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What is Australian Architectural Identity?

What is Australian Architectural Identity?

Identity is always tied up with ego, and this is especially true of architecture. Are we proud or embarrassed of our residential architecture?

So much of Australia’s architectural identity is tied up in the suburbs – fortunately or unfortunately? Most publicised and awarded residences are located in the cities, inner-city suburbs, along the coast, or in romantic regional locations. But what about the space that’s in between?

There is a cultural cringe around the architecture – or lack thereof – in the suburban sprawl, where a high quota of the population resides. But it wasn’t always like this. Growing up in 1970s Melbourne, comedian and architecture aficionado Tim Ross has fond memories of riding his bicycle through the neighbourhoods of project homes designed by Pettit + Sevitt.

Invisible House | Habitus Living

So where has it gone wrong? And how can it be addressed? Along with Tim Ross, Paul Roser of the National Trust Victoria and Shelley Penn of City Design Melbourne, will together explore what Australia’s design heritage is, how it should be protected, and what needs to change, at Melbourne Indesign as part of the LiveLife Discussions.

There may be ways in which the suburbs – with their characteristic brick veneer – can be thought of fondly, rather than with a cringe. And in this discussion, we set out to find it. A Q&A session will follow the discussion so there will be an opportunity to voice your burning questions around the topic then.

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Heritage and Australian Identity

Invisible House | Habitus Living

Photographed home is Peter Stutchbury Architecture’s Invisible House.
Photography by Michael Nicholson.

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