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Habitus Magazine | Issue 50 – The 50th Anniversary Special Issue

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You are holding the 50th issue of Habitus in your hands. It also happens to be my very first issue as editor. Having reached such a significant milestone in Habitus’ history, we have been thinking about the notion of legacy.

By their very nature, architecture and design are slow mediums. And they need to be. Buildings, much like the furniture and objects within these pages, are not made to be used once and thrown away. In this sense, design should always be imbued with legacy, longevity and sustainability. While that’s not always the case, the projects, people and products that have been carefully selected for this special issue of Habitus show just what it means to leave an indelible mark – a legacy.

In Melbourne we visit Jeff Provan at his Albert Park home, which is overflowing with trinkets, art and a covetable collection of designer furniture pieces. Jeff’s influence through his property development company Neometro can be felt across some of the most beloved pockets of the city, showing the impact that quality design can leave behind.

A passionate architectural photographer from Perth shares an incredibly personal project with Habitus. For more than four years, Jack Lovel has been photographing and cataloguing the work of Iwan Iwanoff, a mid-twentieth-century master whose canon of projects can now enjoy their time in the sun.

In Singapore, we explore a truly breathtaking project, one that joins two households and two generations together. While in New Zealand we have a project designed to withstand rising sea levels and coastal erosion in the years ahead.

The enduring spirit of exceptional design should be a given, but as the world continues to shuttle forward at breakneck speeds, it can be easy to miss amongst the noise. We invite you to take a moment of pause, to absorb the richness and quality that good design can leave behind.

As always, join us and our loyal army of Design Hunters online at habitusliving.com and @habitusliving to keep the conversation going.


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