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A contemporary oasis in Gurugram

A contemporary oasis in Gurugram

Essentia unveils a lavish apartment in the heart of Gurugram, India, in the prestigious DLF Aralias — a symbol of modern luxury, merging youthful vibrance with elegant design.

In the upscale environs of Gurugram’s DLF Aralias, a new chapter in luxury living unfolds with the unveiling of a 700-square-metre (7,500-square-feet) apartment by Essentia. This abode, conceptualised for a young woman, harmonises youth’s vibrance with a modern sophistication.

The client sought to create a space for his daughter that resonates with contemporary sensibilities. “The idea was to create interiors that are young, contemporary and relatable, and appealed to their sensibility,” says Essentia’s founder and principal, Hardesh Chawla, on the project’s inception. The design brief stemmed from this vision, aiming to craft an abode that blends the client’s aspirations with practical elegance.

Essentia’s relationship with the client, rooted in a history of collaboration, set the foundation for this project. Chawla reminisces about their past work, “We have known the client for many years, we have worked together in Dubai, so it was all about the trust and comfort that we already had.” This relationship allowed for a seamless design process, characterised by a shared understanding of the project’s goals.

The brief outlined the need for unobstructed views of the adjacent golf course and low-maintenance and cost-effective interiors. The resultant design is a study of balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality.

Accommodating the family’s requirements was essential. The apartment includes three bedrooms – one for the parents and two children, with the latter functioning as guest rooms. Chawla’s approach to these spaces aimed for a modern and cosy ambience, “…very modern, not too bright with minimal panelling to evoke cosiness”. The colour palette further reinforces this ethos, combining whites and browns with colourful accents in artefacts, artwork and upholstery.

The apartment’s layout maximises the panoramic golf course views. The extensive use of glass and a material palette of white marble from Vietnam and sucupira veneer underscore Essentia’s detail-oriented approach. Chawla shares that the material selection, “gives lots of details and elevates the overall look and feel.”

The design features unique elements like the expansive main bedroom, ensuite bathroom and two-metre-long bar. Chawla proudly states, “The Elements bar is a stunning feature. It is one of the best features of the house, in my opinion.” Adding custom-crafted sculptures by Essentia Home enhances the space’s classical elegance.

Implementing the design in an occupied apartment complex presented challenges, particularly in working within restrictions set by the building’s management. However, the final outcome has been met with enthusiasm from the residents. “It has been more than six months since they have been living there, and the residents absolutely love it,” says Chawla, noting the daughter’s particular appreciation for the design.

Essentia’s exploration of materials is evident throughout the apartment. Veneers, tinted mirrors, diverse metals and fabrics are employed for wall, bed back and ceiling panellings. The lighting scheme, featuring chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps, adds a layer of glamour to the neutral base palette, enriched with textures, subtle patterns, and colours. Each piece of furniture is custom-designed and produced in-house — tailored specifically for the apartment.