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Dougal Haslem at Pieces of Eight

Dougal Haslem at Pieces of Eight

A new collection of miniature works from silversmith and goldsmith
Dougal Halsem will be on show at the new Pieces of Eight CBD Gallery in
Melbourne with his first exhibition – The Turtle and the Merman.

Dougal Haslem is a qualified and experienced gold and silversmith who has turned his hand to creating miniature anthropomorphic and zoomorphic mechanical creations.



In the first exhibition at the new Pieces of Eight Gallery and a debut exhibition for Dougal, his pieces, made from cogs and other mechanical parts, will beg the question ‘will that move?’




These little creatures have so much personality and thanks to their first commissioned animation, Pieces of Eight Gallery have actually brought them to life (check it out below).


“The finished pieces themselves are a hybrid between stasis and mobility,” say Pieces of Eight Gallery. “They look like little machines that do not perform a function but are full of personality and evoke a reaction of intrigue and curiosity in the viewer.”

This first exhibition for the new gallery and for Dougal will run from 1 February – 12 March 2011.




Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place Melbourne