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Singapore Design 2009

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?  A series of artworks by 20 artists inspired by the Ridley Scott film, Blade Runner.

Since its release in 1982 the movie Blade Runner has inspired and influenced artists the world over and remains a classic cult film crossing several genres.

Held in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival 2009, the November 25 to December 1 exhibition at Singapore’s The Substation Ltd brings together artists from a range of disciplines such as product design, interactive media, graphic design, photography and illustration.

The group will be creating a cross between a pop-up shop and an exhibition where all sorts of works inspired by the movie will be offered for sale.

Curator Steve Lawler says he hopes to broaden the spectrum of design which a larger demographic can relate to through the use of the famous cult film.

“By creating art and objects inspired by the film, we are hoping to broaden the appeal of what we do to a wider audience in a way which is perhaps more approachable than a fine art or high end design exhibition,” Lawler says.

“It also appeals to fans of the film who may not realise there is so much design within the film.”

Lawler says there is a considerable Asian influence in Blade Runner’s art direction reminiscent of cities including Hong Kong and Singapore.

“The film is widely known amongst the Singapore design community and beyond, however, it is still (provides) a chance to introduce the next wave of young designers and art students to the film in an attempt to inspire them as we have been inspired,” he says.

“Previously in Singapore it has only been big brands which impress the public, but now there is a lot more interest in the independent labels and local talent.

“So, designers who were working for big firms have decided to go it alone, or set up smaller boutique collectives and explore the creative landscape on their own,” Lawler says.

“This show is cross section of some of these artists who are doing their own thing and is a way of combining forces to make more noise.”

The exhibition will offer something for everybody and showcase the talents of a new wave of underground and emerging artists while sound designers will create tracks specifically for the event.

“There will be paintings, customised sneakers, t-shirts, origami, sunglasses and digital imagery all inspired by the film,” Lawler says.


The Substation