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Where innovation meets tradition: every meal, a masterpiece

Where innovation meets tradition: every meal, a masterpiece

Where innovation meets tradition: every meal, a masterpiece

Discover the brand new and recently renewed appliances ready to transform your culinary experience. The future of luxury cooking is about to get a whole lot sleeker with Wolf’s Dual Fuel and Induction Ranges – combining culinary tradition with cutting-edge innovation.

Wolf has long been the industry-go to for luxury culinary solutions. Their appliances are featured in positions of pride amongst culinary institutions and luxury homes around the globe.

Perhaps best known for their commitment to providing exhilarating performance and flexible customisation simultaneously, Wolf’s recent product launch reinvigorates a beloved classic as well as introducing an all-new range destined for the kitchens of tomorrow.

Where heritage meets innovation: Wolf Dual Fuel Range

The new Wolf Dual Fuel Range seamlessly marries professional heritage with cutting-edge innovation, resulting in a kitchen appliance that redefines the boundaries of cooking excellence.

At first glance its iconic aesthetics are an irresistible draw – but it’s the range’s performance that truly steals the show.

Sub-Zero Wolf

On top, the range boasts Wolf’s patented dual-stacked, sealed gas burners. These burners deliver precise temperature control, from high-intensity searing and powerful boils to gentle simmers and melts. LED backlit control knobs not only enhance the visual appeal but also indicate active burners by illuminating when in use to ensure absolute functionality. The cooktop is available in a range of configurations including the all gas burner, infrared teppanyaki, and infrared chargrill configurations.

Sub-Zero Wolf

Beneath the burners lies the Dual VertiFlow™ convection electric oven, a design triumph of culinary technology. With 10 chef-tested modes, including the intuitive Gourmet Mode, it simplifies cooking like never before – offering nearly 50 pre-set menu items to provide intuitive cooking support. The full-colour touch screen is a pleasure to use, discreetly tucking away when not in operation. This oven also offers pyrolytic cleaning, delayed start, timed cooking, and Sabbath features.

The Wolf Dual Fuel Range is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s a work of art. Constructed with stainless steel and featuring pro-style handles, it’s available in signature iconic red, black, brushed stainless, brushed brass, or brushed grey knobs as well as a range of configurations – allowing you to personalise your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality with ease.

A modern marvel: Wolf Induction Range

Sub-Zero Wolf

For those who enjoy the elegance of sleek modernity, the Wolf Induction Range is a compelling choice. Its clean lines and integrated touch-control panel exude sophistication, making it a stunning addition to any contemporary kitchen.

Beneath its refined exterior lies an ultra-efficient ceramic glass induction cooking surface that offers consistent and precise performance across the temperature spectrum, including nearly instantaneous temperature adjustment responses. From boiling to melting, this induction range masters every task with poise.

The Wolf Induction Range features the same innovative technology found in its Dual Fuel counterpart. The Dual VertiFlow™ convection system, with two fans and four heating elements, ensures the even distribution of heat and flavour development. Electronic touch controls provide access to 10 chef-tested cooking modes, including the automatic, ingenious Gourmet Mode.

Wolf Ranges understands that every kitchen is unique, offering an array of sizes and configurations to suit every culinary need. Deciding between the Dual Fuel Range in 76, 91, 122, or 152 cm widths, or the Induction Range in 76 or 91 cm widths, promises the experience of culinary excellence in its purest form regardless.

Elevate your cooking experience with the Wolf Dual Fuel and Induction Ranges – where innovation meets tradition, and every meal becomes a masterpiece.


Juliet Taylor is one of the leading content writers for Indesign Media Asia Pacific where she publishes weekly research articles across multiple platforms. She graduated from the Australian National University in 2021, with a strong portfolio of academic writing as well as writing for entertainment. Her specialty is in media and philosophy, though she shares a passion for interior design with the Indesign Media conglomerate. Her work with Indesign Media covers a broad range of subjects including interior design trends, architectural advancements, materials and the evolution of modern construction, products and processes for a healthier home, and the proper care of flora. Juliet writes for both residential and commercial audiences and over the past year working with Indesign Media has produced research articles in the hundreds for architects and interior design enthusiasts alike.