Lost and Found Hotel Room

A special hotel room nestled in Melbourne’s CBD reveals the wonders of the city’s creative culture. Alice Blackwood stays over.

A hotel room without a phone or television? Who ever heard of that! Well, you’ll be pleased to know, it’s the last thing you even think about when you step inside the Lost & Found Hotel Room at Little Collins Hotel.

Created by Melbourne’s insider guide, Lost & Found, this spacious suite is a real sight (and site!) to behold. From the tea bags to the bedspread, every item is Melbourne designed, made or sourced.

Devised by Lost & Found to showcase some of Melbourne’s most popular and unique design products, the room instantly engages you in the local scene.

A selection of records reveals the city’s most popular musicians, while magazines and books stacked throughout the room offer up cultural gems from local poets, photographers, fashion designers, illustrators and more.


Opened in June, the room has been available for subscribers to stay, upon application, and – we’re sorry to hear – will soon close in August.

Meanwhile Lost & Found have been running a blog, encouraging visitors to share in their experiences at and around the hotel.
And, after a day/afternoon/evening of exploring the streets around Little Collins Hotel, where better to rest your head than Third Drawer Down’s bespoke pillow cases! (And I can tell you now – they’re definitely dream inspiring).

For more information on the covetable Melbourne treasures hidden around the Lost & Found’s hotel room click here.


Lost & Found Hotel Room