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Habitus Loves… Industrial Lighting

Sturdy, striking, and handcrafted, these industrial lights combine powerful illumination with bold aesthetics.

Berlino Large


Designed by: Renzo Piano for iGuzzini

Why we love it: Available with aluminium or glass and aluminium diffuser, this pendant luminaire is used with discharge lamps and provides powerful downlighting. It’s matte aluminium finish and robust elements evoke professionalism and efficiency. 

Where you can get it: ECC lighting


Gone Fishing


Designed by: Volker Haug

Why we love it: Whilst non immediately ‘industrial’ in appearance, the metal base and stand wrapped in leather, thick old-fashioned chord and bright, long-filament bulb allude to the illuminations of old. The splash of colour on the chord makes this simple, minimalist design particularly eye-catching. 

Where you can get it: Tongue and Groove


Heavy Light


Designed by: Benjamin Hubert for Decode

Why we love it: The imaginative use of concrete for the lamp gives this light both a sculptural and industrial texture, refined by the stainless steel bulb fitting and braided cable.

Where you can get it: ECC lighting


Insulator Light – Key


Designed by: Jos Van Hulsen 

Why we love it: Constructed from upcycled materials including steel, brass, wood, glass insulator and an old key, the Insulator Light incorporates decorative elements to create a unique, spontaneous aesthetic.

Where you can get it: Post Industrial Design


Ketch Yacht Well Glass Light


Designed by: Davey Lighting

Why we love it: The distinctly vintage nautical flavour of the Ketch Yacht Well Glass Light and handcrafted attention to detail assure resilience and quality, making it ideal for outdoor application.

Where you can get it: Dunlin 


Type No.02


Designed by: Frank Buchwald

Why we love it: Hand-made from raw metals and blurring machine/organic boundaries, the Type No.02 is truly imbued with personality. Functional though it is, it’s artistry sets it in a league of it’s own.

Where you can get it: Machine Lights




Designed by: Christopher Boots

Why we love it: This assembly of copper, zinc, iron, carbon and silicon shows unwavering commitment to clean lines and economy of design, resulting in a spare, elegant pendant. 

Where you can get it: Christoher Boots


Well Glass Pendant Light


Designed by: Davey Lighting

Why we love it: Tracing it’s origins back to the East India Docks, the Well Glass Pendant exudes old-world charm. Each clear-glass shade is individually made, resulting in slight variations from piece to piece and further imbuing it with character. 

Where you can get it: Dunlin