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Habitus Magazine | Issue 53 – The Art Issue

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For many, design is the embodiment of function being expressed through a lens of beauty, or in the eloquence of Louis Sullivan, “form follows function”. On the other hand, does that mean art is devoid of purpose?

I believe in the power of art as an expression of culture; it’s a barometer for society at any given moment in time. It’s a notion that is closely aligned to the mission that Habitus has had from its very beginning – to uncover how culture shapes the way we live.

Art and design have a lot to learn from each other and many of the stories that came to life while putting this issue together show the different junctures where the disciplines are intrinsically interwoven.

The home of Shaun Lockyer is an example of this (p. 40). Over the past 18 years, his family home has undergone 11 renovations, where incremental changes are blended with art and objects.

In Singapore, a framework of design thinking underpins everything at the botanical design studio This Humid House (p. 96), but through the testing of ideas an artistic expression can be found.

Similarly, the homes we visit throughout this issue bring to life how art can inspire architecture. At Adelaide Residence (p. 142) by Williams Burton Leopardi, the owner’s collection of art and antiques formed the brief for the renovation of an Edwardian terrace.

While at Dolphin Sands Studio (p. 162) in Tasmania, architect Matt Williams collaborated closely with the builder to craft a small pavilion structure that is itself a work of art.

I hope you find the tendrils of artistic thinking interlaced throughout this issue and enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed piecing it together. As always, reach out at aleesha@indesign.com.au and fill your feed with inspiration at habitusliving.com.


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