Schock Preparation Station


Representing a real revolution in the kitchen, the Schock Preparation Station assists you throughout the entire process of food preparation, right from step one, guaranteeing an uncompromisingly enjoyable cooking experience on a professional level in your own home. A great deal of attention was paid to bringing as many as possible of the steps in the preparation and cooking process together in the prep station in order to save any unnecessary moving about in the kitchen. For example, the small basin is perfect for washing fruit to start off with. Then the produce can be chopped on the adjacent work surface. The really practical aspect is that the small basin is perfectly suited to take any scraps like peelings or egg shells, leaving the large basin free for cleaning doughy cookie cutters and other floury baking accessories.

Product Dimensions

L 1140 x W 460, Bowl Depths: S140mm / L 231mm






Schock Germany


Schock Germany

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