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Metricon’s mission is to build design-led homes that respond to their clients’ unique way of life. Here, the home builders discuss the benefits of a knockdown rebuild.

All too often we can find ourselves in an area we love, but in a house that could do with a considerable bit of work. Or perhaps our lives have changed and with it what we need and how we use our homes. Alternatively, one could work hard to become a homeowner only to find a site for sale in the perfect location – but with a house that leaves much to the imagination. Or perhaps you’re an investor looking to make a RTI in a great location.

For those who resonate with any of the above, Habitus has reached out to Metricon, one of Australia’s most popular home builders to provide a better understanding of the options available, namely, the benefits of a knockdown rebuild.

Metricon was established more than 40 years ago and in the time since built a reputation building homes that reflect our uniquely Australian way of living. From the company’s experienced perspective, they offer the following advice to Habitus and our loyal republic of Design Hunters.

Benefits Of A Knockdown Rebuild

A knockdown rebuild is where you simply knock down the building that’s currently on a property and replace it with a new building to suit your requirements. It could be that you want to replace an old home with a new home, build two or more homes on one block, or you might be downsizing or upsizing.

According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), almost 10 per cent of homes built in Australia are knockdown rebuilds. This process is often favoured because it’s more cost-effective than renovating.

Knockdown rebuilds help to limit any problems renovators face, such as leaky pipes, asbestos and bad wiring. These are known to cause a lot of stress and financial concerns, so by removing the problem completely, you’re eliminating the risk.

Knockdown rebuilds also mean you can keep your land, but change your home. This saves you from leaving your neighbourhood friends, changing schools for the kids, and trying to work out new routes to get to work or the stores.

The biggest benefit of a knockdown rebuild is that the options are endless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first home buyer, a young family, the kids have just flown the coop or you’ve recently retired – a knockdown rebuild allows you to start the building process from scratch, on your own land. You get to choose the home’s design, layout, fittings and furnishings; you can make the home sustainable, add additional features such as a pool or outdoor space, and design the interior with everything you need (and want).

The Knockdown Rebuild Process

If you decide to go down the knockdown rebuild path, here’s a quick overview of the process:

Step One: Do your research. Consider what you want to do with the property, versus what you can do. Check with the local city council if you need to, or simply ask your chosen builder for advice.

Step Two: Choose your dream home design. View floor plans, photos, videos and 3D virtual tours for different options and see what features stand out for you.

Step Three: Decide on the finer details. At this stage, your builder will be contacting the council for you, presenting tenders and site plans, and conducting thorough assessments of the site. While they do that, start looking at the options your build can include, such as paint colours and flooring options.

Step Four: Sign the contract with your new builder, and start the demolition of your old property. Once complete, the builder will order site surveys and soil tests, as well as final slab designs.

Step Five: Construction commences.

And finally, don’t forget, the Australian Government is also providing an incentive of $25,000 for those who renovate or build new. Knockdown rebuilds are considered, in this instance, to be a major renovation. You can check to see if you qualify by clicking here.

If you want to find out more about knockdown rebuilds, get in touch with the team at Metricon today.