcoves, but rather dynamic spaces that emphasise flexibility.

For many workers, working from home during the pandemic and lockdowns has not been easy. However, after the initial shock, workers are now recognising the advantages of remote working, with many even questioning the need to go back to physical workplaces at all.

With return-to-work roadmaps in place but end dates shifting into sight, there are rising expectations around flexibility – the ability to work at home or at the office at one’s own choosing. As the ecosystem of places where people will work continues to expand, workplace design will need to evolve to meet the changing needs of today’s workforce.

Enter the dynamic workplace: a flexible solution that ensures workers are equipped to work wherever they are. Whether you are looking at splitting your time between your home and the office, sticking to remote working, or shifting to a downsized co-working model, it is clear that intuitive, adaptable and simple setups are key – which is where Wilkhahn, one of the leading names in high-quality office furniture, excels.

Standing worldwide for design made in Germany, Wilkhahn is leading the charge when it comes to lasting solutions for a changing work environment. While the past few years have been about rapid change and quick-fixes, Wilkhahn’s furniture solutions create longevity through dynamism, offering everyone the chance to create a work environment that matches their new way of working.

Confair folding table

Desk-sharing and flexible teamwork are an integral part of daily work routines. The Confair folding table is a space-saving, moveable folding table that enables versatile usage of workspaces. When linked together with other Confair tables by snap connectors, project work tables can be transformed into large conference layouts without the use of any special tools. As options, cable channels, power supply connections and innovative techni-modules are available to provide advanced technological functionality.

Insit Screen

Dynamic workspaces must offer spaces for privacy and concentration. The Insit Screen was developed as a modular set of stand-alone panels and enclosures that can be combined with Wilkhahn’s multipurpose bench range. With a wide range of design options for agile furnishing, the Insit Screen can help partition spaces, divide up sectional seating, or provide places to withdraw to in open-plan offices.

Pep task chair

Marrying a refreshingly simple and stylish design with exceptional comfort, the ergonomic Pep task chair would not look out of place in the home or office. Featuring a moulded plywood unibody seat and backrest shell that is fully-padded on all sides, the Pep chair offers maximum comfort in a lightweight and compact design. The optional black polyamide armrests provide a comfortable place to rest your arms.


Whether at home or the office, breaks are valuable opportunities for physical activity and reflection that help the body and mind recover. Stand-up enables such recovery; this dynamic three-leg stool encourages users to swing their hips and engage their muscles while letting their minds wander. Available in nine colours, Stand-up’s tapered shape with its upholstered seat is fully covered in three-dimensional fabric and the black plastic base prevents slipping.