Head On Photo Festival

Head On Photo Festival, Australia’s largest photo festival and the world’s second largest festival, celebrates a wide range of photography across all genres from photojournalism and reportage through commercial to fine-art.

With over 200 events at 100 venues, the 2012 festival was a resounding success for everyone who participated: galleries and other venues, photographers, Head On partners and the viewing public. The 2013 festival is already looking like being even bigger.

Events in 2012 were spread across Sydney from the CBD extending, north, south, east and west. Aside from traditional venues such as art galleries and museums, exhibitions and events were set in less formal venues such as cafes, pubs and Centennial Park. Most events are free of charge and include indoors and outdoors exhibitions, workshops, artists’ talks, open studios and a 2 day seminar. With the diverse range of venues, events and photography, Head On Photo Festivaloffered something for everyone.

See a full list of exhibitions and participating galleries for 2013 here: headon.com.au/events/all