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‘Polychromatism’ at Tim Olsen Gallery

Sydney’s Tim Olsen Gallery is currently holding an exhibition by homewares and jewellery maestro Dinosaur Designs co-founder Stephen Ormandy bringing together a collection of bold, bright design oriented art works inspired by the natural world and imbued with a sense of joie de vivre.

Featuring 16 paintings, 16 sculptures and a range of limited edition prints, Polychromatism, open until November 25, exemplifies much of the signature Dinosaur Designs aesthetic.

Gallery director Tim Olsen says the exhibition, which is the first to include Ormandy’s sculptures, presents unique art pieces which continue to create a dialogue between the show’s two and three-dimensional aspects.

“Ormandy combines clean lines, organic curves and solid colour to explore relationships between weight, line, colour and form – elements that are inherent in the vocabulary of both his design and artistic practice,” Olsen says.

Polychromatism challenges the audience to process colour and form on their own terms rather than viewing various hues as merely following form.

“Ormandy’s works put them (colour and form) in isolation in order to reduce the audience’s way of looking right back to the key elements so they can then build up from there, bringing awareness to what makes an image rather than just accepting an image as it is presented,” he says.

This fusion of art and design provides a two-fold attraction for the works.


“As an audience or a collector of fine art we are more in-tune with the principles of good design and just what goes into fulfilling notions of beauty, simplicity and form and how they can be translated into visual arts,” Olsen says.

“It comes as no surprise that Ormandy’s shows continue to sell very well and bring together a wide range of both design and arts oriented collectors.”

Ormandy’s works are priced from $1200 to $1500 for limited edition prints, $3000 to $4000 for sculptures and up to $16,500 for original paintings.


Tim Olsen Gallery
63 Jersey Road, Woollahra, Sydney, New South Wales.