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Habitus 31 Out Now

We are starting to realise the myriad problems with having too much ‘stuff’.

The environment, our bank balances and our emotions are just a few of the things that suffer when we surround ourselves with piles of meaningless belongings. This leaves us feeling – somewhat ironically – empty.

It’s not about rejecting life and going to live in a cave. Instead, by deeply considering our living environments and the items we choose to put inside them, we can create a richer sense of engagement. By editing our lives, and our home spaces, we make them better. It’s a simple suggestion: to subtract instead of adding and see what the extra time and space provides.

Come on a journey with us as we examine how living with less can give us more – more quality, more meaning and more engagement. A small space, luxuriously finished and cleverly detailed, the expressive power of a single piece of furniture, the simplicity of an artful life. Move into a subtler experience with a minimal approach to living.