Bijoux Bath


Stunning and strikingly innovative, drawing inspiration from faceted diamonds, the new Bijoux collection, designed in collaboration with Kelly Hoppen, transports you into the dazzling world of luxury bathing by apaiser. Architectural in design, the Bijoux range is a unique juxtaposition of external angles and smooth interiors – reflecting a feeling of structural solidity and the faceted exterior plays with light and shadow to create a dynamic surface – the effect is a visual masterpiece, a celebration of the art of bathing.

Product Dimensions

1750mm x 1030mm x 590mm





Lead Time

12 – 14 weeks


We are committed to manufacturing bathware which is respectful of the environment. In all phases of our process, we strive to produce a product with consistently low environmental impact. Our mission is to create beautiful bathware that is sympathetic to and impacts benignly on the environment.

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