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Sydney Architecture Walks

Sydney Architecture Walks offer an interface between architecture and the wider design-conscious community. Each route is driven by a set of themes and ideas and attempts to decode the city whilst stimulating new ways of thinking about and seeing Sydney.

Trespassing brazenly across disciplines and genres, Sydney Architecture Walks (SAW) walks seek out the architecture and public art that materialises contemporary conditions and attitudes; projects that respond to the culture, history and environment of Sydney and not just imported formulaic codes.

SAW walks are interested in the edgy and the beautiful, the provocative and the daring, the local, the foreign, the trashy and the raw revelling in the vibrant network of ideas and human relationships that are every cities’ very reason for being. The walks are aimed at you, the general public, and want you to get stung by architecture and begin to understand why buildings and cities are the way they are.

Far from being institutional or ‘touristy’, SAW walks are carefully crafted urban-narratives lurking beneath a guise of informality. SAW don’t carry signs or wear badly tailored suits and we’re not ‘professional guides’. More likely, in fact, SAW will be looking a little scruffy (we find that stylish!). Guides have degrees in architecture and the walks are casual, conversational, narrative-driven meditations on Sydney. Get SAW feet. Sydney will never look the same again.

If you have a special request, particular interest or certain arrangements you need met – email SAW for a custom tour. Small groups, big groups, bus, bicycle or walking tours, two-hour to multiple-day itineraries we can do it. Mandarin tours also available.

For more information visit sydneyarchitecture.org