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Habitus Loves… Watches

Is it that time already? Yep, time to take a look at 8 of our favourites from the world’s best designers and watchmakers. We’ll be timing how long it takes you to fall in love with them too. Starting… now!


Vue for Issey Miyake


Designed by:
Fuse Project, Yves Behar

Why we love it:
There’s so much going on in this watch, but it’s not too complicated.
We love the way the digits appear and disappear gradually while the
minute hand is totally independent. It also comes hidden inside a
recycled paper note pad.

Where you can get it:

Propeller Modern

On Foot



  Designed by:Crispin Jones

Why we love it: This watch lists the times of world-record-holding runners, allowing you to effectively race them, or even compare your own records with theirs (I can make toast in the record time for 100m?). It’s also colourful and bound to be a conversation starter.

Where you can get it:

Mr. Jones Watches

r5.5 White Jubilé



  Designed by: Jasper Morrison for RADO

Why we love it: This is both sleek and opulent, with its white band and face-surround integrated seamlessly and a gold face with 8 diamonds. Understated, but with a little bit of bling.

Where you can get it:


Mondaine Railways Watch

  Designed by:Mondaine

Why we love it: It’s the absolute classic. When someone says ‘watch’, this is probably the image conjured up in your mind. We also love that we’ve got one to give away over here.

Where you can get it:



Ora Unica



  Designed by: Denis Guidone

Why we love it: The scribble on the face of this watch actually takes the place of the hands. There are two lines that move independently to denote the minutes and hours. So clever.

Where you can get it:

The Dezeen watch store

Carrousel Volant Une Minute


  Designed by:Blancpain

Why we love it: The exposed mechanism of this watch invites you into the world of watchmaking while remaining elegant and professional.

Where you can get it:


Yoghurt, Strawberry


  Designed by:Karim Rashid for Nooka

Why we love it: This watch is pure Karim Rashid and it really makes a statement. You can get it in more toned down ‘flavours’ too (like ‘Plain’ and ‘Blackberry’) and its digital face reads more like a countdown timer.

Where you can get it:


Pontos Décentrique



  Designed by: Maurice Lacroix

Why we love it: This watch has layers. It tells you the time with a traditional face for the time where you are, “night indication” for another time zone and date indicator. This classic form is also be re-interpreted by Patricia Urquiola, Italian architect Rodolfo Dordoni and Belgian fashion designer Kris Can Assche in a series of 3 one-offs.

Where you can get it:

Maurice Lacroix