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Habitus Magazine | Issue 51 – The Kitchen & Bathroom Issue

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Kitchens and bathrooms have long been heralded as the key spaces of value for a property going up for sale. But it’s a value that reduces them to their mere financial returns.

What about the things that transcend such a calculated purview? The satisfaction that comes from cooking in a kitchen where everything has just the perfect spot, all within reach. The way a cupboard handle feels when being opened. The ease of bedtime baths with the kids when the space has been configured in the right way. Or simply the joy that a beautiful handmade tile can bring when looking at it every day.

A well-resolved, highly detailed and considered kitchen and bathroom can add a lot more to your life than the obvious monetary returns or resale value. They can create a sense of ease, and moments of calm in everyday life – qualities that should not be understated as the world emerges from a global pandemic.

It’s these less overt characteristics that make a kitchen or bathroom unique for each person using it, and these are what we investigate in this year’s annual Kitchen & Bathroom Special of Habitus magazine.

From kitchens that inspire connection, or are designed to blend seamlessly in the home, to bathroom inspirations taken from tropical resorts, every story in the pages of this issue consider how kitchens and bathrooms can cultivate a way of life rooted in design.

For me personally, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as bringing friends and loved ones around a table to share delicious food and wine, talking (sometimes debating) late into the night.

What makes a kitchen or bathroom space special for you? Join the conversation with our Design Hunters online at habitusliving.com and @ed_intern


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