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‘Chrysalis’ at Gaffa Gallery

‘Chrysalis’ at Gaffa Gallery

Innovative and vibrant contemporary works by 24 emerging and established artists from Sydney College of the Arts’ jewellery and object Studio will feature in a new exhibition ‘Chrysalis’ at gaffa gallery in the Sydney CBD.

Hero Image: Untitled Brooch by Monica Mowbray

Curated by Masters of Fine Art student Angela Porritt and Graduating Honours student, Clare Hooper, Chrysalis showcases a diversity of work that is created by artists from the jewellery and object studio of Sydney College of the Arts (SCA).

Obscurers of the Soul: Morphed’  by Emma-Field

Some of the outstanding pieces on display include Kimberley Peel’s neck piece made of woven human hair; Felix Gills’ three-metre long neck piece made from anodised aluminium; Clare Hoopers’ ceramic work fired with paper and copper; and Jami Rose’s work which explores psychological and subjective responses to colour.

‘Buddhism Revelations’ by Anonymous Li

The exhibition’s title Chrysalis is born from an analogy that many artists use to describe their time at The University of Sydney’s contemporary art school in Rozelle.

‘Proliferating Organic’ by Safira Blom

“It is like the period of time holometabolous insects spend in their chrysalis.  They undergo remarkable and transformative changes in their artistic practice in an environment, where they can develop and explore their ideas, interests and abilities,” said Porritt.

‘In and out of the bath tub Traces of You’ by Kimberley Peel

“Just as chrysalises take many forms, so too does the work of SCA artists in this exhibition. Each artist emerges from their own personal chrysalis, defined by the experiences and growth they have undertaken whilst at SCA. They emerge having developed their own unique identity and way of working, and will unfold their wings and fly to the next stage of their artistic career,” she adds.

‘Portraits of Dangerous Women Siren’ by Jasmine Fletcher

Chrysalis showcases works by past and present undergraduate and postgraduate SCA students of varying ages, ‘walks of life’ and at different stages of their careers.

‘Ripple’ by Judith Torzillo

Karin Findeis, Jewellery and Object Lecturer at SCA, said: “Each artist has a distinct practice, point of view, and way of working. They embrace material experimentation, conceptual development and personal expression, which is part of the framework encouraged in jewellery and object making at the Jewellery and Object Studio.

‘Vestiges’ by Clare Hooper

“This is a great opportunity for our artists to collective show their work at gaffa, renowned for exhibiting the best works of new and established artists in contemporary art,” said Karin.

Chrysalis will be on display from 10-20 January 2014 at Gaffa gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney.

Gaffa gallery

Sydney College of the Arts