• Full Description
  • The cosmopolitan air of Bristol, with a wealth of traces of the city’s post-industrial heritage, is reflected in the brand-new surface inspired by the typical brick facades found there. The allure feel and urban spirit of bricks springs back to life in this porcelain stoneware, evident in which is the strongly contemporary nature of the vibrant neighbourhoods that make up this English city. Simple to install for both new builds and renovations.

    Applications: Commercial & residential floors and walls, including wall features especially interesting for external and slip resistant floors and pathways.

    Colours: Cream | Rust | Red | Umber | Dark

    Appearance: Traditional Brick

    Grout Joint: 1cm Grout Joint

    Production: Double pressed using digital technology

    Water Absorption < 0.5%
    Scratch Resistant
    Stain Resistant
    Chemical Resistant
    Frost Resistant

    Advantages: Offers exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents and does not change colour or fade when exposed to light. Also protects the external insulation from damage and impacts. Reduced energy consumption with consequent reductions in atmospheric emissons and pollution. Provides thermal inertia and reduction in heat dissioation points.

    Slip Resistance: Grip R11 – P4 /I Natural R10 – P3 /I