Camilla X Designer Rugs

Hosted in their sumptuously styled showroom, Designer Rugs introduces a bold, bright and colourful collection by acclaimed fashion designer CAMILLA.

Transforming Camilla’s handmade graphic prints and eclectic designs into instantly covetable floor rugs, Designer Rugs’ in-house designer Christine McDonald succeeded in introducing the fashion designer’s unique aesthetic to a new audience, cementing the fashion queen’s place on the Australian interior and lifestyle design landscape.

“It goes without saying that Camilla, as a designer, exudes a style that transcends her brand” commented Designer Rugs’ Managing Director, Yosi Tal, “Camilla is colourful, Camilla is evocative, and Camilla is intrepid, and nowhere is this better reflected than our newest designer collaboration – A fine demonstration of fashion and interiors striking a sophisticated chord – one that has resonated with a diverse audience.”

Designer Rugs

Photography: David McKelvey