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broached commissions

Broached Commissions will launch in New South Wales this week with a beautiful exhibition being held at the former Paramount Pictures Building in Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills.

Brigg’s Family Tea Service – Trent Jansen

The talent pool of fresh young designers and artists who have collaborated on Broached Commissions will all be in attendance this evening to celebrate a triumph for Australian design. Broached Commissions – a collective that initiates bespoke made and limited edition design collections, bases each original collection on a different event in Australian history. 

The Birdsmouth Table by Adam Goodrum

By fusing the depth of history with cutting-edge design, the company creates new work that embodies a story of Australian life and fulfills contemporary functional needs by designing for current conditions and contexts. 

Applying a collaborative research and design process, the company enables an international dialogue about design from the Australian experience and perspective. Design ideas are adapted to local contexts when they move from country to country, from one design studio to another. The idea is that  Broached Commissions shows the Australian experience via this process of design migration.

Chen Lu – Dream Lantern

With just three founding permanent design members: Trent Jansen, Adam Goodrum and Charles Wilson every year the core team of designers is joined by a curator and guest designer. Each contributor is chosen for the particular relevance of their individual practice to the commission. The role of the curator is to lead the group on a journey into the human and industrial stories of the period being investigated.

Broached Commissions was founded by artis and creative director Lou Weis and design industry entrepreneur and co-owner of Euroluce Australia Vincent Aiello.

Lucy McRae – Prickly Light

For Prickly Light (pictured above) Lucy McRae applied the adaptive reuse capabilities that have made her work as a ‘body architect’ famous, to date. She has created a free standing set of floor lights. The work adds a protective skin to a floor light, transforming it into a new creature capable of intense labour and self-preservation – two qualities essential for women wanting to survive the harsh conditions common during the Australian colonial period.

You can see and buy the products made by Broached Commissions by visting the website or attending the travelling exhibition.

Broached Commissions


Sydney: 12-6pm, 10—17 November 2011. 

Former Paramount Pictures Building, 80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills. Closed for business 14 November.


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