Habitus – Issue 19

Habitus Issue 19

habitus issue 19

Habitus 19 features a full harvest of stools, tables, lights and coat racks, ripe for the picking. And we look at the unobtrusive heroes of the home, those items that we touch every day but rarely notice – taps, handles and switches. We visit Mika Nishamura of Artika International, in a home that’s perfect for her Japanese/Australian family, plus rising young Filipino furniture designer, Vito Selma in the Philippines, and the founder of Qi Activated products in Bangkok.

As always the Region offers both inspiration and innovative solutions for the home. Find out how you insert a completely demountable structure inside an old church in Sydney, put a 5-storey house on the side of a cliff, and fit a couple into a 67-square-metre apartment.

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