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Edible Tapestry Tales

Book your seat to hear and taste the latest instalment of Edible Tales. Ben Morgan lets you in on the story.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to sit around a table with 10 complete strangers in a small loft-style apartment in Sydney’s Bondi, where I shared a meal as rich in storytelling as it was in gastronomic exploration.

It was the first Australian dinner by English duo Francesca Unsworth and Rachel Khoo (or Khook as she likes to call herself). Titled ‘Edible Immigration Tales’ the dinner “weaved historical anecdotes relating to Australia’s gastronomic history into the menu” and “showed how its waves of immigrants had shaped the way we eat today.”


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Taking the idea of ‘pop-up’ restaurants and giving it a bit of substance, Edible Tales creates food adventures through meaningful stories and exciting culinary creations.

“In a way it is a response to how a family meal should be, slow and hopefully engaging,” says Francesca. “There are no distractions, like menus or wine lists, and diners are at our mercy to be guided through the experience.”

Well, the good news is that you’ve now got the opportunity to take a seat at the table with ‘Edible Tapestry Tales’, part of the 2010 State of Design Festival in Melbourne.


edible tales tapestry workshop state of design 


edible tales tapestry workshop state of design

Held in The Victorian Tapestry Workshop, 3 dinners over 3 nights (23, 24, 25 July 2010) will echo the careful ‘handmade’ processes of tapestry.

“It is careful process that requires great concentration,” Francesca says. “Watching the weavers at work shows just how stupidly chaotic contemporary work spaces can be, with people juggling a million things at once. 


edible tales tapestry workshop state of design

“I hope we can reflect the delicate nature of this attentive and contemplative craft in our dining experience.”

Edible Tales have partnered with family-run vineyard Molly Dooker wines – known for their fantastic label designs – and the event is supported by habitusliving.com.

We’re giving Design Hunters™ a bit of a heads-up as spaces are filling up fast and you’ll need to reserve your spot early so you don’t miss out. Email Edible Tales to book your place.


Edible Tapestry Tales



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