thinkdzine is Sydney’s premier design team for stylish kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. Enhance your lifestyle by drawing on our experience, imagination and passion for creating beautiful and highly functional spaces.

Our knowledge and creative ideas will catapult your kitchen design, bathroom design or interior design from the ‘run of the mill’ to the ‘serious wow’.

With years of experience under our belts, we know how to capture exactly what you want to achieve in the design of your kitchen, bathroom or living space or other interior area. We also know what questions to ask to uncover great ideas you may not have thought of too.

It’s our belief that when you live with great design, it’s instantly relaxing: it’s great to look at and a constant pleasure to use.

To us, that’s simply good thinking.

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Latest thinkdzine News

Habitus Loves Bauhaus Inspired Pieces

Habitus Loves… Bauhaus-Inspired Pieces

Habitus Living celebrates the Bauhaus’ centenary with 10 pieces inspired by the influential 20th century design school.

Habitus Loves… Exposed Storage

Pieces collected from our travels, essential items within the home, objets d’art or items we just love the look of, this collection of exposed storage will ensure what you have on display makes just as big an impact as what you are presenting to the world.

The Eye-Catching Sharpness of N_Elle Benches

From Italy’s Cesar and available in Australia through thinkdzine, N_Elle is a smart way to incorporate sharpness into benchtop design with sacrificing a lightweight aesthetic.

Design by District: The Alex at Sydney Indesign 2017

Surrounded by this city’s most intense industrial developments, and engirt by juggernaut local and international design brands, The Alex was a small oasis of innovation and cutting-edge design thinking.

Bridging The Kitchen Divide

Unit, by Italy’s Cesar is a dynamic, airy kitchen system, not limited by wall constraints, serving as a bridge between professionalism and domestic warmth.

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