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Talamanca Organic Cocoa

A beautiful civic project from fuseproject to promote organic cacao production in Costa Rica.

Yves Béhar and fuseproject are at it again, lending their design thinking to supporting the Bribri women of Talamanca and their organic cacao and chocolate.

As fuseproject explain on their blog: “Unlike monoculture farming, their cacao plants grow in the natural ecosystem, surrounded within rich biodiversity, and conserve the nature and land they inhabit… As their cocoa farms expand, so does the conservation of native rainforest.”



The result of these crops is a unique product, ground cacao patties. These, perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, brown patties use 100% cacao and have no added sugar. They’re used to make a hot cacao drink, which was inspiration enough for Béhar to develop this nifty little grater and stirrer and some beautiful packaging.



The patties are placed inside small ‘burlap sacks’ that are reusable and biodegradable, the stainless steel grater is topped with a timber handle and hook (resembling part of a small branch) which helps it to hook onto the side of the cup.


“Our hope is project that this will bring awareness to the positivity of organic cocoa production, as well as entice and educate viewers,” they say.

“Whether they be consumers or partners, at the end of the day this effort tells a story: organic cacao farming saves rainforest – how can you help?”



The Nature Conservancy