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Could Your Project Be The Best Living Space Of The Decade?

Could Your Project Be The Best Living Space Of The Decade?

Could Your Project Be The Best Living Space Of The Decade?

Dust off your jpgs. In this milestone year, the INDE.Awards celebrate the lasting impact of our region’s most influential residences with a special award category: Best of the Decade | The Living Space.

Every studio has at least one. It’s that project that retains its position in your portfolio, lovingly presented to new clients year after year. It’s that project that you’re always proud of and ready to discuss, because its impact and relevance lasts. It’s a project that speaks equal volumes about what defines your practice and what defines the ways we live.

Dust off your jpgs because team INDE wants to know all about it! The INDE.Awards 2020 will take INDEs gold to a whole new level with an era-defining accolade that honours the lasting impact of a single, influential piece of residential architecture or interior design in the Indo-Pacific region.

Kiah House (Australia) by Austin Maynard Architects. Shortlisted, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2018. Photo by Tess Kelly.

Presented by Living Edge, the Best of the Decade | The Living Space category marks the start of a new decade – and the twentieth anniversary of Indesign Media Asia Pacific – by celebrating a decade’s worth of outstanding work by our region’s architects and designers.

Single residential or apartment, a living space has the power to connect us or closet us. Best of the Decade | The Living Space will award a home that has, through its concept, design and execution, redefined how we design for living in response to the stimuli of our times.

This special 2020 accolade, alongside its companion award Best of the Decade | The Work Space, gives us reason to collectively look back on how we’ve progressed in our region, and to consider where we’ll go from here.

PROJECT #13 (Singapore) by STUDIO WILLS + Architects. Winner, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Finbarr Fallon.

Over the span of the past decade, much has remained constant in terms of what we seek from our living spaces. “The basic requirements of a living environment are protection, comfort and privacy,” suggests INDE.Awards Jury member Eleena Jamil (Principal, Eleena Jamil Architects, Malaysia). But as times change, so do our demands and expectations. So what are the stimuli of our times?

“I think our expectations for living spaces in this new decade have expanded quite dramatically,” says Jamil. “There is now a conscious need for spaces to be more inclusive of different ethoses, moralities and lifestyles. For example, criteria such as carbon neutrality, resistance against the effects of climate change, and new household compositions and human relationships will provide new stimuli for designing living spaces.”

Family Holiday Structure, Imaduwa (Sri Lanka) by Palinda Kannangara Architects. Honourable Mention, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Luka Alagiyawanna / Mahesh Mendis.

For fellow Jury member Paul McGillick (McGillick Consulting, Australia), today’s demands are somewhat conflicting. He says, “Certain things remain constant in what we want of our living space – cosy, comfortable and private. What’s changed in ten years? Well, we want all of the above and its seeming opposite – connection, stimulation and location, location, location.”

But in the entries to Best of the Decade | The Living Space, he’ll be looking – above all – for the intelligent use of space. “What I would like to see are ideas about how to optimise limited space when, throughout the region, space is at a premium in terms of affordability and availability.”

A Home of Study (China) by Atelier TAO+C. Shortlisted, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2018. Photo by Shen Zhong Hai.

Could your portfolio contain the INDE.Awards 2020’s best living space of the decade? How does your project demonstrate your deep understanding of lifestyle and how it’s evolving? How does it encapsulate best practice is residential design? How does it show inspirational sensitivity to context? And how does it embody the progressive spirit celebrated by the INDE.Awards?

View the category criteria, dig out those images and enter now!

To be eligible for this category your project and your studio must be located in the Indo-Pacific region. Your project must have been completed between 1 January 2010 and 21 February 2020.

Best of the Decade | The Living Space, presented by Living Edge, will be Jury decided as well as being open to a people’s choice vote. It’s the ideal platform for generating a region-wide discussion about what matters to how we live in the Indo-Pacific. Be part of the conversation and make your best work count!


Mixed Use House (Australia) by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design with DDB Design Australia. Shortlisted, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Shannon McGrath.

St Andrews Beach House (Australia) by Austin Maynard Architects. Shortlisted, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Derek Swalwell.

Sandy Point House (Australia) by Kennedy Nolan. Shortlisted, The Living Space, INDE.Awards 2019. Photo by Derek Swalwell.