The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen, Courtesy of Wolf and Sub-Zero

Jan Henderson

With the advent of the new Wolf and Sub-Zero outdoor kitchen, life outside will never be the same again. Think about perfectly cooked fish and vegetables to offer friends at lunch; or ribs or a roast for a family dinner. It’s all too mouthwatering and certainly a reality now that Wolf and Sub-Zero’s outdoor kitchen has arrived.

As summer approaches thoughts turn to life outside, with gatherings of friends and family and the irresistible aroma of food cooking on the barbeque. Leaving the indoor kitchen behind, now there is the opportunity to enjoy superb meals cooked outside on the new Wolf and Sub-Zero outdoor kitchen.

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As a manufacturer of iconic kitchen appliances, Wolf and Sub-Zero have set the agenda for superior products for decades; Sub-Zero was established some 75 years ago and Wolf in 2000, and each brand has creativity at the genesis of its design and manufacture. As innovators, Wolf and Sub-Zero are in a class of their own and now with an outdoor kitchen available the offering is complete.

With the technology and high quality craftsmanship that makes every Wolf and Sub-Zero product an exemplar, the outdoor kitchen carries on the fine tradition of expert craftsmanship that helps ensure every meal is cooked to perfection. Of course aesthetics are vitally important and here, Wolf and Sub-Zero bring their classic designs to another area of the home. With sleek lines, gleaming stainless steel and those highly desirable Wolf red knobs on the grill, the ultimate in outdoor kitchens has arrived.

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Exceptional technological advancement ensures that the Wolf outdoor gas BBQ Grill is easy to operate and delivers perfectly cooked food time after time. The key to successful grilling is the nuanced temperature control that a Wolf BBQ Grill delivers. The combination of the searing power of the independent grill burners (up to 142 MJ/h on the 137 centimetre model) and the even, radiant heat from the ceramic briquettes ensures exact high to low temperature control for cooking at its best. Coupled with Wolf’s precision-welded, double-walled stainless steel structure and heavy-gauge hood that lifts with a light touch (assisted by concealed springs), this product makes its mark as the king of barbeques.

With our outdoor lifestyle and the popularity of the indoor/outdoor room it is important to have flexibility in the design of the outdoor kitchen, and so the Wolf BBQ Grill is available in four sizes from 76 centimetres to 137 centimetres.

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To create the perfect space and cooking environment, Wolf also offers additional products that complement the BBQ Grill, such as an Outdoor Burner Module for the preparation of side dishes or to warm sauces; and an Outdoor Warming Drawer to keep food and dinnerware warm and conveniently at hand for plating up.

Of course no outdoor kitchen is complete without a refrigerator and the obvious companion to the Wolf BBQ Grill are Sub-Zero Refrigeration Drawers that can be integrated under-bench. The refrigerator drawers are sealed to lock in moisture and ensure maximum freshness in the ideal low-temperature, high-humidity environment for optimum food preservation. Sub-Zero ICBID24RO refrigerator drawers, paired with outdoor panels, are specifically engineered for outdoor use and clad in heavy-gauge stainless steel to withstand the elements. With all the outstanding features of an integrated Sub-Zero refrigerator at your fingertips the outdoor kitchen becomes the centre of attention and the focus of every meal.

The ease of use and performance of both Wolf and Sub-Zero ensures an outstanding experience for both those who cook and everyone else who eats! Cooking outdoors has never been so easy and with Wolf and Sub-Zero products the result is guaranteed. Through cutting edge technology and consummate design that allows for flexibility and integration, Wolf and Sub-Zero offer the ultimate in outdoor living luxury.

It’s time to shake off the winter blues and open the doors to the outside room. Now the outdoor kitchen reigns supreme, so fire up the Wolf BBQ Grill and take a chilled bottle from the Sub-Zero Refrigerator drawer and relax. With the new outdoor kitchen from Wolf and Sub-Zero life has just become so much better.

Sub-Zero and Wolf

Image credit: Architecture & Interior Design: Workroom Design Photography: Derek Swalwell