PRISM – Wall Tiles & Decors

  • Full Description
  • This stunning selection of porcelain & ceramic surfaces was created by Piero Lissoni, an Italian architect & designer known for his contemporary furniture design. He based this design concept on the effect of light through a prism, creating colours that refracted light and transformed into a soft yet vibrant colour palette for beautiful architectural designs. His source inspiration of the surface is hand-trowelled resin, creating three-dimensional effects which further enhances colour depth and graphic detail.

    The Prism collection of tiles, slabs and decors come in 13 soft tones, ideal for spaces with strong, elegant character, that evokes Italian culture in a contemporary manner. All Prism surfaces can be mixed and matched to make colour combinations of original palettes with refined taste. Cool shades interact in bright, sophisticated environments, while warmer shades convey sensations of comfort and warmth. The various shades allow both simple combinations of colour and bolder contrasts.

    Adding to the design versatility of Prism is the range of decors, including large format geometric shapes and colours for customizing any environment. The Gradient and Brush decors are available in large 120x278cm porcelain slabs and 50x120cm wall tiles. Mosaic Wiggle creates an elegant geometrical decoration in 4 soft colourways, while the Enigma decoration delivers a strong bold statement. The Mosaic Bead and Mosaic Q are further complimentary options in 12 different colourways to decorate and feature walls.

    Water Absorption less than 0.20%

    Stain Resistant (Class 5)

    Chemical & Acid Resistant (Class 5)

    Scratch Resistant – MOHS 6

    Fire Retardant – ‘Class A1’

    Zero – VOCS, PVC, Formaldehyde or Allergens