Located in timeless Venice, Italy, ILVE has firmly established itself as one of the worlds leading brands in professional cooking appliances.

ILVE has developed a range of built-in and freestanding cooking appliances that incorporate versatility, performance, innovation and provide personal satisfaction.

ILVE’s dedication to product research has seen them revolutionise cooking in the household by introducing products like the domestic Tepanyaki cooker and cooktop.

ILVE’s design team has hand-crafted the Nostalgie and Quadra styles to enhance your kitchen concept.

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Latest ILVE News

Go back to the future with this award-winning kitchen appliance collection

ILVE’s new Panoramagic collection combines cutting-edge technical features with classic Italian design that calls back to the company’s proud heritage.

Luxury preservation solutions to complete your kitchen design

In this edition of The Habitus Edit we introduce you to Fhiaba’s elegant range of luxury refrigeration solutions featuring fresh aesthetics and a spark of individualism.

ILVE’s art of kitchen fusion

Advanced range hood design meets innovative induction cooktop technology in one exciting appliance.

A Modern Kitchen for a ‘Caribbean Colonial’ Oasis

Designer Kate Walker’s Biscayne demonstrates how choosing the right appliances can help turn a dated dwelling into a dream home.

Feel The Rhythm of The Italian Kitchen With Inspiring Design

Building on a tradition of masterful culinary design, the Professional PLUS Series by ILVE stands to inspire another generation of dedicated home cooks.

It’s Time To Design Your Own ILVE

With Design Your Own ILVE, the team at ILVE are giving the at-home chef more customisability and design freedom than ever before.

A Beach House For All Seasons

This beachside house takes an awkward site and turns it to its advantage to create a comfortably stylish getaway in summer and winter.

The Trend Of Black Glass In Kitchen Design

The sleek sophistication of black glass is paving the way for a new trend in modern kitchen design – and ILVE is leading the way.

GrigioLusso: Where Luxury Meets Passion In The Kitchen

GrigioLusso – translated from Italian as Grey Luxury – is the new appliance series from ILVE, and brings the latest Italian design aesthetics and trends to Australia.

Ruby Residence Foomann CC Willem-Dirkdu Toit exterior house

Modernist Meets Modern In Foomann’s Latest Composition

Foomann designs a modern update and extension to a mid-century gem in Melbourne.

ILVE cooking up designs for true foodies

As Australia continues to foster a world-class foodie culture, more and more home cooks are searching for innovative equipment to cater to their growing needs. ILVE has always been at the forefront of the foodie movement, with ILVE Australia heavily influencing the design of their global appliances.

Ilve bench cooktop

That’s Amore!

For more than half a century ILVE has been bringing an Italian love of cooking to kitchens across the globe. Habitus Living learns a little about their history, and a lot about what motivates them.

ILVE – The Italian Way

There’s little point in owning something that works perfectly, if it doesn’t look good too. Capiche?

Albert Street - Mileu - DKO Architecture | Habitus Living

Expanding Melbourne’s Suburban Typology

Architecture firm DKO teamed up with property developer Milieu to create a series of townhouses in Melbourne’s Preston with the aim of creating boutique architecturally designed homes for the growing suburb.

ILVE Luxury Showcase Party

On Wednesday 6th March 2013, the Sydney Maserati showroom played host to a range of VIP guests for an exclusive preview of the latest product releases from ILVE Appliances.

ILVE flush line cooktops

Designed to perfection, the new flush line HP 123 120cm Gas Cooktop from ILVE is space saving and poised to excite home chefs country wide. Its stunning Italian design, amazing burner options, and ILVE’s renowned hand crafted commercial quality, will bring an authentic touch of Italy to any Australian kitchen.

Steam Ovens from ILVE

ILVE Built-in Steam Oven, the latest in styling and function.

ILVE freestanding cooktop with Dual Gas and Induction

Do you love a gas cooking but also feel drawn to the slick look and feel of induction technology? If so, then the ILVE Quadra collection may be the perfect design solution.

ILVE H-series H90SD gas cooktop

Introducing the epitome of simple, elegant kitchen design with the H-series H90SD gas cooktop from ILVE.

ILVE Built-in Pizza Oven

Introducing the new built-in pizza oven from ILVE.