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The Habitus Webinar Series

The Habitus Webinars are a series of free, open, collaborative conversations between key players in the industry researched and facilitated by Indesign Media.

From mid-May Habitus is proud and excited to introduce the Habitus Webinar series. One more in a new stream of content we’re working hard behind the scenes to produce.

When we have a problem or question we can’t quite figure out, it’s natural to turn to our friends, colleagues and family for support and advice. That is exactly the purpose of this new Habitus Webinar series: to provide a platform for the community to voice their concerns, ideate solutions, and create a dialogue around different strategies moving forward in the current climate. We’re not here to tell you what to do you; we’re here to facilitate conversations within the industry so that as a community we can figure out what to do together.

Off the back of many of the conversations we’ve had during our Dialling In With Habitus series, a few points continued to be raised, and a few others were raised only once but stuck with us.

We feel that these topics, along with some others discussed amongst the Habitus and Indesign editorial team, deserve not only a deeper exploration, but also an opportunity to unpack in an open and collaborate setting.This has formed the basis for the first round of discussions in the Habitus Webinar series.


Facilitated by: Holly Cunneen, Editor of Habitus

Holly Cunneen is the editor of Habitus and Habitus Living, a quarterly print magazine and digital counterpart providing extensive coverage of architecture and design across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Before joining Habitus, published by Indesign Media, in 2016 Holly was a writer at Grand Designs Australia. With a view that architecture has a shared responsibility to the individual and wider community, her professional trajectory has seen her chart the impacts, accomplishments, and emerging patterns of behaviour within the architecture and design community across the Asia Pacific Region.



Upcoming Webinars

1. Are all houses and apartments designed well enough to be lived in 24/7?

Bright Residence by Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors, Photography: Earl Carter

Across the country everyone is spending as much time at home as possible in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. While we are certainly gaining in that battle, it’s come to light that some houses are designed better than others. Poor design and a lack of consideration may have once been able to hide behind a busy lifestyle but now these flaws are coming to light. What can we learn and how can we ensure those lessons are not forgotten?

Wednesday 20 May 12:30 pm

2. Are we too quick to jump into a meeting?

Meetings have value but the can also be a drain on time and resources.A round table with the team, contractors or clients can be an invaluable exercise to tease out a brief, advance a project, work through sensitive topics (like budgets or redirection), ensure timely progress is being made, and resolve blocks early on. Operating in a climate in which access to each other is restricted and in some cases impossible, have we found new and better ways to work collaboratively?

Wednesday 3 June 12:30 pm

3. What does our new need to source locally say about our previous priorities?

Up until recently sourcing local materials, finishes and furniture may have been an ideal subject to budget, aesthetics, availability and the client’s wish. Now, it might be the only option. Is the local design and manufacturing industry set up to serve the whole country, and what will architects and clients takeaway from necessarily dealing with local suppliers once the world opens back up? Will this reinvigorate our local industry, overload them with undue stress, or serve as a reminder of our local talent and unique approach to design?

Wednesday 17 June 12:30 pm

4. We are already set up to work in a virtual world.

With sample libraries, extensive detail online and high speed internet, it seems we can survive working remotely, visiting virtual showrooms, requesting mail order samples, and specc’ing online for the foreseeable future. Things would have been different ten years ago but as technology evolved we incorporated it for convenience – never dreaming it would prove absolutely necessary.

Wednesday I July 12:30 pm


5. Are we only safe until the current pipeline of work runs out?

A major disruption had occurred and the architecture and design community has not been completely spared. While there were a few initial concerns – will the internet hold out, is total lockdown imminent – restrictions have plateaued and the new normal feel just that: normal. But, is the current pipeline of work created pre COVID-19 blinding us from challenges to come? The construction industry has been relatively unaffected and suppliers are still able to operate online and though appointments, so what can we do to make sure we are creating new business alongside existing projects?

Wednesday 15 July 12:30 pm

6. Will this change the way we design our homes?

Now that we are spending more time at home than ever before, where are we finding there is room for improvement? Focusing less on the question of space – which is often pre-determined – will study nooks and reading corners be replaced with proper home offices; will guest bedrooms be designed to easily flip to a study or workroom; are we going to see more internal courtyards; and finally, will we stop building to the perimeter of inner-city blocks?

Wednesday 29 July 12:30 pm

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